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  1. It was a hard day today for both of us but priced well and we was warm at least
  2. I was really glad we had this to do today as it was very cold outside and made a nice change
  3. A bargain imo only £12 from lidi
  4. I mentioned this 5 years ago https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=uRCZpTNpg-g
  5. UENI makes going online easy for small business owners. We’ll build and manage everything for you, and rates are less than £1 per-day. Plus, WCA members get 20% off. Here’s what you can expect: – Professional website that handles booking requests from customers and notifies you via email and SMS text message – Smart & adaptable design: our websites are designed to look great and load fast on any device, including mobile – Custom domain name: you can choose your web address at no extra cost – Facebook Business profile: present your business on the world’s largest social network – Google Maps, Google My Business and Bing profiles: list your business on search engines and public maps, so customers can find you easily For more information, or for a free digital presence consultation, call us at +447946896178 for discount please look on wca page https://ueni.com/en-gb/business
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  7. What's happened to Trad Man?

    I have made over 300 youtube videos and trust me you will never keep everybody happy I have always tried to be helpful but I am often getting negative post you just learn to ignore them
  8. Private messaging

    Neil please stop sending picture of yourself to me xx
  9. Added Sparkle

    I agree I don't think any of the additive that are for sale will make any difference you need to rinse more the additive give you a better glide and apparently a shiner window
  10. good luck with window cleaning it is a much nicer and cleaner job than fibreglassing

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