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  1. Pricing and price increases

    Interesting thread...I have been a trad cleaner for 8 years now and I personally have found a 3 and half day day week 6 hrs a day works for me as I have arthritis In my hand and can balance rest etc with it as well as dodging the worst of weather,as I do plan to do this job till I drop ....love the lifestyle and time it gives me with 2 kids etc.. sort of taking semi retirement now if you like I'm only 53.....works for me
  2. Snow is a real pain in the a$$

    So the snow goes and is replaced by.......monsoon rain.....not done a tap this week oh well go again tommorow
  3. Two weeks off over Christmas

    Phew,I thought I was the only one that did a 3 day week....and yes for me TIME with wife and family very important...2 week christmas break for me ,that's what I love about this job....I'm in charge,have a good un guys
  4. Thanks so much for spotless water,I have been thinking of going WFP but don't want hassle of purifying water,just want to work from a backpack and a store of ready to go water,thank you