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  1. Dodger

    Designing a logo

    Haha that should be fun Davey, someone needs to keep D under control.
  2. Dodger

    Designing a logo

    Pop in once in a while Gav but post even less, seem to be always busy with something these days. Looking almost like the old days again though so all good..
  3. Dodger

    Designing a logo

    Just wanted to point out you've referenced freepik as a source of graphics, not sure about vecteezy but most if not all stuff from freepik you'd need to attribute the author ie: on a logo add on it courtesy of yada yada or on a website link to them and if you don't you're infringing on the copyright and that could mean conscequences. Always check. Inkscape don't use it much I do most stuff in photoshop but yeah it's as good as you say. If I need to trace a shape I find it easier in inkscape then export it high res png to use in photoshop and if I need to convert to vector I use it. PS eyup chaps not been on for a bit.
  4. Dodger


    So basically exactly same as the one you're trying to sell. Did you only buy the one template?
  5. Dodger

    Fascia Brush

    Yep same here tecbuk boars hair if I know it's gonna be hard going. Tecbuk hybrid and ubik do a decent job as well.
  6. Rungs aren't uncomfortable to stand on I think but that's just me, used as steps with one side at 90 degrees the 5 rung is plenty high enough and I'm only 5'4" and you don't need to lean it on the gutter like that either.
  7. 5 rung little giant. Can use it with one side at virtually 90 degrees as well so can get up real close. Even better may be a 6 rung. They are heavy but great.
  8. Dodger

    First one this year.

    Me too tuffers prefer them to Windows.
  9. Dodger

    New window cleaners...

    Couldn't agree more, I've seen half a dozen in last few weeks round here as well
  10. Dodger

    I'm after some feedback.

    Stupidly slow loading and unreadable on phone, both rather big issues in this day and age I'm afraid.
  11. Not sure where you're forever hearing that cos on all the forums and pages I'm on I don't. Besides Gav, myself and Nat are all one man bands and we aren't like that.
  12. Dodger

    Facebook Posts

    Bailey's or babycham I'm not fussy lol. Actually I can't remember what babycham tastes like the 70s wee a while ago now.
  13. Dodger

    Facebook Posts

    Tuffers was done a couple of years ago and was at the lower end of that scale although would be more now obviously.
  14. Dodger

    Facebook Posts

    Too right it does, down to @Damo hard work blogging as much as anything else. Amount of email comes through server is unreal and bandwidth the site uses as well.

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