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  1. MWS window cleaning

    Effects of weather

    I use an xline rinse bar, have a gardeners brush with pencil jets and xline fan jet and an xline pencil jet. Gardeners is a great brush and I had an overhead rinse with two fans in to give extra rinse but now back on the xline rinse bar, pf controlller set to 87 2ltr per minute. First clean I always wet the window, scrub Ubic into it and leave for a few seconds, scrub again with a little flow (just use the valve on the pole, keeps the solution wet and stops it drying on the frame) rinse on full then scrub and rinse again. I charge double or near enough double for a first clean depending on the windows cause I do want to get it right but you will find the next clean takes you just minutes! I sometimes trad the glass while the Ubic does the job on the frames and just check check for any imperfections on the glass, mark them with a soapy finger, scrape or bronze wool it trad it and re check then the glass is perfect ready for the frames to be scrubbed and rinsed then just rinse and scrub the glass the results are perfect. But like I said I charge well for this but the customers love it! Just need to find the magic product that removes tape from doors that works instantly and i would be a happy man!
  2. MWS window cleaning

    GoCardless Tip & Tricks

    I’ve had a few customers ask about the direct debit side of things but I just explain that it’s not a standing order, if a cleans not done then no money is taken until it is. The stragglers who don’t sign up after the invoice has been sent annoy me but don’t worry me because like Green said if you get to the third clean and they still haven’t paid then don’t do it! I had one lady refuse so I asked her to transfer the balance via the bank and that would conclude our business, she signed up after that. I have said to customers that it’s for both parties security, but again like Green said, uniform/ID/sign written van/Businescards! Letter headed invoices, professional slips through the door...anything that supports the professional image. Most customers prefer GC anyway so don’t worry about it.
  3. MWS window cleaning

    Tap Water Pressure

    20psi at the RO, drove down to Grimsby to get the pure freedom guys to whack a pump on the system. Still not a massive flow out the tap but I’ve tuned it to 80psi at the RO and the fill rate is noticeable faster. They fitted a control box so when the tanks full the solenoid valve turns the pump off aswell. 650ltr tank but haven’t timed how long it takes to fill, always do it over night.
  4. MWS window cleaning

    Advice on buying a round

    Can see why you’re nervous it’s a lot of dollar! I thought about buying a round and or using canvassers but both are such a huge outlay for what they are. I’m currently using Green Pro Clean Ltd lead generation on a rolling contract and I have no regrets about it. If you want 100 customers on a 4 weekly you could probably get that in 1-2 months, and it’s goinf to cost you half a first clean as opposed to 3-6 cleans. They all want their windows cleaned, they all are delighted when you knock or call and most of mine have taken a few extras such as gutters and such like so really one clean can pay for yours weeks leads. Worth considering before you shell out £6000, but if you have the money then do both! 100 in the bag plus what ever leads get sent your way.
  5. MWS window cleaning

    Help with leaflets design

    Try Kall Kwik, they were so helpful when designing everything for me. I mean it might depend on the designer you get but they contacted me every day and she pretty much hit the nail on the head first time and I only have a small brief (professional up market, no cartoons or silly fonts) 1000 leaflets front and back a5 good quality was £65. As for what works I don’t believe leaflets do work on their own, but as a canvassing tool they make you look professional. Should be getting my uniform from them soon and my van done as well.
  6. MWS window cleaning

    I think i might just got conned

    How effective have you found these companies? Would you suggest using them? And how much work do you reckon you got from them long term? Considering it as another approach to just me doing it by myself.
  7. MWS window cleaning

    Any females window cleaners out there :)

    Was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if there are many female window cleaners. Nice to know that there are, maybe I can convince my girlfriend to come out with me sure would be nice to have the company. Her trad skills will need improving first though, tried to show her the ropes on our house the other day, results were lacking! But she will be the biggest asset when it comes to the admin side, I’m pretty good and organised but sometimes delegating out your weaker areas to those who you know are better pays off big time!

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