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  1. 06 Peugeot Boxer

    Just incase you didn't see this - I'm new to forums! I bought the van you're talking about yesterday. The machine is all plumbed in the back. There is power to the machine but I haven't tried to start it up. If anyone would like to buy it, please make an offer, I'm not greedy. I live partly in Cornwall and Bristol but happy to do a video call so you can look at the machine. Also happy to deliver anywhere in the country, just cover my fuel cost both ways @ 20p a mile - so 200 miles from Bristol would be £80. I can leave it plumbed in and take it out together when I get to you or dismantle before hand which ever is better for you. If if it's not worth anything because as you say it's broken, let me know and I'll just take it out and put it on eBay. Many Thanks Dan 07712284409
  2. 06 Peugeot Boxer

    I bought the van. Didn't really know much about the machine as I'm not a window cleaner but thought it might be worth a few quid. There's power and it all seems to be together with the batteries etc. I haven't pressed any switches yet. would anyone like to buy the machine? Looks like a good £5k's worth of kit when new and if you're mechanically minded I bet you could fix it for a lot less than £1500. let me know 07712284409