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  1. Going back to backpack

    if you only do a little van mount then just get smaller tank and have back pack or trollie jobs a good un
  2. wfp additives

    who has tryed added sparkel @ vision whats your thaults do they make a difference also there is a new kid on the block in testing at the minit devels shine not on sale yet but will be at some point i no the vision has bin done to deth but ha ho
  3. Window Cleaning Alliance

    i think the i.d cards are taking it to far in a minit we will be out working in a tuxedo with a dicky bow tie and shiny shoes the van sticker and the disscount on stuff with the info thats a realy good ider tho im guna join this week i think
  4. one thing i have to say is i used hot water on a forst clean wood sash and strugled so sprayed some upvc max on it then scrubed strate away and the dirt just melted off with ease
  5. Going back to backpack

    im a van mount guy i dont use my back pack for window cleaning just spraying upvc my round is very compact i can park my van in a road and hit 3/4 houses with out needing to move the van, i used to do a few roads were it was a long hose down the back alli but i had 4 in a row so van mount was easer than luging 25l drums about sod that i do a far bit of trad tho 80 odd shops a week ive got 160 odd bizzness in a sea side town parking is fine but i park any were double yellows cerbs u name it the traffic wardens leve me alone as im working and i get them on side strate away as i see them every week most days so van mount is beta for my round i did get asked to clean a few flats this and last year were u have to go throu to do the backs but i turned them away as i cant be arsed with them jobs
  6. Chemicals needed for first clean?

    yes i help him on his fb page admin ect im curntly using yours at the minit as i brought 5 leters of a friend up the road only use tfr20 in a back pack with a fan jet on a wfp so its not something i get on my hands still ide like to no if there is any kinda biocide in it ect as that would be bad news as u would need a resperator
  7. Chemicals needed for first clean?

    that would be intrestin to no whats in tfr20
  8. Promax tfr 10 and 20

    please dont glug tfr20 in as u could over dose if u do u could get problims like yellow plastic i get 5 leters of water then add 200 mill of tfr20
  9. i cant beleve there is even a debate on this
  10. Chemicals needed for first clean?

    for upvc cleaning the best ive found is tfr20 ive got upvc max wich is beta than ubik ect and works very well on filfy wood sash but its to slow and not strong anougth for upvc wich is realy bad it works fine on easy cleans but on them ones just water works fine i think scott denning is selling upvc max half price at the wc show as he gets it from simon palmers suplier wich is very cheep there seems to be a lot going on at the minit supliers diging dirt ect
  11. super max poles

    thanks alex staying ahead of the game as allways, i have a super max 47ft compact these poles are no longer on sale as there ive had it 8 years i think would you say the super max 3k is a lot stiffer also is it liter or the same ish ?
  12. How hot?

    that sounds about rite to be fair i set mine so is melts the yellow blobs after like to to 3 cercle moshions but on fin single pain glass i turn hot to luke warm
  13. How hot?

    i just fiel how hot i like it , but the hotest i can get it with out the glass cracking is best
  14. has any one tryed the new super max poles i see there is a super max series 2 £675 +vat super max 3k £825 +vat is there a big difference between these poles ? @Alex Gardiner or any one eals who has used them !! also looking at the ultmate 46ft £1.450 +vat how does this pole compair the the to above?
  15. Wagtail jetstream 2

    ive got the old jetstreem and its only used on sola pannels and one other job as i find it not good at cleaning the fraims just my fiew tho for what its worth