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  1. Clearview window cleaning

    Help getting customers

    Hi I've recently started out building my business by just canvassing and the work is coming in very fast just tonight I've got near £200 worth of new work in a two miles radius Now for tip that help me be clean and tidy polite always knock door and as soon as they open just say hi or good evening sorry for disturbing you do you have a window cleaner at the minute tell them your local and have work in the area but your trying to build on it worked for me best of luck
  2. Clearview window cleaning

    Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    Yous are more then likely right I'm only really starting out on my own but I'm defo not a novice and I do know how to use the tools of the trade as I've been doing it on and off
  3. Clearview window cleaning

    Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    The way I see it is that if it makes me get threw work faster with as good a job and earn more money doing so then it's a investment and it will pay for its self in no time but I think I'll always give the consumer the choice weather they want traditional or water fed pole as there the ones paying for it unless it's hundreds of we small windows then its wfp so if anyone knows of a decent system for sale or could point me in the right direction for a new start up one witch brushes and so on would be greatful
  4. Clearview window cleaning

    Waterfed pole system with hot water

    Just private messaged you regarding this intrested
  5. Clearview window cleaning

    Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    Thanks for your reply it's all price work at the moment each day I'm getting more and more work so I can not complain just feel I could get threw alot more work with a wfp system but I'll give the consumer the choice
  6. Hi lads I've just started out on my own the last 6 week i left my full time employment due to wanting more money I asked for a pay increase but was told that the way things are it was not possible So now I've went it alone I've done window cleaning on and off here and there but have decided to try make a comfortable living from it I'm starting from the ground up out canvassing 2 or 3 nights a week and most nights get round £100 worth of new work What I wanted to know was what are you guys capable of earning per day im not going that fast at minute due to alot of first cleans and wanting to start out with a good reputation for doing a good job I do frame glass sill and give doors a quick going over Will I get threw more work with a wfp system ie earn more money thanks in advance for your input

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