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  1. Just wondered if anybody was looking for help with a round?looking to get into wfp .
  2. Brian7

    WFP and some trad equipment.

    How much for pole ?
  3. so would a one shot system be better?
  4. If i had a tap on the pipe before pole ,would this be okay...?as i plan to use it to controll flow ..
  5. If i go heated water do i need to use different hoses to cope with the heat.Also what heater do you recomend?do they cut out after 20mins? I am planning to use a digital controller and then a tap on my belt for a little bit more control that a just plug the brush hose into. Tthanks for any help,planning to set a system up in the new year..
  6. Brian7

    Hot water upgrade for about £50

    Sounds interesting
  7. Brian7

    Hot water upgrade for about £50

    How long do you need to have emersion on?Does it give you a day of hot water ?
  8. Brian7

    Flow rate for DI unit.

    As much as 4p a litre ? That seems high
  9. Would this be worth it or buy all the parts seperate ?Im after a 500 ltr system.. http://thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/500l-framed-budget-system-2691-p.asp
  10. Any chance of some pictures of this being built ?
  11. I will have a look,i have been reading ,is it right that you get alot of waste water?i'm also on a water meter which isn't good..
  12. Been hanging arround a little while and thought i would join and introduce myself.Hoping for lots of help as im a complete newbie to WFP window cleaning. First thing i have done is measure the ppm which is 450 which seems really high,i am in the Halstead Essex area.Any help would be appreciated. I am worried about water production then going to worry what system to buy.I would love to build my own with some help lol.. I have also been looking into just buying the water to begin with if theres anywhere local..

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