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  1. pottswindowcleaning

    Minimum to charge.

    same here no particular minimum I do some 5 window new two bedroom starters for £6.50 but got four of them in a row they take 40mins the lot and I knock a 4 bed twelve pounder off in the spare 20 mins work out the hourly I'm laughing I'm off the estate ton up in four hrs....price your panes £1 a sheet plus a bit for negotiation usually works....you will get faster as they get clean and you get better at it 😉
  2. pottswindowcleaning

    How much to charge for this

    Id go in at £13.50 be happy to put it in the book at £11.50/£12.00 with them thinking they had got a good deal....probably take of us 20/25 mins to clean wfp so so still on a good hourly rate if u bust a nearby neighbour 😉
  3. pottswindowcleaning

    Help getting customers

    looks,like u nailed it if you had a call pretty much straight away off the leaflets id be back on them Thursday Friday evening knock every door if possible...make a note of ones not in and drop back on them Saturday Sunday
  4. pottswindowcleaning

    Help getting customers

    My tried and tested format which seems to work go out blanket with leaflets whole estate never knock a door on the first day... normally leave it a day or two then knock every door ask if they saw the leaflet and if they need a windy....never put them under pressure if they've got one to leave (come to me) usually knock out between 10\15 on a nights canvassing new estates always check online how many are going up 175 on an estate means plenty of room for at least 2/3 of us so keep punting away 25 on an estate is worth travelling for Chris

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