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  1. ive got a render clean to do got the go ahead today now the job has slate window leges and lead flashing on the front so i was guna use algo clear pro as if im rite in thinking slate will turn white using benzblackwash due to the sh ? also do i still have to wet the lead before i start brushing it in? as i dont want it turning brown!!, ive got all my ppe sorted resperator cem gloves full water proofs with hood ! jobs booked in for 6 weeks time when im in the area next looking forwould to geting stuck in happy days
  2. geting a jet wash seems a lot more appeling now lol the sealing thing put me off realy i was thinking about adding a biodide wash before sanding to make it last does any one do this?
  3. do u lads seal every job ?? or just sand unless custerd ask you to ??
  4. is that slate window leges? im no expert but ide say leve hypo out this looks like a algoclearpro job or benz bio as blackwash will bleach the slate if it is slate u mab be beta off asking on fb on the benz softwash page
  5. i spray on then give a quick scrub (if needed ) usly there is no need to scrub as its blady strong stuff
  6. are the ones from screw fix ok m8 ps thanks for the reply ive got a job in 7 weeks not shore wether to go in with black wash then benz bio after or just bio it, it has black spot on the back and lots of red algie its painted render not k rend !!
  7. sod that i wont be buying any at that price lol £6 tops for it for me its not strong enough i can get tfr20 for £23 and that lasts 5 times as ,long lol
  8. i have a huge sack on my drive when its full i take it to tip never had a issue i have a waste carrier licence
  9. whoa that sounds like u have bin through a lot hope all goes well and a speedy recovery ,just goes to show u never no whats round the corner
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  11. i now use the gardner sill flocked it gets rite under the gutter i use fans with it
  12. cheres m8
  13. is smurf back @Gav as he is a in the top post area
  14. yes is is were u from m8 local or visited ?
  15. i use pure because i dont have di in van my water is pumped in to tank 000 i also think its bad pratic using custmers water just my view tho so i use my own i allways clean windows after f.g clean as the hole house is gleaming then