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  1. Made another 400 litres today aaaannnnnnnd now we are up to 2 ppm! That can't be right after 5 days and less than 2000 litres.
  2. Hmmmm thanks guys. I must have only made about 1000 litres from new so still think it is a bit early to be creeping up already. Correct me if I am wrong(I usually am!) but the larger Di vessels just mean you change the resin less no? So do you guys think that 700ml of resin should only produce about 1000 litres before stating to creep. Spruces link (thanks mate) indicates it should be at least three times that. Not sure what else would cause it so early as like I say, the whole system is new.
  3. ...........with a ppm of 5 going in? I bought a new 450GPD RO unit and a di polishing cannister pre filled with resin. Not sure what the size it, it's only a small one. Probably 1 liter of resin? It was only installed Friday at it has been brilliant since. Water going into Di was 5 and out at 0. Brilliant. I noticed yesterday the output is now 1. Left it as thought it may be a fluctuation but it's still 1 this morning. I thought the resin would have kept me at 0 for longer than a few days even if it is a small Di. A tds reading if 5 in should not have pushed the output up already surely? Any ideas please?
  4. Mines in the shed with the booster pump so no chance I can have it on at night now. Its not even that cold right now here so god knows in a month or so
  5. Think mine is the same. What does yours drop down to in Winter then?
  6. Yeah changing filters is n the to do list but it cant account for the sudden drop in production. Does the temperature make that much of a difference then? I was making 100 litres in 90 minutes before which was fine for my needs. That means production time has more than tripled!
  7. Hi all Soooooo I have noticed the last week the water making seems to be have started taking much longer but been so busy I not had time to check it out. I tested a bit earlier and yep, after some simple mat it works out at 5 hours per 100 litres. It definitely wasn't that bad a few days ago as I have made enough for my 500 litres a day so although I have noticed a drop in production this has dropped dramatically the last 36 hours. Its strange because what is coming out the hose into the IBC seems about the same but it obviously cant be. So, I am needing suggestions guys. The filters DO need changing but that alone would not account for the dramatic drop so suddenly surely? The pump also is probably on its last legs but its still chugging along so I am at a loss right now. I have lost most of tomorrows work as I was expecting 500 litres when I got home and I only have about 200. Where should I start looking guys?
  8. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Dumb question but how do I empty the Shurflo pump out of water at the end of the day?
  9. So what with the colder weather upon us now can anyone recommend some easy electrical connectors that would allow me to remove the pump from the van in seconds to take indoors each night. I have one of the pure freedom controllers and pumps ready attached to the plate so be handy to just whip the whole thing in and out. What do you good folk use? Or is it easier to just insulate around the pump each night? In which case what do you use for that? Thanks all
  10. 1217

    Awkward windows

    Forgive me, I don't mean to come across as rude but don't these examples just come down to 'suck it up and get on with it by whatever means'? I have quite a few jobs that include awkward windows and the truth is that there is no easy answer. Either you quote less and essentially tell the customer you cant be bothered to do those windows or you just do them by whatever means you can. I have a few windows where I am literally almost fully extended and cleaning horizontally. I am a big guy so can just about manage it and it could probably be done easier with ladders and whatnot but sometimes you just gotta get on with it.
  11. I need a new split relay in the van so was wondering if the ready made heavy duty kits from Simply split relay.co.uk are ok? Anyone use any of their kits and do they work ok? Thought/opinions are most welcome. Also are these kits easy to fit and can the relay part with the led be installed in the van so you can see when it is on/off? Thanks
  12. Bleh really? I have a read a few folks just using it neat then scrubbing with water running? OK so help a guy out! What kind of mix do I need? A bucket with about 7 litres of water will be enough for the job so how much UBIK should I add to that? Also should I avoid this getting on the earth and plants?
  13. So I have a bungalow and conservatory to clean in a couple of days. After a lot of researching and reading through every thread I could find here I picked up some Ubik 2000 as it seemed to be the most recommended. However I am still a little unsure if Ubik 2000 can damage any part of the property? It would be upvc window frames and Conny roof etc, maybe some older wooden painted frames round back. Is any kind of material a no no with this stuff? What about the solution landing in plants and flowers under the windows? I plan on using a mix of 1 part Ubik to two parts water and see how I go with that. Brush dipped in the bucket of solution. All sound ok? Sorry, I know there are a lot of threads on this but just want to make sure I don't dissolve someone's house, kill all their pets and plants or give their unborn baby three eyes
  14. Installed 30 foot of reinforced hose and it is MUCH nicer to work with and Univalve works a treat with it. Funny how we all have different ideas on whats best. Horses for courses and all that. Thanks for all the advice. On another note, is it OK to use the Univalve with the Gardiner backopack to turn on and off while the backpack is left on? Wont damage the pump at all? It does that chug, chug, chug noise on and off but I read that is normal and wont damage the unit?
  15. Cheers mate. She has 30 metres of the green PU and it is just tight coils. Stuck it in boiling water and stretched it out but it just springs back. Lots of time wasting. Gonna try the reinforced at 30 metres if you say its OK with the Univalve as my length lays nice an dflat.

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