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  1. The bipper is a great cheap little van it has a 375 lt tank in it very cheap to insure and runs for ever for about £10 fuel if you want to go the next size up I would go for a connect great little van I have a 500 lt tank in mine I got a you tube video as well on this lol then if you want to go bigger then go for a traffic again great van but what I like about mine I can fit all my softwashing/pressure washing stuff in as well great little van Dave cheap to run cheap to insure
  2. £40
  3. I have been using aworka for years now well worth the money and very easy and safe to use
  4. yes mate that is correct the restore is the same stuff but made by a different yank x there is loads to learn about softwashing fence panels and you are correct sh can bleach the wood out but the art is to know the correct dilution rate also what to restore the would with after to bring it back to life
  5. In under 6 weeks wca have just got its 100th member ,Thanks all the members that have joined so far. Please consider joining the WCA. The more members we have, the more discounts, offers & material we can get our hands on. Please take a look around - we are always looking for feedback on what you, the members want. am
  6. Price Cleaning have kindly given WCA members 10 % Black Diamond Rubber
  7. [media] [/media]
  8. From next week the cheapest place to buy the new Legend Channel is if you are a WCA Member
  9. I am 48 years young
  10. You don't have to be a member to read the weekly wca magazine
  11. Membership and id cards are ready for free download
  12. I use 25/1 when I use biocides
  13. Hi, fellow window cleaners This is to inform you of the exciting new things happening at the WCA (Window Cleaners Alliance). Since releasing the new Alliance roughly a month a go, we have had great support from fellow window cleaners, suppliers & related trades. The WCA is a low cost option for window cleaners to learn & become part of an Alliance made by window cleaners for window cleaners. To get straight to the point the cost for membership is £30 a yea...r. Many members have recouped the cost of membership through the offers alone, membership even gets you free entrance to the window cleaning show this year. The WCA has been in its inception for a while, but only released in March this year. We have tried to create a user friendly, responsive website where information is free & relevant data can be downloaded by users or just used as a resource for all your documents, photos, fliers you need, when you need them. In the past month since release we have added van stickers, membership cards & member certificates. Downloadable files for the beginner to the most experienced window cleaners are available whether you are just starting out or have crews on the road & want to concentrate on your business. Besides this, through negotiation, we have suppliers offering discounts not found anywhere else online or in house. We would like to thank the suppliers that have joined us so far & believed in the WCA. The WCA has become the second biggest UK organization for window cleaners in less than the month, thanks to the fabulous support from the early adopters (thank you all the members that believed in us). We can grow bigger & better with your support! The more members we have, the more suppliers will offer bigger & better offers for your benefit. Don’t be left out in the cold, come & join the fastest growing window cleaning organisation in the UK & see the benefits! Regards, Mark Munro The WCA: The WCP Show: