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  1. Sam Hodgson

    Leaks, leaks everywhere.

    This may sound obvious but the leak isn't coming from the thrad where the water comes from the bottom of your tank is it? Mine has a load of tape round it so it doesn't leak but only thing I can really think of that hasn't been mentioned. 🙂
  2. I have a 3yr ols daughter, I get offered clothes and toys etc. all the time. I also got a free Marantz Amplifier as a customer asked me if I knew anything about setting up her new surround system. Sometimes if its just little small jobs like unblocking one downpipe by taking apart the u-bend. It's a 2min job and sometimes its worth more to you to just say 'ahh don't worry about it its a favour, only took me 2mins. they'll generally insist of tipping you more than you were going to charge and they'll be more likely to say yes to your quote of £180 for fascias and gutters in future if they like you and trust that you're not out to just rip them off. 😄
  3. I agree but it does also depends how much work you have on, when I was relatively new I would do little favours like this for just a little bit extra if I knew I had the time. Once you've done it you generally have a customer for life and they'll be more forgiving with any small issues if they occur in future for whatever reason.
  4. Sam Hodgson

    gardiner poles!!

    And this is why I always use Gardiners for all my equipment needs.
  5. Sam Hodgson

    20/20 filter change...

    Wow really as much as that? To be fair the water in my area is terrible 350ppm and I use 400l per day on avg.
  6. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I changed the resins in mine and my colleagues vans at the same time. I checked the TDS today and his was 003 and mine is 017! I’ve had my van 7months and his is 2 months old so I’m guessing the difference is down to my carbon and sediment filters which makes sense as I was advised to change them every 6months. I changed them today and was expecting them to look slimy and filthy etc. But they looked pretty clean with some yellowing. Is this how they should normally look as I watched a YouTube video of someone replacing them and they were filthy but I’m guessing that was on a house system and not after an RO. Hopefully I should have sorted my issue now but was just wondering if you could tell when they needed changing by looking at them or whether it’s purely down to how much water has gone through them. thankyou in advance 🙂
  7. Sam Hodgson

    cleaning my own windows

    Have you had those windows where they are metal framed and the seal at the top seems to have a gap in it?! ******* thing leaves horrific marks and the only way to resolve it seems to be to trad it. I still have certain windows that I know I have to trad, powder coated paint ones either metal or wood are those windows 😄
  8. Sam Hodgson

    cleaning my own windows

    Hi trevor, don't suppose you've jetwashed patio or anything recently? Maybe water from plants has limescaled at some point and you never noticed it before you cleaned them? My advice would be to do them traditional so they're perfect and then in a few days try WFP again to see results.
  9. I agree exacty with this, I have a 2012 Doblo as I finally switched to WFP and before that I had a £275 97' Volvo V40 estate! haha My van doesn't have any Air con or heated wind mirrors and the stock sound system is worse than your phone. That being said as a van its fantastic although as others have said be careful if you mount your hose connectors under the bumper as parking on high and sometimes medium kerbs pulls it off. I have the 1.3 multijet and have no issues with power and it pulls nicely in all gears even with a full tank. The only gripe I have is that I didn't get a van with a middle seat for the wife.
  10. Sam Hodgson

    Help with qouting this up

    I'd agree with this price. It's a one-off and more hassle than cleaning windows so you have to charge a premium. In the grand scheme of things she cant really complain at £150 to have all that looking like new.
  11. Good idea tench, these buggers are usually high up in the air on mine though so can't be done unless they have double doors in front of them and I can do it from inside. Still a pain though but the customer usually understands. I tell them if I catch them when they're in I'll do them, and if not I'll leave it.
  12. I’ve done that before and the person has been in and not said anything! When I speak to them, ‘I thought it was strange but assumed maybe the wife had sorted it out’. I had a lad who used to work for me that used to do it on a weekly basis (he wasn’t very bright). Sometimes they’d still be happy to pay 😂
  13. Sam Hodgson

    Pump problem dead end

    The thing was the pump sounded like it was working perfecty, the water source was there but I just couldn't get anything to come out the other side. Crazy to think that something so tiny has the ability to completely stop any water from getting through!
  14. Sam Hodgson

    Pump problem dead end

    Hello mate, I had this issue and couldn't suck it through etc. Ended up with a genius bit of kit.... I had a spare metre of hosepipe and put a wingnut screw on one end to directly connect to the pump... on the other end I put a hozelock connection and connected it to my mains water which has a good pressure. Turned on the water and it blasted whatever **** was blocking the pump out and now works perfectly. I now have the hose handy for if it ever happens again. Hope this helps!
  15. Sam Hodgson

    What would you charge for this....

    The amount these people earn from renting out a property and they quibble over a few quid. If I was her I'd make it a part of the rental agreement that when they move out they have to get the windows professionally cleaned. I like it when they don't bother though and the landlord or lady gets you in to do them and says 'just let me know how much it is going to be as it's coming out of their deposit!'

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