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    5 years
  1. Similar thing happened with mine few weeks back all I did was opened it up and topped it up with pure seemed to do the trick mate
  2. medium size van

    You can get a 800 payload version partner/berlingo as well mate
  3. 300 Gpd RO filter

    i think filters are every 3month I got the 10" di with it been using it about 6weeks and still getting 000tds from 200tds going in and the membranes are yearly I think mate
  4. 300 Gpd RO filter

    Got exact same ro mate I've got 3 200 litre water butts to store water in then just fill 25 litre drums from there makes enough to keep backpack going
  5. What GPD is this ro?

    Looks like a 200gpd mate
  6. Got them lined up against the wall with ro and 10"di above so not taking much room up.Not made any pure yet just getting butts connected and rinsed out ready got300gpd ro from pure freedom should get that started away in morning.not a bad idea with rain water but ro will prob make enough for what I need as still do most trad at minute
  7. Weren't to bad cost wise £27 for 210ltr at b&q got 3 and joined together ibc tank would have been ideal but got ro set up in outhouse so wouldn't fit through doorway cheers
  8. Hello all new to wfp and wandering if 200ltr water butts would be ok for storing my pure water.Thanks
  9. A bit of fairy on the applicator has always worked for me.
  10. ladders

    what size weight r yours mate
  11. ladders

    hi everyone wanting to upgrade to pointer ladders can anyone recommend anywere to get decent quality ladders from cheers
  12. Welcome to the forums drae :)

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