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  1. its standerd to wet the glass before you spray the upvc then a nother quick rince after ,if you leve ubik and let it dry on the glass it will stain like viroso,l tfr20 upvcmax,the list goes on some unger rub out may shift it
  2. tfr20 is mixed 200mill to 5 leters of water thats a strong mix a standerd mix add 200mill to 8 leters of water
  3. Trad and wfp work together

    get a hot system trad man your poile will then be nice and warm one thing i gota say is y the hiviz its gota go m8
  4. it was ok stuff at best i would rate ubik2000 a lot beta to be fair but top of the pile is tfr20, i no lots wont buy it as they dont want to give scott the bizzness ect , but it realy is the best out there ,i found upvc max fine on wood cleaning realy dirty dusty wood like shop fronts ect but on upvc its prity standerd, i would rate it a 2 out of 10 were tfr20 ide give a 9 out of ten ubik 5 out of 10 , thats my thaults on it any way for what its worth upvc max just did not do it for me , i watched the usel bull **** vids on fb showing how good it was but it defo did not live up to its hype from the usel sales people on fbi no longer use watered down stuff pay the extra for the best saves time and does the bizzz
  5. had a go on one today and i was very inpressed , does any one no if you can replace the plastic disk when it gets worn it seems to be fixed on
  6. try your local farmers suplier its usly about £10 for 20 leters mole vally ect
  7. p.s i would never buy on aims as ive hurd to meny people geting burnt and as for that upvc max wich i tryed
  8. carbon gutter vac poles

    ah dam i thault u had them i rember u spliting your vac tho gutted mate i mite just bite the bullet and order them any way 330g a section with clamps
  9. carbon gutter vac poles

    @Tuffers do u still have the guttercleaning systems carbon poles ?ive just been looking at them they now do anty stick clamped poles at a very nice price !!
  10. carbon gutter vac poles

    i think ill go for the grippa ones im a bit far tea boy im in devon thanks tho
  11. carbon gutter vac poles

    ive had no e.mail today o well they wont get my cash if they dont respond
  12. has any one tryed the aquafed carbon poles are they any good my alli ones are 620g per section so i need a big waight reduction ive e.maild them to find out but if any one no's the waights that would be grate also are there any other carbon poles that are good i was looking at the grippa ones v4 clamped these look the best but £900 for 35ft but pricy but are they worth the huge perice tag
  13. Black friday sales??

    im prity shore there saw a few doing deals last year but dont now who
  14. Wfp not allways best

    this is were im golden i wont clean it if its leaking wfp i allways do the best job i can climbing a ladder is no biggy for me never has been i like to keep the ladder skills up to scrach ,like the old saying if u dont use it u lose it the chap never new it was not closing proply as when it rains no water ever came in it was only when the brush was there pumping water down the glass it leaked flow rate 60