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  1. Backpack,charger or voltmeter

    Hi Dabber When charging the only lights you need to read are the lights on the charger itself. When the lights go from red to green on the charger then the battery in the backpack is fully charged. You can trust the charger on this. Looking at the separate voltmeter LEDs on the backpack - During normal use, with the latest backpacks, the first two LEDs will only show (Orange and Green) and this indicates full charge. Then as the battery depletes the green light will stop showing. When the third LED shows red the battery needs charging as soon as possible. During normal use this third red LED will not display. This is different to the older LED voltmeters where all 3 LEDs showed when fully charged.
  2. Gardiners goose neck

    Usually a little back and forth twisting one way then the other will free this up. I have just received communication from you via the Customer Service Team so will respond to you directly.
  3. Gardiners goose neck

    Hi Laurend Please feel free to give our Customer Services Team a call on 01726 66400 and they can help talk you through sorting this out. Here is our advice on the rare occasions that this happens: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Occasionally a gooseneck can become jammed after prolonged use. To remove this, the best method is as follows: Remove the gooseneck lever set and top part of the gooseneck. Remove the lever set in the top clamp of the pole. Extend the top section of the pole and get someone to firmly hold this section. Fit an adjustable spanner on the circular part of the gooseneck (see photo below) and twist the gooseneck around. Once the gooseneck starts to turn you can also start to pull it outwards. If the gooseneck is less than 12 months old we will happily replace this part once removed - please call Customer Services on 01726 66400 for us to arrange for you.
  4. Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    I think that Peter is in the middle of placing his latest order with us - so if you let him know you want these he can make sure they are in the order
  5. Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    It has been withdrawn due to reliability issues with production. We found that for a percentage of clients it did not last long enough or reliably enough in everyday use. We now have some improved versions out on testing with clients that had previously had issues to see if these improved production methods have worked. I am not giving up on the concept as many of our clients (& myself) really like the simple twist action to control the flow - it is not for everyone, but for many it works really well.
  6. Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    Hi Eric - You have used them all, but have you tried this swivel - been out about a month - Angled Brush Socket Swivel This keeps the swivel close to the brush head, but at an angle that some users find more natural in use.
  7. Lighter pole

    Not all sections are fully compatible between the X3 Xtreme poles and the SLX poles. The first 3 sections are not interchangeable although larger sections should be.
  8. The pump is warrantied if used with hose extension packs of up to 20m - this does not include any pole hose length. A 30m extension length would not be covered under warranty.
  9. aquastop, is it the wrong fitting?

    If you have an EZ-Snap fitting at the end of the hose reel - water will not come out as the EZ-Snap fitting has a shut-off valve inside. Water will only flow when you plug in a male EZ-Snap to the fitting. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  10. This will work - however it will put the pump under greater strain & could shorten its working life. This is why we do not warranty the backpack for use with extension hose lengths over 20m (plus pole hose). Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. Will CLX extensions fit an SLX?

    Yes this is correct
  12. Will CLX extensions fit an SLX?

    Hi Adam This depends on which SLX you have - the largest CLX extension is a #7 extension which would fit on to an SLX27 or SLX30 Whilst not as rigid or as strong the CLX extension would work on the SLX poles.
  13. As long as it does not leak on the join it should be fine.
  14. What you need is either the correct type of Pincer tool these are designed to have the clamping part at the very end of the pincer jaws and are not the same as generic end cut pliers you can buy in hardware stores such as these. With the correct tool they are very easy to crimp shut and need little effort. If you are unable to obtain the correct tool then you can close them with a set of standard wire cutters by crimping the cutting edge of the pliers from each edge of the 'ear' part. It may need a little crimping from each side in turn until it closed the ear and tightens the clip. It is not as easy but is possible.
  15. green pro clean

    Hi Sam It doesn't show on the brush chart yet because there is a bug on the system which is stopping uploading the latest brush chart PDF! I have attached the latest chart to this post. These brushes have been on sale since February and already outsell the Sill brushes like for like - we do not have a Universal Flocked version yet though. The two Universal types we do have are good for rinsing on as they are both Mono-Filament brushes. Brush Guide Chart August 2017.pdf