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  1. mark m

    Adding a Wet Look Sealer to a Patio

    no mate very dry
  2. Come and meet The Marshalls Pro at The WCP Cleaning Show on 8th September 2018 and check out their range of scrapers http://www.themarshallpro.com/
  3. Over £200 of prizes wca are giving away again this month on the wca fb group
  4. mark m

    Doff are coming to the show

    looking into steam cleaning Doff are coming to the show
  5. mark m

    Scrapper for roof

    Wolf Graden tools work excellent or if you need a longer one make your own
  6. Thw wagatil wave is great for large panes of glass with no frames but in England we dont have to much of this so imo it is not great
  7. Some of the companys at the show are really going to town this year Grippa tank are having 4 times the space Xline 3 times the space purefreedom 3 times the space it is going to be a big one that is for sure
  8. https://www.acpressurewashers.co.uk/product-category/hot-water-pressure-washers/

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