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  1. Bird feeder on the window.

    there a pain i had a custmer who desided to put one on the top window so i just went round it it soon got took down never to be seen again
  2. speak to lee @ bladerightcleaningsuplies he will sell u a vac top guy to deal with to
  3. forum susgestion

    ill look in to the utube
  4. forum susgestion

    this is for @Gav would it be possable to change the setings so vids from your smart fone can be uploaded like the same as pic can
  5. i would love to have a extreme with more dence packed bristels not just a few rows i bet thnat would sell very well
  6. who has tryed them or are there any reviews as yet ,ive hurd on the grape vine some one said clamps are not amazing but ive not used or even seen them as yet
  7. Whats your thought on this brush???

    Going from ultimate to supreme is a huge difference for me let alone 280g sod that Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. FAO New Model Citroen Dispatch Owners

    them 2.0 hdi engines are a realy good work horse ide get it pluged in to the computer asap m8 as u dont wana brake down it could be something very simple like a sencer or battory ect
  9. FAO New Model Citroen Dispatch Owners

    what enging is it tuffers and milege ? , i had a french van once and it was a electric nite mare but it was the old 2000 reg type 1.9d had nuffing but problims from day one
  10. Gardiner Brush Advice

    i normaly speak to dean orthe other chap cant re,mber his name but there all ok in there they will try to pull your pants down on the price but u can haggle with them there some nice stuff there i shop at the heathfieled varotech from time to time most of my ordering is on line tho at the cleaning werehouse , wcw ,upvccleaningsuplies, gardners, ect
  11. Gardiner Brush Advice

    Yes i don't real robin them tho to be honest Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Gardiner Brush Advice

    i fell in to the trap about the rhino hose the hype ect soon realised its not the same as the old rhino and quiet twisty
  13. Gardiner Brush Advice

    realy how much did it waigh ?
  14. Gardiner Brush Advice

    hot water does kill them a lot quicker i had a extreme natral and it was fine on my super max 47 then last week i chucked it on my xline 20ft for the day and i killed it the ultmate stiff brush lasted quiet some time to be fair thats my fav brush so far im using the supreme flocked now so will see how that goes
  15. Gardiner Brush Advice

    i was guna get the tucker as well but the waight put me off 200g is my max for a brush these days

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