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  1. scottish cleaning service

    Strange brown stains on UPVC frames uncovered by cleaning

    Looks to me that the sill and ingoes were wood and someone stained them brown. Later on they painted everything white and even the pvc to cover it up. I would buy pvc cleaner from Nu-stock and go back and remove it. Well worth taking photos of before and after from now on if you land in a small claims court. If on the other hand your chemical cause it, then why is the full window not covered in it? No, someone is just chancing their arm but I wouldn't work for the letting agent again, they should know better.
  2. scottish cleaning service

    Carpel tunnel

    An old wifey told me that her hands were full of arthritis because she was a cleaner and always had her bare hands in water. I always wear trutouch gloves when cleaning windows. I don't know if its true but had a look at my mates hands who has been doing windows for over 30yrs with bare hands. His hands are all swollen so maybe its true, as for carpel tunnel it may come from RSI. My plumber mate had carpel tunnel and he got an op on his wrist which helped. He said he got it from his work. I think if one does any repetitive movement and proceeds through the pain barrier then one is in for problems later on.
  3. scottish cleaning service

    Best All round Brush for Domestic Window Cleaning

    Looks like a lite weight sill brush flocked or medium is the answer and would be a winner when they make it.
  4. scottish cleaning service

    Rainwater harvesting-well worth it

    cheers @Clisty1989 all seems to make sense why my front windows are much more dirty than the back, there's a main road at the front. Much more wind wiping up all the fine dust particles that I notice come to rest on the sills.
  5. scottish cleaning service

    Rainwater harvesting-well worth it

    I just checked my rainwater TDS and it was 001. I thought rainwater was far higher going by the state of my windows each month. Where does all the dirt come from if its not from the rainwater? Anyway, Rainwater harvesting up here ticks all the boxes and may end up digging up the front garden to install large tanks. I heard people were doing it down south with the introduction of water meters.
  6. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing Advice Required

    The guy or company who quoted £5 was only doing it to get his feet in the door. My mates all quote for council work and its great going to the pub with him, they all know each other. Some time served painters have electrical companies and a electrician has a painting company. It doesn't make sense unless one is related to the person who deals with the contracts. I call it the mystery tour but some call it the ghost train when you get on it.
  7. scottish cleaning service

    Down pipe nightmare

    You have got to watch out for these characters. They employ you to clear and clean gutters. If there is a problem with their drainage system then he needs a builder or a drain company. Its called mission creep or cleaning creep as I call it, they expect you to fix it for 0 even if it takes all day. Dodge in future
  8. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing for softwashing

    Watch utube videos. Don't think softwashing is such a big market because its only really effective on patios. Monoblock driveways can be powerwashed clean if you have a 250bar PW that's what I have found. Maybe softwashing buildings is a bigger market down south.
  9. scottish cleaning service

    Is a piece of wood needed with these ladder stoppers?

    I like to fix a piece of wood on decking to stop the ladder slipping especially when wet. My window ladder has a wheeled standoff permanently fixed on top of ladder. At the bottom I have bolted on rubber feet and never have a problem with movement.
  10. scottish cleaning service

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    Say one is doing windows above 50 feet. How can you see if they are clean? Do you stand back and check them over with a pair of binoculars?
  11. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing for softwashing

    Come to think of it, it isn't the building that needs softwashing but the coping on the wall !!!
  12. scottish cleaning service

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    I left a ladder unattended and thought nothing of it. Suddenly out of no where a strong wind appeared and toppled my ladder. It hit my van and landed or destroyed a wooden planter. I was lucky because it hit a structural beam on the side of my van and didn't cause much damage. I try and never forget that incident when I'm placing a ladder.
  13. scottish cleaning service

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    If one is contemplating doing windows at 90' then make sure you have good insurance. Don't fancy dropping a pole at that height especially in a carpark full of cars!
  14. scottish cleaning service

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I'll give you 25 pounds for a contour pro plus handle as I was going to buy one in the future. cheers m
  15. scottish cleaning service

    Proper Introduction

    South Lanarkshire is quite a affluent place to be based. Plenty of new estates out there which is a good place to start. You can get flyers made up for beer money on Vista and decide if you want two mobiles, one especially for work. The most difficult thing is to get customers all near each other, that's why new estates are good to get into. Good luck

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