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  1. Trad Tools for sale

    wish I had seen this when I started cause I've bought all of them now. £200 + sitting there.
  2. New or Old van for employee

    I would see about leasing a van for a year or just hiring one when you need it. That's your best bet.
  3. Paint specs removal

    scraper then turps, its a hard one because you don't want to damage frame, might be better painting them black with a tipex brush or eyeliner brush that's what I would do. Unless it's water based paint, then hot soapy water.
  4. New Window Cleaning Website

    great but I can't read what's in the margin, maybe need to resize it?
  5. Pictures of van sign written

    I went to a good writer but cost £400, I picked a logo which breaks it up a bit.
  6. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    https://www.ryman.co.uk/zerowater-12-cup-water-filter-jug?&istCompanyId=724692e0-2f99-4874-9565-6fc82074fe86&istItemId=wxwqqiplll&istBid=tztx&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhcTT6qi32QIVg73tCh1JfgyGEAQYASABEgLuTfD_BwE domestic filtered jug that holds 2.8 litres.
  7. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    2.8l is what the jug holds, you get at least 180 litres from the filter. It gives out same water as bottled water we buy in shops, so it save's one buying bottled water.
  8. Feeling like taking the leap

    the nearly city of culture Paisley
  9. Screwfix Degreaser

    I've just bought a zerowater 2.8 litre jug, says it does 180 litres. £40 and a score for the refill. Handy for mixing my liquid with. Will let you know if it makes a difference and saves me buying bottled water from now on.
  10. Feeling like taking the leap

    OAP woman are my best customers and always wanting Gutters, PVC and now even their fence painted. Up here in Scotland, 25% are over 55yrs old so it keeps getting better. Win the trust and one picks up a new customer every month. Only takes me 2 days a month to do my 30 customers but have the van signed now, so expecting 3 to 4 new customers.
  11. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    looks good, cost is near £40 with extras but if it lasts years then small price to pay. let us know how you get on? Thanks m
  12. Feeling like taking the leap

    you never quit full stop. If it's stressful then jump on the sick for a month. Windy cleaning is very therapeutic, if you get caught all you say "It's therapy and helping my stress condition"
  13. And so it begins...

    Absolutely :- Anyway, I'm getting into this softwashing in a big way. I powerwash patios & Driveways but not anymore, chems is the answer.
  14. Best surfactant, and how much to use?

    is Hypo good for power washing patios & driveways?
  15. Van sign written

    £400 cash for mine by a professional but its a large crafter. Probably best money I have spent, good talking point with customers.

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