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  1. Taken the plunge - Starting in the new year!

    Are you using the bike trailer for carrying your ladder? Do you have a picture of it?
  2. What suppliers do you all use for ladders and trad cleaning tools?
  3. I'd like to buy an a frame in the future but just looking for a double extending ladder to get started
  4. What size of ladder would you recommend to buy for traditional cleaning? Cheers.
  5. Does anyone on here use them and how would you rate them?
  6. Aye is that what it's showing up as?
  7. I couldn't find anyone else with the name either fortunately
  8. I used my local football team name East Fife. I was going to use my last name but figured I'd maybe get more work with East Fife
  9. Alright Chris mate I set up a Google business page and a Facebook page. Waiting for Google sending out a postcard with the verification code. I'm going to wait until the new year before I pump some money into it and really get the ball rolling. Was looking at the 1 day course run by Darren about setting up a business. Do you know much about that bud?
  10. Thanks for the help bud I'll try anything.
  11. I've no tried anything yet bud. I'm working for somebody at the minute and the pays alright. Just looking for some info
  12. I'm in Leven Chris. What aboot u?
  13. Godaddy website

    I'm currently looking to get my own round up and running but have very little capital and wouldn't want to go down the route of buying a round from someone but I really don't know the best way to get things up and running. All I know is I would rather be my own boss and if I don't do it soon I will never do it.
  14. Hi folks just wondered if anyone could give me some advice on starting up on my own. I've thought about doing flyers but I know that I don't even look at anything that comes through the letterbox. What is the best way to generate customers? Do you have to spend money to make money? I'd truly appreciate any advice.

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