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  1. What's real weight WFP when using.

    It could be down to the fatter handle diameter size on the 5 section Xtreme22 as opposed to the 4 section SX18 - sometimes this can trick the brain into misinterpreting the weight?
  2. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    The stiffness of the DuPont is about the same feel as the white outer bristles on a medium/soft Ultimate brush, but they glide more on the glass and have better bounce back. The DuPont Hybrid would probably be just as good on the wooden and astragal windows, but on leaded it would probably not be quite as good as a soft flocked. The Dupont Hybrid is good for rinsing on the glass under light pressure as then the centre hybrid bristle are not in much contact.
  3. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    When I said on its way - I meant that it is in the development process - not actually on its way to us! I am thinking it will be a couple of months before we see this on the shelves.
  4. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    When the Super-Lite brush range was first released some 10 years ago it really was Super-Lite at just 245g! Most other brushes being supplied on poles at that time were at a minimum about 380g with the only available Sill brushes weighing in at over 500g. The Super-lite brushes just felt so light and easy to use in those days. Of course times have moved on and most suppliers now have sourced lighter brushes and we ourselves have brought out even lighter brush ranges (Supreme, Ultimate, Xtreme) to make work even easier.
  5. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    This brush is on its way!
  6. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    Yes we're planning on this and it is in the pipeline
  7. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    For leaded windows probably the best brush is the 0° Flocked Super-Lite brush - it is not a great brush on other types of window though.
  8. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    The tooling is in process of being made for this one - as soon as the tooling is made the stock will be moulded and we can have them made up. You have prompted me to chase up the tooling firm
  9. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    We used to produce a flocked Xtreme - didn't last that well and was not that popular, so we stopped making it. We are about to bring out a DuPont Hybrid version of the Xtreme which I think will be very popular.
  10. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    The male to female coupling size is always the same on the fittings. It is only the barb size to connect to the hose that changes. So an 8mm barb female EZ-Snap is compatible with a 6mm barb male EZ-snap
  11. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    We do sell them http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pump-hose/hose-fittings-adapters/ez-snap-range/ez-snap-trade-male-6mm-barb.html
  12. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    In that case you will need an EZ-Snap connector on the hose being connected to it. All EZ-Snap males & females are interchangeable regardless of the hose size connected to.
  13. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    What connector did you order the backpack fitted with?
  14. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    Hi David i know that someone is working on your email currently with an email reply for you. You will not get through on the phones this week due to a phone answering issue. Phone issue should be resolved by next week.
  15. Alex gardiner backpack issue

    I think that the Technical team have just been dealing with your query for the Customer Service Team.

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