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  1. scottish cleaning service

    Vans and wfp set up

    Working inside houses whether windows or domestic then it all comes down to trust but as you say it's hard work.
  2. scottish cleaning service

    Doing first gutter & fascia clean tomorrow

    I bought 20 tubs of degreaser from screwfix at £5.99 and you don't need to put a lot in. My mate washed his van with WFP, backpack and some degreaser and hot water and said he finished in jig time. Another use for WFP and backpack.
  3. scottish cleaning service

    Vans and wfp set up

    Best thing to do is get a new van and kit it out. The one thing in this job we all need is a reliable van. The domestic cleaning business is growing exponentially so there will be plenty of work until it is saturated with molly maids. My Aunt has a cleaner and it started off £13 an hour. A year later it was £15 an hour and now its £18 an hour. I guess it will be £20 an hour fairly soon.
  4. scottish cleaning service


    What does one do if they have 5,000 leaflets with a spelling mistake or you change your mobile number.
  5. scottish cleaning service

    Doing first gutter & fascia clean tomorrow

    I found the temperature of the water one is using makes the difference. Hot water and the mildew comes off easy. You don't want it to be a hot day or the solution can dry too quickly.
  6. scottish cleaning service


    Vista and get your cards there also, £15 for 500. Don't get too many made up at the beginning because you may want to change them later on.
  7. scottish cleaning service

    Backpack question

    No, I mean just free the yellow 6mm hose, no jet on it.
  8. scottish cleaning service

    Backpack question

    What about just disconnecting the top of the hose from the brush and taping it to the angle adapter?
  9. scottish cleaning service

    Most shocking prices

    The best words to use to a customer when they add an extra is this "You don't want me to work for free do you?" because there subconscious cant let them say yes. If they were to say yes then they would feel bad that they have enslaved you to do something.
  10. scottish cleaning service

    Chemical cleaning pathway and drive way problem

    Sounds as if it had been sealed by a sealer of some sort. The hypo mix is usually 1 part hypo mixed with 3 or 4 parts water and a mug of surfactant. Maybe your mix was too strong and reacted with the sealer. You would need to post some pictures but these things happen when we are starting out.
  11. scottish cleaning service

    Chemical cleaning pathway and drive way problem

    What type of driveway was it? monoblock
  12. scottish cleaning service


    Fan jets are great for cleaning the fsg when spraying degreaser on them.
  13. scottish cleaning service

    Clearing out gutters, tiles over hang to much

    Might put too much strain on the top pole? Will fit a paint extension pole which they are made for.
  14. scottish cleaning service

    The right van insurance

    Is it Aplan he works?
  15. scottish cleaning service

    Claiming food and drink as tax relief

    I thought it was a perk of the job when working for oneself. I was going to claim £3 a day but now I will just dodge it. As PT says, not worth the candle.

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