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  1. paul alan

    Pole hose repair.

    If I find I dont have the right sized O clips for the job and it leaks a little simply wrap some ptfe around the fitting.
  2. paul alan

    450 gpd ro issue

    Mines around 180ppm, I'm just going off the manufacturer of the filters. They come off eBay.
  3. Gonna struggle with rain water mate, it hasn't rained here in weeks. I bought a second 450gpd years ago and its still going strong, you need a booster too though. The best of luck mate, and as you probably already know...you get out what you put in. Do the best quality work you can and customers will be drawn to you, then do the best quality work you can as fast as you can and you'll be making good money.
  4. paul alan

    450 gpd ro issue

    yes mate "0" and "0" It was rising quicker between resin changes Thats how I knew the membranes needed replacing, that and the fact they are supposed to be changed every 6 months and I last changed them in December.
  5. paul alan

    450 gpd ro issue

    Thanks mate! I just got home and had another look and spotted the cross over mistake I made last night, just goes to show sometimes you need to take a step back away from it clear your head and have another go. I took the night off from kickboxing to sort the issue out and its taken me all of 2 minutes, never mind feet up time!
  6. I have one of them 450 gpd (3x150 gpd membranes) and I put in new membranes last night. Since doing that the unit does not flush now when I turn the valve on to flush, also the ppm's are rising. Any ideas?
  7. If I'm not earning a least £30ph I get hacked off, £40 is better.
  8. paul alan

    Take care in the heat all!

    Defiantly mate, I'm drinking 4-5 litres a day and still waking up in the middle of the night with a fast heartbeat thats pounding due to dehydration. The sun is drying me out like washing on a line. I have trouble drinking enough as I'm always needing a pee, but the last couple of days I thought sod it I'm just gonna have to start asking to use customers loo. They dont mind. I start my morning with a litre of water straight down the hatch before my coffee at 6:30 and will drink another litre before work at 9:00. I take a 2 litre bottle with me to work and drink more after work. Dont underestimate your water needs. Glad your ok Incheck.
  9. paul alan

    Pole water drying to quick

    To my thinking it shouldn't make the slightest bit of difference what speed the water dries, if its clean then there is nothing to spot. I will sometimes leave a top frame out if its clean and has been baking in the sun all day as some of the upvc is porous and may cause issues. If its downstairs I will just wipe as I'm 6 2" and always carry a cloth. For me its about getting the best results within the least time, if it means leaving out a top frame here and there to reduce spotting then thats what I'll do. I think its the lesser of two evils.
  10. paul alan

    Glass fence, what a pain

    Mate if they are ground level then just trad them, wont be any quicker and probably not much longer either but will save you a load of water. As you are cleaning both sides they need to be spotless or it'll show, so on the first one just wet them up with your mop and then rub them down with a white top scourer to get all the **** off, then blade as normal. Maybe £1.50 per panel both sides is a fair price?
  11. paul alan

    Help with pricing

    Easy peasy, especially as you know how many days. 12 days at your ideal daily rate, be it "200-£250-£300" just charge what you want be earning.
  12. paul alan

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    you wont regret it. Juts have a light brush to go with it and you'll absolutely love it, its a pleasure to work with. I went through the same thing as you last year, loads of first cleans. I though the best way to deal with them was to get through as fast as I can and so went at them like a man possessed. I nearly scrubbed the panes out of the frames! as a result I was chronically fatigued, my body and mind were exhausted and some days I felt like I was deaths doors. This year I decided to break my SLX 27 down to an SLX 18 and put a light brush on, that in itself was a major step forward. But the best thing I did was to SLOW down and stop RUSHING around my work which did two things a) took the effort level down a few notches and b) helped me SPEED up my work. Just like the tortoise and the hair, over the long run slow and steady wins the race! Check your glass before scrubbing it and identify any muck may that need a good scrub and super scrape it first, then Whats left can be dealt with by gentle scrub. You dont need to push hard on the brush to remove Whats basically dust, let the bristle tips do the work. On a scale of 1-10 if 1 is not pushing at all and 10 is brush flat against the window you only need somewhere between 2-4 to get the job done. You are much better off using light pressure and giving the glass 1 more agitation the effort required to do that is much less. Take note of how the body feels when pushing hard on the brush, you become out of alignment and your posture suffers. You become all tense and become fatigued much quicker, you start to feel agitated and the slightest thing like catching your hose on something can make you annoyed and cuss. I have also found a light and accurate technique gives me much better results and I feel way more confident when leaving a house I know its bob on. All these points may not be relevant to you but it shows that when something is wrong in your doing then all you have to is evaluate what you are doing and make the necessary changes and everything becomes easy again, take a really good look at WHY you feel like carp at the end of your working day and what exactly could you do differently to make it easier? Then set to work on making your job WORK for you and not you for it. I hope some of this may be of help, enjoy the SLX 18!
  13. paul alan

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    I am also 6 2 and use my slx 18 for most of my work, I used to use the slx 27 all day every day and no wander I used to feel ill. My wife has the extreme 18 and it is light, but....she has an ultimate brush on that and it feels the same weight as my slx 18 with an extreme brush on it. Having said that most of the weight is the end of her pole whereas mine has most of the weight in the pole. I use them both and can honestly say I much prefer the slx with an extreme brush as it feels lighter in every day use, it must have something to do with weight distribution. What I'm trying to say is if you can only afford an slx then if you get an extreme brush then you'll be just as good as having an extreme pole. And here's something you know but might not realise, a pole although maybe expensive can be replaced...your joints cant! Find the money for the best stuff you can buy if its going to benefit you and your health/longevity. Money is just money its easy come easy go, you'll only ever have one body so look after it mate cos you wont get another no matter how much money you save on equipment.
  14. Have fun mate! I would recommend going as light as possible, if you are the type that likes to push quite hard on the pole when cleaning the I would go for an ultimate. If you clean using the bristle tips using light pressure then the extreme is a dream. If you like the brush to splay(I hate that) then I believe the supreme is a very popular brush and light at 200 grams. If you like to rinse on the glass then go for a monofilament brush, the flocked are good at scrubbing but hold loads of **** so you have to rinse off with them. If you can afford it I would get at least two brushes as there is no "one size fits all" brush. I have around 8 on the van and mix them up when needed. This way I always have the right brush on the pole and it makes my day easier and my results better. I do have to say though now I know how to use it the extreme is awesome.
  15. Its always time for a new brush No seriously though mate it sounds knackered to me, if you go on the gardiner website they have a brush guide and it tells you the life expectancy of each brush. If you've had 7 months that sounds good to me, other makes can last longer but gardiner do the best brushes by far.

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