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  1. Glass Sealants Anti Water/Anti Fingerprints

    have you tryed ettore squeegee off or HG both very similer , i put a bit of ubik2000 in to works a treat on finger prints i clean lots of cafes and restrants coverd in grease ect some realy bad one of the worst is a butchers , but this combo works for me , ive never tryed rince aid so cant compair but ive used fairy and i find it leves the glass sticky and can be very gluepy were HG or squeegee off is much more easer to work with IMO
  2. Glass Sealants Anti Water/Anti Fingerprints

    retail is all finger prints alltho i like the ider of anty finger print sprays ect but ide be more looking at a good soap combo to get them off with ease , can i ask what soap you use @Daniel Perkins
  3. sealing problem

    just tell him after its been sealed when it rains he will have a pond feature
  4. windy day today

    this was around 11,30 am ish spose to be that sarah sand stuff in the air turning the sun orange
  5. windy day today

    we had strong gusts today in devon coast 60 mph ish i had to trad some bottoms as the dust was blown on the wet glass and some looked ive ladderd in 70mph before solo but that was years ago im now allmost wfp every thing so laddrs stay on van most of the time this is were @Trad-Man probly excells on days like these
  6. Reaper turbo brush

    i did like the extreme for the resin u say ^^ its just a shame there is no flocked extremes
  7. Hot water FIT conversion

    when the wind blows through the van it can blow the flame out the gas then turns off as safty but it wont reignight till you turn water off and back on again , if your on a big job u will be using hot then if your flame blows out you wont no till cold water starts coming through again its a pain with this happends , i park my van facing the wind so its not blasting in the back doors now to stop it blowing out
  8. Reaper turbo brush

    ive tryed stiffer brushes but imo flocked cleans beta ive not tryed the unerversil brush with stiff bristels on the out side if i was u ide get the supreme as that one looks perfect for gutters
  9. Start up vac

    give lee martin a ring at bladerite he will sort u out a good 3000w vac with poles
  10. Hot water FIT conversion

    i love my gas heater its been fultless so far mine is the l5 , i think i hurd that the 8l ones are very good and dont blow out on windy days wich is my only bug bare with the l5
  11. Tire wear

    just a tip on the vivaro to get beta mpg is to pu,mp the front tires up to 60psi not the 53 or what ever it is
  12. Reaper turbo brush

    ive got one and i wouldent buy another to be honist the bristels fold over and the plactic stock hits the upvc the brush is also heavy and it dont get under behind the gutter very well if i ware you ide get the gardner sill , i am guna try the flocked supreme next as that looks like a good upvc brush, the only think i like about the turbo brush is the jets and the brustels at the ends of the stock
  13. Tire wear

    my vivaro chews front tyres i have 500l tank uprite buy bulk head i carry about 700 kilo every day the van spinns easy in the wet and gets stuck easy off road so i think there very front heavy
  14. Warm or cold water?

    i thault i moved away from the days of plunging my hand in ice cold water in the depths of winter how rong was i 3 years ago took on 10 hours a week on shops all trad must be mad u cant beat a warm wfp pole with gloves