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  1. Start up traditional equipment

    Im really struggling to decide what kit to start up my new business With! I'd love some suggestions on what to buy and what brands etc and where to buy and why you'd suggest it! A full list would be great James Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. New startup

    Can't see that being legal these days! Haha Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. New startup

    Great thing is. I have a large conservatory to practice on and a dog that likes to cover it in grubby paw marks!) Just took a walk with the dog. 119 single stories within a 20 minute loop with the dog. So quite a small area. Will try canvassing these first! Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. New startup

    I will have a look into getting a 12 footer. To be fair ill be concentrating on my direct local area. I don't expect to make this a full time business until I can drive. But a few houses a week will help financially Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  5. New startup

    Yes. I've decided at first I'd need to begin on ladders. I've had plenty of experience using ladders etc having worked in the technical theatre industry. The plan is to canvas the local area Not entirely sure how I'd get 2 12ft ladders into a bicycle trailer. I was however looking at foldable multi purpose for the time being. I don't drive right now so a van wouldn't be possible! I may be able to do sat afternoon and whole of Tuesday's mind you! Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. New startup

    Hi everyone! I've recently decided I'm going to start up as a window cleaner in my local area due to a lack of window cleaners! I have a few questions before I get started. I'm aiming for a mid/end of January start and will try to generate some customers before I start officially! I'm already registered as self employed as I used to have a small gift making business. And I intend to use QuickBooks to make account easier as I go along! I will be starting with traditional method as I feel that I can give a better more personal service to my customer. Plus starting out, my funds are limited. I will be using Facebook, a website and Google to initially generate information for prospective customers before quoting them early January. Good idea? I'll be using my bicycle and a trailer to get around. I'm wondering my best bet for a compact ladder? I was thinking initially an a frame collapsible ladder until I can afford something a bit more expensive. Would that be okay for the first few months starting out? My round will be part time at first. Sundays only as I work full time in the week. I can sometimes do Tuesday days if the weather is too bad. Do you have any tips for a new start up? Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app