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  1. Ryan85

    Scotland window cleaners licence

    My bottom rung broke off 3 days ago, im absolutely gutted and kinda lost faith in them so I need to splash out on new ladders
  2. Ryan85

    Scotland window cleaners licence

    Good stuff. Ebay?
  3. Ryan85

    Scotland window cleaners licence

    Sorry what ladder did you end up getting
  4. Ryan85

    Scotland window cleaners licence

    East Ayrshire is £238 but it lasts 3 years, Dumfries and galloway is £222ish again last 3 years but South Ayrshsire is £0. Needless to say parts of south ayrshire are over saturated with splash and dash types working for buttons
  5. Ryan85

    Starter kit required for a complete novice

    Thanks very much for that! I've been looking at a backpack and would have to buy the pure water in. Wfp for 1st floors and trad for ground floors, are there any brands/set ups that you would recommend?
  6. Ryan85

    Starter kit required for a complete novice

    I might jump on the bandwagon too of that's ok. I've got a holiday park consisting on 88 chalet/cottages filled to the brim with french windows and I mean every single window! My other stuff like house's and Nursing home etc are easy enough trad style but I have to admit wfp seems like an attractive offer! Sorry for lumping on this thread
  7. Ryan85

    how do YOU remove hard water stains?

    I removed hard water stains by polishing them out with very fine steel wool, it took a little while but what a difference it made. I was pleased with the result even though the customer probably never noticed them being there
  8. Ryan85

    Collapsible or Folding ladders

    If you can get a triple extension ladder closed height about 2.5m closed and open height about 6m, it should do most houses. Get a soft roof rack about £20 from ebay and tie it down with bungee cords. I've only got a Peugeot 107 and it does me just fine, till I save up for a van anyway! Best of luck getting started it won't be long till you're up and running
  9. Ryan85

    Should I use a glass scraper

    Yeah the 000 steel wool is what I've got. I make sure that its tucked in my wee pouch lol. Great wee tool to have so to speak!
  10. Ryan85

    Should I use a glass scraper

    Anyone tried some very fine steel wool? I was doing a job the other day and there was some paint on the windows (little spoldges) on the back window next to the fence where the guy had obviously been painting, It came off really easy and never left a scratch
  11. I genuinely love it! I bet you'll be kept busy once people have seen you going about your rounds. Certainly eye catching enough
  12. Thanks very much, I really appreciate that. My in-laws are from Stranraer too. Unlucky for some... I'll stick to my guns and go with a bit of a higher price and prove that decent workmanship will justify my price. Cheers
  13. Im way down south west coast in Dumfries and Galloway mate.
  14. I would agree with you but I just don't think I'll get it that. The previous guy that done the round has gave it up due to ill health, I have been speaking to a few window cleaners about pricing and most of them seem to be charging £4.50... I'm in awe of anyone getting £8 a house or even more how do I go about getting more for a normal 2/3 bed council house?
  15. Hi all, I'm pretty new in the window cleaning business. I've managed to secure a really good run at a local holiday park doing 80 chalets and a large reception/dining area, which I've done a few times now sadly it's full of small french windows 😕 I'm currently looking to be expanding to a large housing scheme where it's in a rural mining village. Now I know that the last window cleaner was charging £4 per house. Sorry for the long winded post but obviously in a more deprived area in scotland how do I approach customers with say £5 or £6 per house? Many Thanks Ryan

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