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  1. Help with leaflets design

    Try Kall Kwik, they were so helpful when designing everything for me. I mean it might depend on the designer you get but they contacted me every day and she pretty much hit the nail on the head first time and I only have a small brief (professional up market, no cartoons or silly fonts) 1000 leaflets front and back a5 good quality was £65. As for what works I don’t believe leaflets do work on their own, but as a canvassing tool they make you look professional. Should be getting my uniform from them soon and my van done as well.
  2. I think i might just got conned

    How effective have you found these companies? Would you suggest using them? And how much work do you reckon you got from them long term? Considering it as another approach to just me doing it by myself.
  3. Any females window cleaners out there :)

    Was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if there are many female window cleaners. Nice to know that there are, maybe I can convince my girlfriend to come out with me sure would be nice to have the company. Her trad skills will need improving first though, tried to show her the ropes on our house the other day, results were lacking! But she will be the biggest asset when it comes to the admin side, I’m pretty good and organised but sometimes delegating out your weaker areas to those who you know are better pays off big time!

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