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  1. Spotless Water

    If you are a WCA Member you get £50 off there water when you join WCA ,so when WCA is only £30 to join what a bargain you get https://www.thewca.uk/
  2. £50 off from spinaclean for WCA Members https://www.thewca.uk/15-off-our-business-opportunity-training-day/
  3. I spend most of my time on facebook because of the pages I run and to be honest I tried loads of thing with my business pages and never had very much joy
  4. Scargill tanks

    then I got another van which I nearly finished
  5. Scargill tanks

    I got a nemo
  6. Scargill tanks

    Steven Scargill does some excellent tanks I have a couple of his systems
  7. i made have made loads videos of where and how to build a trolley I hope this helps someone
  8. Free For Members So if you are looking for something different than going down to the pound-shop & giving out those generic cards.. just because you have to... we've designed these fully editable cards in word format so you don't have to. fully editable Word Format change the picture if you want add your signature add your own logo simple 'right click' & 'cut' to erase any item change your services to fit all in one solution for all clients or customise your favourite clients with name cheap as chips - colour limited to save ink
  9. Aworka help

    I use aworka and for £10 a month a bargain imo
  10. Xline Reach and Wash system

    I have never owned one of there systems but I do have 5 of there poles my recent one was the new 25ft nano which is a lovely light pole I replaced this as the last x-line pole I got over 4 years ago was getting a little worn so I now use it as my soft washing pole
  11. Happy to announce WPS Canvassers will be giving 10% to WCA Members
  12. Thank you for the reply Darren really sorry Stitch ( Joanne ) got your order wrong I wish I had known I would helped you straight away and gave you a code let me know if there is anything else that I get that might interest you in the future I will tell you the code as a good jester for the mix up
  13. I have refunded your money Darren, I am sorry you never liked WCA I don't want people to think they are getting conned and you found the coupons codes hard to add to the suppliers web site we tried to make it as easy as we could but I will look into it again so others do not have the same problems
  14. Could you please tell me what you signed under to become a member and I will refund you your money as I cant find you name in the member list