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  1. So much for hypnotherapy, not helping much at all to be honest.
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    2. Dodger


      I think he might be right
    3. chris777


      hi dodger, i stopped 4 years ago last july i was doing alot of driving so was smoking 30 a day easy i tried everything but hypnosis, i was smoking the other stuff in the evening aswell and i woke up one day and was eyeing up the ashtray as id ran out and i swore on my daughters life that i was going to have a smoke between christmas and new year, so i have been to amsterdam every year on boxing day for a couple of days, its amazing though i didnot crave a ciggy at all because i knew temptatio...
    4. chris777


      wasnt an option, it is still weird having a pint without one tho, a couple of mates have done allright with those electric thingys, anyway good luck with it mate