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  1. Poles Apart

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    I have a extreme 22, slx 22 and slx 18, my go to pole is the slx 18 although it's supposed to be the same weight as the extreme 22 it feels much lighter in working use in fact the slx 22 doesn't feel much heavier than the extreme so i don't think it was worth paying the substantial extra and the slx 22 will last longer so unless you're expecting to clean lots of 3 floor properties I'd go with that and in any case my 22 reaches the few 3 floor I have.
  2. I don't know if this has been covered, if it has I can't find it, interested to know how much water this Gadget uses opposed to internal jets and how much more with internal jets?
  3. Poles Apart

    Gardiner rinse bar.

    What technique are you using?
  4. Poles Apart

    Water shortage / Hot Weather

    Haven't read all the posts but I wouldn't presume we are exempt from any potential ban, if it gets worse who knows what can happen? it's nothing to do with a drought or a long spell of hot weather, the problem stems from that ever increasing Uk problem over population and demand.
  5. Poles Apart

    Waterfed pole spotting.

    You find that when you've used a chemical based detergent the brush slips better off the glass with the pure water this will give you an idea of how well the water is sheeting I just fill the chemical Backpack with customers garden tap water.
  6. Poles Apart

    Waterfed pole spotting.

    I use Virosol for first time cleans mixed in a Back Pack with water the same Back Pack is just used for Virosol, I then go over again and the Customer is charged double compared to a regular clean and that's cheap so I'll have to look at this as we pay a lot of attention to detail and it can take 1 and a half hours for a first clean, some suppliers invalidate Warranty's where chemicals are used in Back Packs but Back Packs and Pump Sprayers are designed to use Chemicals and I've had all 4 of mine for 3 years (same batteries and pumps). I tell my customers they will get good results first time and never put negative thoughts in their minds if you are thorough the glass will be clean no one can guarantee there will be zero spotting but we carry out new cleans every week and I get texts and calls complimenting us on our work.
  7. Poles Apart

    Maybe stupid question ?

    Most of us use Squeegee for lower windows?
  8. Poles Apart

    Tulsion resin shortage

    I bought some Unger Yesterday from a supplier 2 miles from me they said they'd phoned Unger and they had heard nothing about a shortage and they had Palletts of the stuff.
  9. Poles Apart

    swivel nightmare

    They flop about too much but I wouldn't be without them on glass I don't do fascias or connys any more thank God!
  10. Poles Apart

    Gardiner backpack ?

    Don't know what Hypo is but i don't need it? Yes Joe mine's never empty.
  11. Poles Apart

    Gardiner backpack ?

    I've got a backpack that's soley used for Virasol it doesn't do any damage these backpacks are converted crop sprayers and are designed to use chemicals any advice to the contrary is an excuse by suppliers not to honour warranty's. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  12. Poles Apart

    Anyone heard of Bark

    These jobs are 20 miles away and I have no work there didn't take much notice of Google.
  13. Poles Apart

    Anyone heard of Bark

    Yes it's doing the rounds told me 821 schools were interested in my sevices last week
  14. Poles Apart

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    Guy where I live charges 6 quid for 3 bed on ladders Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. Poles Apart

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    You can charge what you like if you do a decent job I clean the doors every time price shouldn't be the first priority not everyone wants cheap and not everyone is skint. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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