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  1. KWClean

    Cardiff city on there way

    Was a good game, best one on telly for the day that is for sure. Welcome back, but not quite where you belong yet... do the double up.
  2. KWClean

    Cardiff city on there way

    Just got in from a night out with Danny, Ruddy, Douglas and Bennet... Asked if Nuno has ever cracked off at them... Apparently when we beat Millwall 1-0 Nuno was going mental, he wasn't bothered that we won, he hit the roof that in his opinion we played badly, and not entertaining.
  3. KWClean

    Cardiff city on there way

    I think Warnock wasted £6 million on Madine, and he was crazy for not taking £12 million for Zohore if I am honest. That is £18 million he could have bought Neves, Coady, Douglas, Ruddy and Bennet and still had a few quid left over for a party. Our "premier" first team this year includes Ruddy and Bennet both free rejects (lol) from Norwich who tore up their contracts at the end of last season and left them looking for work before the season ended. Coady came from Huddersfield in 15/16 season. Doherty came from Irish Bohemians in 2010, Saiss came from French Angers in 2010, Batth has been with us since he was 10. Gibbs-White since he was 8, Costa and Cavilerio have both been with us for a few years. Douglas was someone our scouts had been watching for years and an absolute bargain for £1 million from some Turkish club. Along with Neves, our star we got for a bargain £15 million (how much is he worth now) we also got a bunch of loans from Europe and Saudi Arabia. To be honest, I can not see us keeping half of em... at least in our first team... which is good news for Millwall because Nuno seems to be really close to them as that is where a lot of our players seem to be going. I hope that continues as it is great watching them. Of course the big thing we did was sack a lot of our back room staff who had been their decades, it was sad, but we had to do it and which enabled us to basically bring a lot of Porto's staff over, which of course came with Nuno. I dare say we will regret it when the time comes for him to go, as I am sure a lot of them will go with him. But what we have done with money and Porto connections is nothing compared with what Millwall have done it on a shoestring, what they have done on less than a tenth of the money that Cardiff have used far far out shines what Warnock has done. Imagine what they could have done with that £18 million he has squandered (imo). Of course, if it gets them to the Premier then it will be a good decision. Time will tell.
  4. KWClean

    Cardiff city on there way

    It is by far the best division, where tiny teams like Burton and huge clubs like Villa both play each other. Next year we will be with all the plastic fans, and the hordes of arm chair supporters ( I do not mind arm chair supporters, but some Prem clubs are made up of nearly all arm chair know it alls that have never seen a game live... yet still know it all ). So now when I do get into a discussion about Wolves I know most times it is going to be based on what was on the telly. Telly fans discussing the game with other telly fans. I have a friend who is a fan of one of the big Prem teams and he can not watch a game without English commentary. That says it all as far as I am concerned. Celebrations today, but wish we could take the rest of the league up with us, and I do not mean for sentimental reasons, I mean because it really is the best league full of characters and drama.
  5. KWClean

    What’s your PPM before DI

    Same but a 300gpd sometimes 7 sometimes 9 I think it depends on the pressure from the mains. Calibrated TDS at 000 out of the DI and if it creeps to 001 it gets changed ASAP.
  6. Hehe, gotta love window cleaning, something always happening or just about to happen. Yea, this might be OK for solar on the ground or maybe a bungalow. Looks a bit too fiddly for most of the ones I see day to day though that are stuck up on the roof at least two storys up. Though I think the main factor for the guys doing them is weight as they are either way up in the air or they have thousands to do.
  7. Someone is having you on mate, the frame skips at 2:29 and the shadow from the tree on the left moves, before the edit the shadow is about one and half house bricks from the window, after the edit the shadow is two and half house bricks from the window which indicates some considerable time has passed. So what is the advantage over a brush here? I do not like the swivel the way it is used here but I have done that with a swivel myself to get the right angle and cursed myself afterwards so I am going to guess we are not the only two to have tried it and just carried on lesson learned. I think this might be useful for really hard velux windows, but not sure, it looks like it would be good for sliding in the vent cover a bit but that might not end well. Might be good though.
  8. KWClean

    Brush heads so you don't need to rinse!

    There is no way a newbie would last more than a few months if they thought they had to price low to get the work. Also, sometimes I think that guys who have taken someone on and work in twos suffer this a bit too just from listening to customers. I guess they need to speed up to justify working in twos, and the job just ends up poor. Let's be honest some windows can be done faster than others, but when one guy has the back and another has the front they both seem to try to work at the same rate. When was the last time it took a single person exactly the same time to do the front and the back? And, there you can see the quality problem that occurs naturally if a pair try to be fast.
  9. KWClean

    One off clean now she wants it regular

    There are lots of ways this plays out. I have heard of people doing first cleans for the same price as normal cleans. I have heard of people charging double, I have heard of people charging 50% more and 20% more. I have even heard of the odd fruit loop doing a first clean free lol. I very rarely hear of someone stating that they give people the option on a first clean to decide what they want to pay.
  10. KWClean

    How accurate are TDS Meters?

    If there is no way of adjusting for calibration it is junk. Might sound harsh, but it is the truth. Have any of your meters got a facility to adjust for calibration? The fake ones you can not calibrate, the real ones you can.
  11. KWClean

    Backpack flow controller

    I do not know, but just for reference can you tell us how long you have used it?
  12. KWClean

    Someone needs to "went" back to school

    The internet has revolutionised my life as far as the written word is concerned due to automatic spell checking. I have a ton of issues when it comes to spelling, writing and always have, and my handwriting, well I think its good based on how it used to be, but others have commented it is "child like". I think it surprises some people. I do not even notice how many times I use the spell checker corrector function as I am typing, but for this post I have counted. Six words were incorrectly spelt, and right clicked to correct. Why I can read fine, well not strictly true, but struggle writing I do not know. (seven now for those counting). It is bad though because I think it makes me look a bit dumb, or as Green Pro said, lazy. No one likes to look dumb or lazy, for me it is not by choice. And being caned at least once a week at school certainly wasn't fun. I think some people do what I sometimes did. Instead of using the correct word, they use another word they can spell but then it actually reads worse. Yay for the internet and spell checkers where my faults are hidden by technology.
  13. KWClean

    Commercial work - what a pain

    I do not know what RAMS stands for or what it is.
  14. KWClean

    What Age Are You

    Do you think you will stick at it?

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