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  1. No pal I tried bending them more to start with and it made it worse so I straightened them and it works perfect.
  2. I sat the squeegee in a pot of boiling water and straightened the end clips a bit. Couldn't believe the difference. Been able to get it working great with the excellerator handle
  3. How much are you looking for? Any chance of a reply?
  4. Just had an email about this and it looks pretty cool. It holds the pad on the outside so looks like it will keep your leg dry. I wonder how long it will take until it is released over here
  5. My petrol washer hose has just burst and I'm looking for a replacement. Does anyone know what would be the best 1 to get? I looked at the b and q website but they don't sell them. Cheers
  6. I have just bought the facelift backpack from facebay and the flow controller isn't working. Doesn't matter what I set it at the water is gushing out. If I don't get any joy from the seller is there any other action to take? It was paid for with PayPal
  7. Hi I just bought a second hand backpack but when I plug it in to charge its not lighting up. Is this normal or is there a certain way of charging them?
  8. Thanks for the info
  9. While doing windows traditionally the black seals cause black runs down the frames. Is this a problem with wfp?
  10. I'm looking for a small trolley system and everything else needed to start up wfp. I'm in fife so as close to me as possible. Looking for something small enough to be used by 1 man
  11. Has anyone built a trolley system from scratch? I'm considering this option to save a bit of money. How hard can it be? Get a sack trolley, pump, battery and a water bottle. Is there anything else I would have to consider?
  12. Thanks. I didn't actually consider how heavy it would be. I'm just working on my own so it wouldn't be any good. I went to daqua yesterday to see how much it would be all in to get started with wfp and for everything was told that it would be 480. I saw that I could pick up the Trojan second hand for 600 so I thought that it might be a good buy.
  13. Has anyone on here used the trojan trolley? I have a chance at 1 for 600 used but I would like to know if its any good and if you think its worth it. Cheers
  14. Preferably in the east but anything considered. Got cash waiting for the right deal
  15. Is this still for sale? I've been trying to get a hold of you to let you know that I'm interested

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