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  1. yes all good m8 flat out on the glass and upvc cleaning , ps welcome to the forum nice to see a few cocal loads on here
  2. ah yes i thault it was you hows tricks
  3. wfp soft brush low flow half days work tops one person ide say, out side only ive cleaned these type windows before and trad and wfp all im guna say is sod doing them buy hand
  4. well ive rang back and they have givin me a another number to ring the second person i spoke to said he is shore im coverd but he advised i ring the number just to be 100 percent i just dont no y these people cant be strate with you lol its all a bit hit and miss
  5. im intreged lmfao what area do u cover m8 ? the cogs are now ticking
  6. im with hiscox but they said im coverd as long as i follow the curect dose but in the other sentence she said ur not aloud to use hazzerdess cems !! when i questioned this she said no ur coverd im not a bit miffed lol in fact im thinking about changing to a different insurence compney im starting to get a bit peed iff with them as its quiet simple ur coverd or your not lol y does it have to allways be a fing gray area any help from you soft wash lads would be grate!
  7. i use a lwb vivaro
  8. who does every one use for render cleaning ?
  9. ddac can take 6 months to work in some cases when its a realy bad job, i think its best to sh then once rinced off follow up with a ddac to finish off so u kill the fungi ect from the rute so it lasts longer
  10. ive not tryed the hose yet im guna stick it on my slx once i replace the snaped section as that will be my soft wash pole now, it does fiel nice to be fair , as for my exceed blue hose thats defo bin the best ive used yet no tangl or twisting kinking ect cant say a bad word about that stuff
  11. yes i see your point m8 thats prity shocking ive allways wanted to try xline gear as it looks mint i just hope my pole holds out like my slx did and its up to 10 hour days
  12. realy ive hurd there custmer survice is not good but i have to counter balance as fair is fair i ordered my pole after 8pm and it was despached the next day had it the day after so i cant grumble my self, but i here u m8 as custmer survice is key, one thing i did not receve was the alan key to adjust the clamps but luckly i have one to sute in the van , lets hop[e the pole holds out haha other wise ill be not happy and a review will go on line wether its good or bad i call a spade a spade !!
  13. how come u wont spend any more money with xline m8? im glad your pole is still going strong after a year