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  1. Master Jedi Alejandro

    The ups and downs of water TDS!

    TAKE THAT BACK! I’m enjoying all this sunshine! 😂 Not but seriously, has your water supply been effected? Mine has been fine.
  2. Master Jedi Alejandro

    100 PSI Pump capable of Running a Double DI Setup

    Thanks to all of you for the advice. I'm gonna go ahead and get it set up.
  3. Hello all! Hope your having a nice Saturday evening. Looking for some advice. I'm looking at purchasing a second DI vessel and going down the double DI route, as I feel I'll get a lot more life out my resin that what. My only worry is my set up is DI after tank, before reel. I've got a 100 psi pump (normally got it set around 40) and just wondering if it would be able to cope with a extra DI vessel to push through. Has anyone used this set up and have any advice? If that pump isn't suitable then I can always use old resin to DI into the tank, then new stuff to finish it off before use. A lot more hassle, though. Thank you, Alexandros.
  4. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Advice on how to access this type of window

    I do the same as you, unless they're far enough apart for me to fit in. These Juliet balconies are being put on a lot of new builds, though.
  5. Master Jedi Alejandro

    What other business would you like to try

    I would have loved to be a car dealer (a nice one, with a good rep) and looked into it, but refuse to give up my weekends!
  6. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Competitors calling

    I’m yet to have this window cleaning, but in my last job, childcare, our competition just down the road would call up and claim to have a child they were needing looked after. The thing is, we knew them all and always recognised their voices!
  7. Master Jedi Alejandro


    I have attached a 30 metre reel to my trolly that my backpack is attached to. I don’t know if 100 metres would be a problem or not, but I do run a 47ft pole off a backpack (never had it fully extended, mind). I’ll put some pictures below. Hope this helps.
  8. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Keep snapping fan jets

    The pencil jets from Gardiner are metal, if I’m not mistaken.
  9. Master Jedi Alejandro

    One off window clean price

    Price it like you don’t want it. Then if you get it your extra happy! I don’t pick up many one off jobs but the ones I do I enjoy doing because of this. Also, figure out your minimum price for going into a area and base it on a hours work. Doesn’t matter the size of the house until the house is larger than your minimum price (if that makes sense). So both a 1 bedroom flat and a 3 bedroom house would probably be the same for a one off, as your giving yourself a hour to do it. I see what your doing but think you over complicating it. Price it for a minimum of one hours work. This is what the other trades do. Then take your time on the job and leave them happy. Only time I’ll price it for less is if it’s in with my other work, but even then people will moan. I had a guy call me today wanting a townhouse done and since I worked the area I dropped the price a bit. Was still more than he was willing to pay.
  10. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Window Cleaning Warehouse - Failed again

    Thanks mate, will give them a look.
  11. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Window Cleaning Warehouse - Failed again

    The carrier never came to collect the dodgy hose they sent me. Haven't shopped with them since. I can go Gardiner for practically all my WFP stuff but not sure who to use for trad gear, unfortunately.
  12. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Brush bumper

    What Gasket said but 30 seconds should be long enough in the water. I deformed mine leaving it in too long! You only need to heat up one side to stretch.
  13. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Traditional to Waterfed

    Where do you live? If your water is soft enough you could get a trolly with a built in DI vessel and plug in to customers outside taps. May be a decent middle ground. still be a pain pushing it everywhere, mind, but needs must.
  14. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Emigration Opportunity!

    Anyone interested? https://stv.tv/news/scotland/1412034-canadians-looking-to-hire-scots-kilted-window-cleaners/ Spoke to a friend over there. He said they are rubbish window cleaners. Though he's also the competition, mind...
  15. Master Jedi Alejandro

    How many customers from van sign written

    My insurance dropped £58 after I got it done. Not much but made the sign writing a lot cheaper. It's because your company name and contact information is all over the van. Your not gonna drive like a dafty when people know who you are!

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