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  1. Bart90

    Window cleaning database

    I just use microsoft excell and update my sheets every 8 months when i run out of room. Subscription of £0 per month which suits me.
  2. Bart90

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    Cheers Mark. I was just looking at the PF trolley, going for £375 but it's dry weight is 25kg, about the same as a water container! Does it feel heavy lifting it in and out of the car?
  3. Bart90

    Lifting 25 L Containers

    Where does the transfer pump get it's power? Is it battery operated and then you re charge it? Good Advice there Mark. I have the gardiners backpack so have to keep supporting them to fill + lift them in and out of the car each day. I take it you have a trolley that just uses a 25l container as it's reservoir?
  4. Just wondered, particularly those using backpacks, how you manage the constant lifting of 25L containers. I've been wfp using backpack now for 6 months and the more lifting i do the more my back is feeling it. I've seen gardiners do a transfer pump, anyone use that?
  5. Bart90

    Help beginner rubber blade issue

    I wipe the squeegee back over the applicatior in my left hand; gets rid of the excess and keeps my mop wet for longer.
  6. Well done mate. Does it become a problem though re soaping windows you've converted to wfp? Some jobs it takes an absolute age to get rid of the soap residue, especially on the hydrophobic type glass. I've been thinking of getting a second backpack in case i have a problem but if soaping them again just once doesn't hurt then I might not bother. What do you think?
  7. Thanks Mark. I don't suppose you've got a picture of these JG hosetails into the hose ends? I'm fairly new to all this but yes you are right I'm using gardiners all season hose.
  8. Hi guys, Has anyone else had any issues with the push fit connectors; the tugging of the univalve pulled the hose out completely so have had to replace. Not a big deal as only 95p but just wondered if anyone else has had this and whether these are the best connectors? Also, how to you remove the 'o' clamps once they're on? I may need to replace my univalve as I've got a leak somewhere, either in the valve itself or in the hose around it. Thank in advance!
  9. Bart90

    What Age Are You

    nearly 30 and been doing this since i was 18....it's all i know lol
  10. Bart90

    Town house question.

    I trad some town houses. Told them I wouldn't do 3 rd floor, as it's too high and they were fine. Been on my books for ages. But i agree with above, get a backpack and do them wfp. Don't risk ladders!!
  11. Bart90

    Fliq pad with scrubber

    Have you noticed any reduction in lines out the tip using this handle? I love the liquidator on the whole but find it a bit temperamental with those occasional arch lines you get. If I could permanently solve that, It'd make my working day a lot easier Am i right in thinking you use the S plus? How much detailing do you do?
  12. I want to try some different handles with my liquidator channels. What, in your opinion is the best combination? Does modding the handle improve performance?
  13. Bart90

    Starting out in a car help please

    Hi mate. Out of curiosity, did you have two backpacks in case one failed? Or were there two of you? I'm converting a lot of trad jobs over atm, and it's hard work getting rid of that soap residue, particularly on hydrophobic glass! I'm thinking of getting a second 'standby' back pack in case it fails one day as i don't want to resort back to trad on those jobs I've converted!
  14. Bart90

    Dropping nice customers

    I'm in the same situation as you Mike. Backpack for upsstairs, trad mostly for downstairs. I'm doing any downstairs ones you would use steps etc for with wfp too, saves putting it away getting steps etc. The other benefit of doing a few lower ones (and i did this too late) is you can actually see a lot better what's happening with the soap residue and like yesterday i got a spot free finish on several windows when it was their first clean on wfp. The univalve is one of those products that I can't believe i went so long without it! The next upgrade for me is longer hose so i can park the trolley and do the whole house without chugging it everywhere!
  15. Bart90

    Dropping nice customers

    I've had to drop a few nice customers recently that were out of my way so i wrote them a letter explaining and the date i would stop. Leave on a good note that way.

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