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  1. Like this Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  2. Yes you can put a jg in between the univalve and the gooseneck that's what I have Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  3. Cut your pole hose at base and. fit a jg
  4. Thinking of giving up

    I got a load off Community Groups one especially I am ranked one on Google in that area mainly due to the jobs I picked up from that Group which linked them to my Website, they have now banned advertising but I am sufficiently ranked on Google in that area now so it doesn't matter I didn't do well out of buy and sell probably because it drops down the list quickly but as Adam says might work if you batter it but that goes for everything. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, facebook, website, Yell, give 2 Business Cards to new Customers and even carry on canvassing it might not feel like it but spring is here there's a lot if competition but if you do a better job than anyone and people spread the word you will win it's not over night but you'll get there. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  5. Thinking of giving up

    Ok this is how I progressed........For 20 years I was happy to earn enough to pay the bills and get a bit of spending money but I got to a situation where my customer numbers were reducing, what was happening essentially was I was losing more customers than gaining due to people moving or passing on or whatever and the days of people stopping you in the street in mass numbers was long gone. I was working from an estate car with no sign writing now and again I would leaflet or knock doors I was posting thousands of leaflets with no phone calls and with door knocking was picking up time wasters.I had to make a decision do I pack it in and get a job working for others or if I'm going to carry on with this I need to do things differently, problem was I wasn't very good with computers either? So I took a reality check and decided to go for it, first thing I needed to do was change the vehicle I am backpack only to this day I bought a Berlingo and got it sign written. After bad experiences with canvassing and leaflets I wanted people to metaphorically speaking 'knock my door' but I had to put myself out there. I was cold called from a website company so I got a web site they were rubbish I had little contact with them and got no work so I got Gav on here to sort me out and host one for me (that was a good move). I then needed to go further so I made my own Facebook page I took photos of my work and kept the page updated with posts, I even joined Community groups and advertised I started getting good reviews I have never paid for 'boost' ads. I took out a free ad with Yell think I got one call in a year then one day they phoned me asking if I was interested in taking out a paid ad I was sceptical but I eventually decided to give it a go as my general attitude now was to go for it big time so the way it works with Yell is you pay for target areas in your location I chose 6 districts and took out a £35 a month 12 month subscription it was the best thing I ever did don't let anyone tell you it doesn't work it's how you use it and how good you are at promoting yourself. I have just renewed my subscription and have increased it to a £50 per month ad I added 2 more districts last week and got a job from doing this last week the customer only wanted a one off clean but he came out of his flat and said we did a great job and he wanted a regular clean I asked him how he got my number he said Yell he liked our reviews and he liked the way I described my Business ( take note of that it's a big thing! ) If anyone tells us we've done a great job we ask them if they will leave a review he said no problem it was up on my profile the same day along wit all the others. I am top of the list in some districts and on the pages I'm not I'm 2, 3 or 4 even in position 3 or 4 I get calls because the guys above me have no reviews. With the Yell Business app you can text the 'leave a review' link to your customers it even texts a polite me message asking your customers to do it don't push your customers in to it just ask the ones who tell you you've done a good job they are highly likely to send that review be in no doubt this gets you work. I have my Facebook page linked to my website which is linked to my Yell add the customer can access all my media outlets from just visiting one. There is no magic wand you'll only get back what you put in to it I spend hours every week at home promoting my Business I don't knock doors and I don't canvass, I don't know what you have in your armoury but do a first class job, get feed back from customers, if it's positive feed back ask them if they'll leave reviews somewhere, whether that be Yell, a Website or Google then you can ask them to sign up for Go Cardless. The last and maybe the most important thing if you haven't got it is to have a round organiser I have Aworka it helps me keep things in order I can call or message my customers from the phone app I retain a lot of customers because we keep in touch with them and we are reliable good luck to you.
  6. Trailer setup

    If you get a Citroen Berlingo Car you can get a 210 litre upright tank in the back, I've got a bilge pump in the tank hooked up to a re-enforced Vacuum hose and a fuel delivery gun it takes 30 seconds to fill a backpack, I've got 3 lengths of hoses with Slicks connected so if need be I can work 40 metres from the Backpack if need be by joining them together, with my set up I find I can cover all jobs, from the car, mobile, or through the house I spent 8 years carrying 25 litre containers and it was hard filling them and carrying them to the car and emptying them in to Back Packs I would never consider a trailer with my round as it would be a nightmare and if you needed to reverse you'd be in trouble.
  7. I use Daqua and no one else. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  8. Gocardless payment dates.

    Like he says after each job it'll take 5 working days so normally 7 because of weekends.
  9. Spotting problem...help?

    Nothing to do with using backpacks they are good enough use vision on all cleans. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  10. squeegee app does it work

  11. squeegee app does it work

    No you don't I set auto invoicing up a year ago it's done on Customer Editing Settings you tick the Go Cardless box link it up to their email address then job done for every future clean.
  12. Cheeky Cow

    I will only do fronts if not in when they sign up for Go Cardless I won't accept On Line Bank Transfers anymore there's no excuse not to sign up for Go Cardless as it's not On Line Banking it's done through email and 99% of people have an email address if they won't sign up then they'll probably be a messer?
  13. Cheeky Cow

    Problem with fronts is going back for money if they won't or forget to leave the money somewhere, arranging visits in the main works for me I won't do appointments it's up to the customer to accommodate me, if they ask me to come at a specific time because they are going shopping they get dropped. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  14. squeegee app does it work

    Or you can get Aworka which incorporates Go Cardless with auto invoicing for £10 per month. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk

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