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  1. Gardiner 100 degree fan jets

    Is that PSI? I’ve got mine set at 40 on my flow control and I always assumed that meant 40 PSI.
  2. High TDS levels in the morning

    I just got refunded by WCW because of their hose. Mine never dropped below 5PPM, even after a hour of running. Replaced it with Gardiner’s hose, which was £20 or so more expensive but totally worth it, read 0ppm from the word go! I will say, I didn’t use my system for about a week and it needed flushing out, but not for 5 minutes.
  3. Gardiner 100 degree fan jets

    What do you have you flow set too? I used my fan jets for the first time today and actually thought they saved me water, though I’ve paired them with a lighter brush, so that could explain it.
  4. Bank transfer payments

    I have my bank details printed on my "Windows Cleaned' cards and also include them in reminder texts I send to customers. I have customers say cash and then pay by bank cause the details are on the card. I only offer cash now as a on the day, at the job option.
  5. New CLX-27 Cheaper Way of Buying

    22+6 is 15 grams lighter if my maths is correct. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/pole-specifications.html
  6. New CLX-27 Cheaper Way of Buying

    I have did this, though not for this reason. The end cap comes with the extension and the pole hose you get with the 22 is more than enough, It would probably do a extension 7 as well.
  7. Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    I’ve had clients not sure about WFP because of cowboys in the past. They decided to ‘give it a go’ and now they're as happy as larry. Don’t let a customer tell you how to do your job, trad or WFP. Edit: I will say, I would probably make a exception for a ground floor flat/bungalow that’s willing to pay big money, as I’m trading without risk.
  8. Van finance - advice and opinions please

    I was told to steer clear of leasing/pcp as you are hit hard with charges on vans. You thought about a personal loan? Means you’ll own it at the end and can do what you like.
  9. I'm looking for a new window cleaner !

    For the price that’s brilliant, even if they only get it done the once. If there’s no risk to you just trad, just as long as your other customers don’t see!
  10. Best brush...advice needed

    Pfft, I’ve been window cleaning for 4 months, what do I know? I just know it’s worked really well for me and I’ve had next to no complaints (one moody person who couldn’t give me specifics, and one guy who complained of spotting but that was my fault, my PPM was too high). It was the brush I was told to get starting out and not knowing anything I did. So I can recommend it. What are you thinking of getting in terms of jets? I’ve got pencils in the flocked and they work well, but just got 100° fans in my new brush and they’re awesome!
  11. Best brush...advice needed

    Newbie or pro, it’s a great thing to have. If you haven’t made your order yet then defo add it. Just for reference, my first brush was the Ultimate Flocked. Found it great! Got a Xtreme Medium Hybrid now for regular work and keeping the flocked for first cleans, frames etc.
  12. Yes or no? Any experience of this?

    We would give you direction. I built mine a few months ago and thus all the parts should still be available. Honestly, but quality and you won’t regret it. Here’s what I built. I can even PM you instructions and links to the different parts. You don’t need to build it with the reel to keep costs down, if you wish. Yes, it is going to cost you more, but what you posted isn’t everything you need anyway. You still need a DI Vessel and resin, plus extra containers.
  13. Best brush...advice needed

    Probably too late for this order but if your ordering again get one or two of these. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/brushes/brush-head-attachments/super-litear-brush-bumper.html I needed it heat mine up to fit it, mind. Will help minimise any potential damage.
  14. I'm looking for a new window cleaner !

    Hahaha! I make the customers very well aware that it’s high because it’s just them and if I get more in the area I may drop the price.
  15. This is why we use Pure water

    Is that normal? Cause it does look off. Have they been working on the pipes in your area?

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