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  1. Newbie needing some guidance.

    Thanks guys, I was definitely looking for £10 plus for a 2 up & down. For payment do you guys push for direct debits or some other electronic payment, I think collecting would be a real pain?
  2. Newbie needing some guidance.

    Hi Dave, It currently is 2 75GPD piggy backed, I'll defo get a large unit as the demand/number of clients increases. I'll have a 1000 litre IBC filled which should hopefully fill over the days off. Have you got any tips for attracting new clients? Cheers Greg
  3. Newbie needing some guidance.

    Thanks Clisty, The 150GPD is the system I already have from my Marine fish tank, I'll look into the cost of a more industrial unit. I was thinking that a backpack full must be getting on for 40KG, a sack truck or trolley is a must. Thanks for the heads up on insurance i'll defo give them a look. When it comes to pricing, how do you go about it? Is it purely time taken or do you add travel, amount of clients in area? Do you mind me asking how much you charge for a standard 3 bed semi or per hour? cheers
  4. Alright chaps, I'm wishing to start a small window cleaning business (at first), I plan to use a water fed system either backpack or trolley setup. The majority of the work I look to secure is going to be 2 story residential properties in the Blackpool and Wyre areas (give me the heads up if this is any of your patch and I can work around your areas). I'm trying to get a concise kit list and business needs before starting, so my thoughts are: - LTD company and bank account - Public liability insurance - Risk assessment - Logo uniform - Equipment - Carbon telescopic pole (25ft Gardiner SLX), Ultimate sill brush, 20 m of hose (which quick release connectors do you recommend), 150 GPD RODI unit at home into an IBC container, sump pump & 25l container for pure water top up for the backpack/trolley. Can you think of any other equipment essentials? Didn't want to jump straight into a van system without proving I could get the custom first. The bit I'm stuck on is marketing, what have the public found most interest in which converted to customers? Are there an tips on closing a sale? Any tips at all are appreciated! Cheers Greg

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