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  1. Poles Apart

    swivel nightmare

    They flop about too much but I wouldn't be without them on glass I don't do fascias or connys any more thank God!
  2. Poles Apart

    Gardiner backpack ?

    Don't know what Hypo is but i don't need it? Yes Joe mine's never empty.
  3. Poles Apart

    Gardiner backpack ?

    I've got a backpack that's soley used for Virasol it doesn't do any damage these backpacks are converted crop sprayers and are designed to use chemicals any advice to the contrary is an excuse by suppliers not to honour warranty's. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  4. Poles Apart

    Anyone heard of Bark

    These jobs are 20 miles away and I have no work there didn't take much notice of Google.
  5. Poles Apart

    Anyone heard of Bark

    Yes it's doing the rounds told me 821 schools were interested in my sevices last week
  6. Poles Apart

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    Guy where I live charges 6 quid for 3 bed on ladders Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. Poles Apart

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    You can charge what you like if you do a decent job I clean the doors every time price shouldn't be the first priority not everyone wants cheap and not everyone is skint. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. Poles Apart

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    I am getting most of my new work from the Yell ad when I ask the customer how they got my number most say reviews on Yell I am ranked 1st on page 1 on Google in one area directly under that is the Yell listing a lot are clicking on that and see me top of that list as well it all adds up my Website has links to all my media including a facebook page I was getting more from that at first but Yell listing has overtook it now.
  9. I live near Junction 5 of the M6 near Birmingham 2 Years ago I got my first job since taking out a paid ad with Yell, it was in the middle of Birmingham but as I had no work over there I was unsure as to whether or not I wanted it, I gave a rough quote of £30 for a first timer she told me last Windy stopped coming and also did her neighbour. So I was doing this 1 hour round trip commute once a month for £20 as a regular clean until after a few months I struck lucky and got the next door neighbour for a £40 first clean and £30 regular (massive conservatory) so £50 for 2 jobs together but I needed to get more in the area so when my 1 year subscription ended with yell last month I upgraded the add and paid for additional targeted areas near these houses it paid off and until this morning that area and surrounding areas went from one £20 job to £100. So last night night I contacted my customers the £30 job said she'd leave the gate open and money in recycling bin, next door said she'd leave gate open and money with neighbour greatSo contacted the other 3 one is Go Cardless ground floor flat no access issues, one other text back saying Gate unlocked and he's BACS and pays up no problem, the other one unfortunately had a hospital appointment but she never lets me down. This Morning I get a text from the £30 job saying "Ricky it's pouring down here can you do them next week?" I told her I was aware of the forecast last night and I certainly won't work if it's pouring down as I don't like getting wet but it's going to clear up she insisted I left them. Then I get a phone call from the neighbour saying can you do mine next month as the rain will bring pollen down from the trees on to the glass so one wanted next week and one next month so I still had to go to the others as I told them I was coming I'm not going back to them 2 jobs again it's such a shame but they said the previous guy stopped coming I always take that statement with a pinch of salt I've been fuming all day
  10. Poles Apart

    Greying on UPVC

    I don't do restoration work that's someone elses job.
  11. Poles Apart

    Do you use any additives?

    Trouble is a bottle of Champagne won't last you 6 months, it must be working because you can feel the brush has extra slip on the glass.
  12. Poles Apart

    Greying on UPVC

    That's restoration work nothing to do with window cleaning I tell them I wash the frames if you say you will clean the frames they assume they will be brought back to life
  13. Poles Apart

    Starting out in a car help please

    I filled and emptied containers for 8 years my shoulders and legs aren't thanking me for it I'll put some links up tomorrow for you of what you need I'll also do a vid of my set up, get a 22 ft pole if you can it'll cover most awkward to reach windows and do most 2 storey.
  14. Poles Apart

    Do you use any additives?

    My Vision 2 has just run out after 6 months I've just this minute ordered some I think it's brilliant I clean my own windows and they are perfect and I've had no complaints plus it looks to the Customer that some kind of cleaner is in the water as they see the bubbles it's worth it just for that.
  15. Poles Apart

    What would everyone quote for this to get it.

    Wow these prices are cheap!

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