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  1. Says is no longer for sale. Guess you sold it?
  2. Really odd how this seems to differ, I have ordered a ctek smart 5A charger as I liked the O rings and the easy click in system so I don't have to remove my battery. Will be interested to see how long my battery lasts once its fully charged.
  3. One last question, I'm looking at a leisure battery charger and wondering whether to get a 5, 10 or 20A one. I have a Numax 105AH leisure battery. I want to look after the battery but I also don't want it to take 20hours to charge.
  4. Thoughts about putting a solar panel on top of the van or would that just not give enough power? http://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/catalog/full/185-100W-12V-solar-charging-kit-10A-controller-5m-cable-for-camper--caravan--boat.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw-XT0--Q2AIV0hXTCh0TrQaOEAQYBiABEgLt7vD_BwE
  5. Morning all, its pretty crazy how everyone seems to get such different results. The fact that some people struggle to do a full 2 days without bench charging and other people managing to rely solely on the relay.
  6. SOrry for bringing this up when there are other threads and thanks for the replies. Is it fair to say the. That the relay is pretty pointless having if I’m doing local lists within a 5 mile radius?
  7. Perfect thank you very much. :)
  8. Hi all, After about 20mins of Work this morning my water shut off and the pump was saying the leisure battery was flat. i have the battery on a relay to the van battery and I had to finish the rest of the day with my van idling so I could work. i have read another forum on here and it seems like it’s normal for everyone to have to charge their leisure battery every few nights? I wasn’t told this when I bought the system, I’ve been using it for 8weeks with no issues so far other than it did this a few weeks back and I tightened up the battery connections and it seemed to resolve the issue. Any help with what is happening would be appreciated as I don’t have a clue about battery’s, relays or alternators! my colleague has also been having this same issue but after the alternator went he had it replaced and he’s had no issues since.
  9. I like the idea of the smell 😂 and also I like the idea of customers being able to see bubbles so it’s gives the effect that we’re actually using cleaning product as many of my customers are still dubious about the fact I’m ‘just spraying it with water and leaving it’ the only concern I have about the foam is as Smurf mentioned it is hard to see any bits left particularly on cons roofs.
  10. Hi all, sorry for reviving this 3yr old post from the grave but what was the outcomes with vision? Are you all still using it? I’m new to the whole wfp system after finally switching over from traditional.
  11. To add more info, ( I was panicking a bit this morning 😂) I changed the resins at the weekend and emptied my tank fully for the first time since new. I think some of the plastic shards from where holes were drilled etc. May have gotten into the pump or as you say the valve on the rear of my van as I tried using p1 today and the water pressure is not as high as it usually is. I have connected hose 1 to it to stop the leak and I’m working from P2 with no issues. Still think it’s the connection on back of the van or some **** in the pump meaning it’s restricting flow and not shutting off properly? My friend I’ve noticed has some sort of filter/seive before his pump but I don’t have that... do I need one? Thanks for the help, Sam :)
  12. Hello everyone, I’m still Pretty new to wfp as I switched over from traditional 4 weeks ago. wverything has been going fine but this morning when I went out to my van there was a constant dribble coming out of my p1 outlet. I tried turning on my pump and then turning it off again and the dribble continues to come out. Any ideas what the issue could be? All the equipment is brand new so I’d be surprised if it was a pump issue? thanks in advance, Sam :)
  13. Hello everyone, im starting out ...

    I switched my round over to WFP 3 weeks ago and it’s really going well. The water quality where I am is hard too 375ppm. I bought a van with the system fitted into it. If you have any questions or fancy a chat drop me a message on FB :)

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