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  1. New member

    That's good. Deffo colder this morning ! Im getting work in, had a good response since I started but it takes a while eh. When I'm not working I'm out knocking on doors which I think is the quickest way to generate work.
  2. New member

    Hi mate how you getting on with your new system?
  3. New member

    Nice 1, I’m well pleased with it, the guys at sureclean were great to deal with. My tds from tap is 170 so went straight for ro.
  4. New member

    This is my system in a primastar. Got a slx 27 pole. This forum has been a massive help in getting started Thanks to all on here
  5. New member

    Hi mate I’m living in Co. Mayo, moved over a year ago after 40 years in London and Essex, had a tree surgery business. Got my van kitted out with 650l tank and ro system from sureclean last Oct and been giving it me best since, early days but loving it. Cheers and good luck James
  6. Hi all, can anyone recommend an insurance company in Ireland for a van with tank fitted ? Struggling to get quoted cheers James.
  7. Hi Kevin, please forward me your phone no And yes new to the game after 20 years in a different trade. Cheers James.
  8. Hi Kevin, just seen this was wondering whether the system is still for sale ? Thanks James.

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