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  1. Some old metal fire escape in front of windows, no way am I climbing up lol. Just wondering if any of you ever have to deal with fire escapes being in the way and if so what do you use? a gooseneck?
  2. What I like is you can snap shot it, save it as a html for instance, on the 5th of April after you finish work and you have a total income from window cleaning for the financial year. Could add a totals box to make it easier to see. Could do the same monthly, and save them or print them off as a permanent record for the tax man. The only thing I can see that it is missing is some basic automatic payment function. There is a website called IFTT (if this then that) that has tools to scan your emails for paypal... but to be honest it is not that hard to create an email filter and find the customer the invoice belongs too. I guess the same would be said for gocardless, and all the rest. I like this method better than automatic software to be honest.
  3. NOOO! Not again!

    I hope I have removed my offensive post which I insulted Iron Giant. I attempted friendly banter but it was just too offensive. I am sorry to him and everyone else it offended.
  4. Very good, I tried it on google sheets and it seems to work. Not sure how you do it on Excel but on google sheets I highlighted the "2" for row 2 (next to name), then went to "view" and selected "freeze" > "Up to current row (2)". This then enables me to click just under where it says "Next Due" (row 3, column H) and then select "Data" "Sort column H, A>Z"... Which then puts the jobs in due order. Took me a bit to figure that out because I was just trying to select "H" and sort it, but it was not doing it as was sorting by frequency due to being under "service" and thinking I wanted to sort by that.
  5. Thinking of giving up

    The window cleaning podcast has just done a podcast on this subject... http://windowcleaningpodcast.libsyn.com/
  6. Recommendations on what pole to buy?

    Well what you got now? The extreme is not going to be stronger, it is light but weaker, its intention is reduce pain on the body and not the wallet. Ironically many experienced people find it actually increases income because they can work for longer, faster. The SLX is now almost the gold standard pole and is the one all the competition wish they had made. The question for an SLX comes down to do you want to go small and extend, or big and reduce. I personally think small and buy extensions is always better. The CLX is the pole I would recommend to someone who is not fully WFP, maybe a trad guy who wants to do a lot of conny roofs or have a tool for getting to that difficult window, FSG with a backpack. It is often thought of as a starter pole, it is cheaper. Its heavier than the SLX. You are not a kid if I remember right. I would not go CLX unless I was under 40 and/or had never suffered joint pains/ back pains. How is your back and shoulders Scottish? How many floors are their on the properties local to you? Do they tend to be higher than elsewhere in the country or are they smaller cottage types and you never see three high? Tiger stripes on white UPVC is something you should be aware of. Ask the guys on here how they deal with those. Basically in ground dirt that you can not remove with water. Some customer do not mind and understand, but some do not like it at all.
  7. Flow Restrictor for RO

    The thing is with flow restrictors (they restrict the waste flow and create back pressure) in my mind this is, is that they are rated at a certain psi ml/min and really they sort of do the job but really it is just fudging mathematics, guessing if you like. And again, this is only my thinking, but if you had some sort of variable flow restrictor... a tap for instance, then you could adjust the flow to match exactly 2:1, 60/40 or what ever it was you were trying to achieve. Reducing the flow of the waste reduces the life span of the membrane and produces water that has a higher tds, because of the back pressure, but obviously also increases the amount of finished product. Increasing the waste output increases the life of the membrane, reduces the TDS, but reduces the amount of finished product. So you can choose, but more waste produces cleaner water and increases the membrane life. I think that is how it works anyway. So it is just me, mine works fine at the moment, but when it does come time to change my membranes I am going to upgrade them, and rather than fuss about trying to guess what restrictor to use, and again I must remind you this is just my own thoughts... I am going to get a tap. Start with it fully open, and slowly reduce it until it gives the correct ratio. Check the TDS, if it works fine then it works.
  8. Flow Restrictor for RO

    do you know what ratio it runs at?
  9. Starting to get a ‘window cleaners shoulder’

    I wonder if you are all using them for first cleans. At the moment I have not got enough work to justify one as all first cleans, but it will not take very long before I can justify it. The way I look at it, it has only got to make it so you do all your work, instead of having half a day off once a month due to fighting pain, and it has more than paid for itself. Do not under estimate the effect of pain on the mind. Anything that keeps pain away also keeps the mind in good order too.
  10. Cardiff city on there way

    LOL, I do not know any wolves fan that is bothered about getting top at the moment. 2nd will do. Maybe that will change as it gets closer to the end... Just win on April 10th and you can have top spot... deal?
  11. Qs for using ubik for 1st cleaned

    See I knew using the search and bringing back old threads made sense. Nice one Dave and Den, another tip for the memory banks.
  12. Starting to get a ‘window cleaners shoulder’

    It's been nearly a full day and he hasn't posted his thoughts. I wonder if he is still out there cleaning?
  13. Cardiff city on there way

    We did that double drop too, turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to us.
  14. Cardiff city on there way

    I think both of your teams had their last loss on new years day. Amazing runs of form. I didn't get in till 1:30am apparently on Tuesday night according to my 16 yr old who lives with me. Gate was down a few thousand, probably because a few fair weathers didn't bother due to our form not being as good as yours. Was quite nice to be able to get served though. Millwall gonna make the play off's?
  15. Cardiff city on there way

    I see it wasn't just us Wolves supporters that were pleased to see someone lose last night. Who will be top though?

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