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  1. Thanks Den. I like the look of this set up, is it..... Backpack > orange hose > green pu hose (20m) > airline hose? Is that right, and does it all coil up in the airline reel? What connectors have you used to link it all up?
  2. Thanks Dave. Why is a bigger internal diameter better?
  3. Hi guys. I'm running a backpack on a trolley and up until today have had the standard short yellow pole hose it came with. Anyway, today it sprung a leak after 4 months or so. I want a new hose that means i can park the backpack at the side of a house and reach round and a tougher longer lasting one. From reading other threads 30m seems good. Which hose though? There's gardiner's reinforced flexible pole hose or green flexible 'pu' pole hose . What's the difference and what diameter should i get? Also can someone explain OD/ID I'm seeing next to them? Don't really get it!
  4. Good advice, i will try that.
  5. Does anyone else have extreme frothing in the washing machine to the point it leaks due to the vast amount of soap in the microfibres? Any solutions? I wash them once a week and it's like a snow storm in there...!
  6. Afraid not, might have one next month and will update the thread.....
  7. Thanks for the replies . It's definitely not dirt as each pane is sealed properly (not like those stick on dividers on the cheaper upvc). @Nudel , that has crossed my mind and will resort to it if i can't find a solution. When I used to trad them i would often get some weird smears like from a sticky substance, i wonder if it's that. One of the windows doesn't do it at all which i guess does point to some kind of residue of something contaminating the pure on the others. I have some unger rub out, I'll use that on a few next month and see how i get on. It's a shame, as this was one of my bigger jobs that wfp could have really saved me time!
  8. Hi guys, need some advice. I'm fairly new to wfp, set up with a backpack thanks to advice on here. On the whole it's the best decision i made. However, i'm hitting one snag on the same job every month. It's a farmhouse with new wood style frame & double glazed new glass small paned (8 or 6 panes in an window) and is VERY hydrophobic. Whatever i do, i am getting runs, two or three from each pane and it's driving me absolutely mad as i have to wipe them off using a ladder and it's slowing me down. I've had runs before on jobs and after a few cleans it's stopped once the soap residue has gone. Any thoughts? I'm not even sure it's soap causing the runs on these ones but it's hard to tell. Thanks in advance.
  9. Who's out today then?

    I'm exactly the same. It's like i need constant reassurance from the weather that i made the right decision to scrap the day off Did 5 hours today in minus 2. Came home because it was blizzard like conditions. Half an hour later sunshine....thinking 'i should be out there' lol. I put it down to a good work ethic!
  10. Who's out today then?

    Very much like you mate; love being out in the cold! Trad pole all day today and got a full day in I'm gona try throwing some whiskey in the water soap mix to stop it from freezing if it gets much colder, don't know if it will work but keen to stay out on the glass
  11. Ladders falling from vans

    When I take off my ladder clamps i always put them on the drivers seat or footwell, that way i never forget to clamp them back on.
  12. I'm using for upstairs only so not requiring loads of water. Plus we live in flat so needed something that wouldn't take up much space but would get me started wfp and less time up ladders. The resin in the two DI's (22 litre DI's so 14 litres of resin has lasted 3 months so far). Although probably not the cheapest way of going about it, it has got me started and used to wfp and after lots of practice is starting to shave off job time which easily pays for the resin and leaves more money inn my pocket. Long term, I will have to look at other options once i have a garage and a bit more room! I would recommend it though to get started.
  13. Traditional Cleaning Without Ladders

    I started 10 years ago just doing bungalows. Yes it is possible to clean the glass & sill well with liquidator but frames not so much...in fact that's what i was using during the snow to keep going. Even if you don't go full time you can still have a handy round on the side.
  14. Cheers Paul, appreciated!

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