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  1. tench0771

    Fishscale microfibre

    ive used scott dennings fish scale ones and pefer the wilko ones cheep and do the job
  2. turn water off at the brush to reset the heater rember to turn your cal down on your flow controler
  3. tench0771

    Lichen covered conservatory roof

    i had to clean a conny roof my friend cleaned the house roof and bio it he sprayed some on the conny roof for me on the litchin i cleaned it 3 weeks later and it prity much came off with ease so bio is what i now use on these jobs
  4. tench0771

    Unblocking downpipe

    i use a hover pipe in my vac its a lot finer than a standerd nosel attachment and it goes strate down the pipe and unblocks them i then use a old wfp pole with the reper shot attached to the end pointing down to flush them to make shore there unblocked and running free i very rearly use a ladder these days to do gutters
  5. tench0771

    Price to Softwash this hotel

    i would say 5k would be about right i wouldent even entertain it for less than 4k to repaint this your looking at bug bucks 20k maby if they use a realy good painter and top qualty paint
  6. tench0771

    Introducing. The Windymobile Mk. 2

    i clean the windows when there open if poss in this heat some i just shut a bit but not conpletly
  7. tench0771

    Introducing. The Windymobile Mk. 2

    my view on fans is u cant rince proply with them there not accurate enough there fine on new builds with nice new windows but as soon as u hit the old glass with dated windows your in trouble
  8. tench0771

    Any advice from Benz users?

    some of the lads in my area have a min charge of £80 on pressure washing
  9. tench0771

    Any advice from Benz users?

    It's a compromise between getting it repainted and soft washed so if u can get an ider of how much it will cost to paint it then u can figer your price out buy going I lower kinda meating in the middle sort of thing every job is different so it's very hard to say with out looking at the job u need price for Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. tench0771

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    im 7 weekly or they can have every other time commercial is as and when shops weekly some 2 weekly the odd one here and there 4 weekly i have hotels on 7 weekly sea side lets 6 weekly blocks of flats 6 weekly the list goes on
  11. tench0771

    Any advice from Benz users?

    window leges i use metaclear jell
  12. im having a strugle geting the red propaine gass bottols at the minit im wandering if i can use the blue buetaine ones with my heater insted lol what do u think ??
  13. tench0771

    Waterfed Pole Hose! Nightmare!

    exceed blue is my favuret so far im now using rhino but i dont think ill get it again going tubless sounds like the way forwould
  14. ill also keep my eyes peled im down devon these stolen vans can pop up any were alltho its more than likely been striped for parts and equement sold keep an eye on free adds gum tree ect ect u never no
  15. im shore ive seen that van before unless ive seen it on a fb page or something , good luck hope you find it lots of scum out there these days

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