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  1. Gardner one is sound 27 quid plus vat crocodile clips to leasure battery when u need to use it I use it to put my 25 litre barrels in my 350 tank when running low
  2. Mrwindowshine

    Strange people!

    I've got a woman mid 40s who writes pretty ass for her reference lol
  3. Mrwindowshine

    Ro TDS

    My water is around 250 comes out after ro around 17-20 prob due could do with to Change filter in ro
  4. Mrwindowshine

    Back up pump box

  5. Just use upvc cleaner should come straight off
  6. Just use upvc cleaner should come straight off
  7. Mrwindowshine

    Vans and wfp set up

    I have a 350 litre tank in my partner and carry a extra 4 25 litre barrels

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