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  1. Any help appreciated ****

    Thanks Julian. Il certainly take you up on that offer!! Much appreciated. Also thanks for all the reply’s. I’m taking this all on board. Cherers troopers. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. Hi All, Ive lurked around here for a few years often toying with the idea of window cleaning, In a nutshell I left the Police force a few years ago and went int to sales and business management, To be honest with 4 small children a wife and everything life throws this just doesn't fit me as a person, I need the ability to earn a good wage with a small amount of flexibility on top with working outside bing my own boss. Im a grafter and and have no issues with the business side of things, So heres my dilemma, Ive decided to save some money until April next year and hit this full time, Ive acquired a smart looking Traffic and intend to start learning the trade with WFP. Do I go all out and install a full van mount system now or do I start gaining a round with a backpack type system establishing some part time income? Are the backpacks up to the job? Will I look professional enough? I wondered what you would suggest and if a backpack as a starter system over the quieter months would be good enough or if I should just invest in the whole shabang?? Cheers Guys.
  3. free logos?

    Hi Clisty Il sort you a free logo if it helps, Just drop me a message and Il sort something for you..Just doing my bit to help
  4. Hi everyone

    Cheers everyone. Again thanks for all the help!. I will post some progress updates as time goes on. Just need a business name now without treading on too many toes lol
  5. Hi everyone

    I'm new to all this and after working many years in a very good job I'm at the point it now makes me unhappy. I'm a hard worker and confident in working with people so I decided this may be for me. I can't believe how helpfull this forum is and how friendly everyone is. Out of interest does anyone know the market in south Derbyshire / Midlands and if the prices are at the higher or lower end of the market. I have read many threads about prices being higher in the south etc. I'm teaching myself trad methods at the moment and I'm quite pleased with the progress but not as easy as you guys make it look! Thanks again everyone
  6. Welcome to the forums Sewell8996 :)