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  1. Dr Squeegee

    Spider muck help needed

    Have a crack with some really fine grade steel wool. Works for me every time.
  2. It's more than achievable mate. I got made redundant from a 36k job last autumn, and came back to window cleaning full time in a new area (Did it full time years ago, and have done weekends since). I pretty much spent December in Vegas, but hit it hard in the new year and my business is more than doubling every month. I'm back to the 36k money now, and still growing. As others have said, you have to live and breathe it now. Do that and it comes naturally. While you're out, be that sociable guy that just chats to everyone and always have a smile on your face. Let people get know you and like you. Also, you'll have to put up with the missus complaining that "all you do is talk about your work now" 😂 Just let her know that you need to live and breathe it while you grow as well. Keep up the hard work and get out the door every morning, and don't come back until it's dark. Best of luck 👍 One more thing! Price correctly from day one. Don't undersell yourself. I made that mistake to begin with and it slowed the progress. Listen to what these guys have to say re that.
  3. Dr Squeegee

    Pole work question

    I use the 6" because I find it more accurate on the swivel at greater heights, along with the fact that most of the high panes I do are only about 10" or 12" wide generally. It's just what I've become accustomed to. Does a pretty good job though. I have my wfp pole set up now though, so unless it's a one off high window I'll probably just wfp them from now on.
  4. Dr Squeegee

    Would you like a cuppa?

    Not often enough! Don't think I've ever turned one down 😂
  5. Dr Squeegee

    Pole work question

    I trad pole some 25ft+ windows using a 6" channel on an excelerator handle. Takes time, but it does an adequate job. Bigger windows I use a 12" liquidator channel. I have just bought a wfp system tho, which I will probably use for these windows in future, for time and to stop wrestling with 30ft of aluminium ettore pole. When it's fully extended the flex is ridiculous! Takes a lot of practice.
  6. Dr Squeegee

    After the snow dirty windows

    I went out and did a few this morning. Was like Santa turning up. They were over the moon to see me. Gonna be a few new customers this week I reckon.
  7. Dr Squeegee

    Gutter cam cheaper

    Noted! Better keep to hobby flying then. Cheers
  8. Dr Squeegee

    Minus 11 wind chill in norfolk

    Same mate. This is Mundesley... CBA to be squeegeeing that off.
  9. Dr Squeegee

    Gutter cam cheaper

    Sorted myself out a 4K sports camera now. And a drone for when it's not windy. Could be worth a crack.
  10. Dr Squeegee

    Customer Profiling

    Thanks for the vid. It was inspirational. I'll definitely be taking points on board as I grow my business. Keep up the good work.
  11. Dr Squeegee

    Gutter cam cheaper

    I strapped my phone to the end of the pole the other day 😂 Set to record and did the trick. Thinking of FaceTiming myself if I need live footage. Should probably stop being a tight*rse.
  12. Dr Squeegee

    Leaded windows with extension pole

    I do a few of these using a microfibre sleeve. I use my regular sleeve to begin with, and squeegee off what I can, then dry it off with a dry microfibre sleeve and it comes up mint. The customers love the job done. Just make sure the microfibre sleeve is dry - I keep some in reserve especially for poling leaded, and use them for nothing else.

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