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  1. Hi Yes i have borrowed one from a friend and still showing as 16ppm its got him thinking his tds meter is dodgy now
  2. Yes the top number is the ppm and the bottom number is the temperature
  3. Seems like the north west must be soft water or something as another lad in Rochdale think his was 64. thanks for reply’s
  4. Does anyone no if the TDS changes from room to room my kitchen water is showing 16ppm and upstairs bathroom reading 21ppm
  5. We have had new pipes after one of the mains burst and we had no water for a week so maybe that has something to do with it. Still seems low but will get a di and see if it gets to 0 and no more then. Thanks for the replys
  6. Yes im unsure myself I don’t no if I’m measuring it wrong. on my TDS meter it’s measured in ec and ppm is the ppm the TDS level. I have measured it at a couple of different places to make sure it wasn’t faulty my parents live in south manchester and there reading was 99.i also tried in bottled water and that measured 261. very strange
  7. Hi i thought it seemed low from what I’ve read I’m based in bury Lancashire. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. been trad for 2 years i am just starting to get in to water fed pole . ive been told to measure my tap water to find the TDS in my water so I bought a meter and my water is showing 16ppm am I right in thinking that is the TDS if so is that really low as I have measured at a few friends and there water is 99 I have bought mineral water to test and that was 261 and my house tap water stays 16. Any info would be appreciated.

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