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  1. Alex Gardiner

    Maintainence of pole

    Hi Brian If looked after, a pole that is 5 months old should not really be causing issues with wear and should certainly not be needing lacquer applying. To help provide some maintenance and use advice could you email me some photos of the areas of wear and also some photos of the overlap areas on the top 3 sections (pull out the sections from the clamp so that the 20cm area of overlap on these sections is visible). Please email these to me on alex@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk and I can take a look and discuss further with you.
  2. Alex Gardiner

    Worn gooseneck

    Hi Dan Drop me an email to alex@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk and I can have a look at this issue and make some suggestions 😊
  3. Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner Valves Keep Breaking?

    We are always happy for clients to contact us directly with any product warranty issues - we do not count this as 'complaining or moaning' 😊 It is more efficient than posting on the forum as we do not always check forums that regularly and only spotted this as another poster had tagged me in on the thread (thanks Clisty1989) Could you email your product issues along with a photo and order number to sales@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk and the Customer Service Team can look into this for you.
  4. Alex Gardiner

    FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    Update: I have a box of pre production Supreme DuPont Hybrid made up. If anyone is wanting to buy one of these please send me an email - alex@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk & after the 10th of June I can make these up for you to try out. Xtreme Dupont - not had these made yet. If any current users of the Xtreme medium hybrid are interested in buying one please email me & when the first pre production ones come in I will sort this.
  5. Alex Gardiner

    gardiner poles!!

    Just to clarify for all of our customers - you can still call us on the phone & you can still speak to someone on the phone if you really need to :) However the method for accessing our Customer Service team has changed somewhat. Previously it was a lottery when you rang up with some clients always getting through and others getting an answer machine. Now all calls are routed to an answer phone message - at this point if you really need to speak to someone you can leave a message & our team will call you back to talk through your issue or order if a phone call is needed. Why have we taken this step? Several reasons: 1. The volume of customer service calls we are receiving in the last 4 months has grown dramatically. Most days we now have in excess of 500 individual callers ringing in. Most calls need more than just a few minutes discussion so can consume a lot of phone time. 2. Call volume tends to bunch together at peak times with in excess of 150 calls per hour at popular times. With just 4-6 operators on the phones it is simply not possible to talk to & call back all within minutes at peak times. 3. The new system allows for more informed operators to call clients back. This is because before we return your call we can look up the details of your technical query or your order details & are subsequently better able to answer your query or assist you in the most efficient method. This ultimately saves clients time on the phone & frees up our operators to assist more clients. We know we can’t please all of the people all of the time, despite our best efforts. However we believe that this new method will help us provide higher quality & more efficient customer service.
  6. Alex Gardiner

    water leaking out bottom of pole,

    Sounds good - please drop us an email and we can get a replacement new design part out to you.
  7. Alex Gardiner

    water leaking out bottom of pole,

    It can be caused by 2 things generally. 1. Slight tolerance variations combined with 2. The expansion of the nylon gooseneck shaft as it absorbs moisture during it's life. Whilst it affects only a percentage of the goosenecks in use, it is still annoying when it happens. To improve this we have started to introduce new design base shafts with grooves to allow for the moisture absorption and subsequent expansion.
  8. Alex Gardiner

    water leaking out bottom of pole,

    The method that always works for is as follows. Two man job 1. Remove top clamp lever and top half of gooseneck 2. Get one man to firmly hold the top section (slide part out of rest of pole) 3. Fit a large adjustable spanner over the round toothed end of the gooseneck part. 4. Twist the gooseneck round with the spanner & as it twists it can be gradually pulled out. 5. Email us on Sales@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk with your name & issue details and we will send you a new gooseneck base part. 6. Fit new part & recover 😎
  9. Alex Gardiner

    water leaking out bottom of pole,

    It may well be something very simple - if the pole was hard work to extend then it probably was the pole hose somehow jammed inside and when freeing it the pole hose has partially pulled out from the 8mm push-fit connector that connects the pole hose to the gooseneck hose. It is worth pulling the gooseneck out from the pole and firmly pushing the pole hose and the gooseneck hose back into the 8mm straight connector. That should solve the problem 😊
  10. Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner backpack ?

    Hi Joe Same question will apply - did the FedEx label say how many parcels were in the shipment. Did your parents sign for 1 or 2 parcels?
  11. Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner backpack ?

    I do not have access to the fulfillment details from my system so cannot answer this specifically for you - Did the FedEx label say that it was 1 of 2 parcels? Did you sign for just one parcel?
  12. Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner backpack ?

    Whilst we have not chemically examined Razrwash it would appear to be a non-corrosive detergent - this should be fine left in the backpack and used when needed. However please bear in mind for warranty issues that once a chemical like this has been used in the backpack - our couriers (FedEx) will not transport it, if it needed to be returned so any warranty support would have to be done remotely.
  13. Alex Gardiner

    Boss poles carbon.

    Hi Eric Just to clarify on your above post. CNER are not and never have been any part of our pole construction facilities. We prefer to stick with the same private partner factories in the UK and China for our pole and clamp construction. Our partner factories do not make poles for any other window cleaning pole suppliers. We have always felt that we can better maintain quality and innovation control over the product stream if we work directly on the production rather than using a outside pole supplier such as CNER. We are very familiar with CNER though, as apart from them wanting to make our poles for us in the past, we unfortunately had to take legal action against one of their production partners for a patent infringement on our patented clamps.
  14. Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner package

    What you should have ordered was the Quick Release Metal Hose Plug Connectors - instead you ordered the John Guest 1/2" fittings. You could send back the incorrect ones and get these swapped for the correct connectors or you could simply buy these John Guest Adapters and a length of 1/2" John Guest Tubing - this would allow you to use what you currently have and use your standard Hozelock type connectors.
  15. Alex Gardiner

    gardiner extreme poles

    The reason that we stopped selling the Series-2 Xtreme poles was not because they lasted too long - in fact it was the opposite! When we came up with the prototype X3 poles we found that they were more rigid, could clamp along the whole length, and were longer lasting than the metal band Series-2 poles. We also found that if there was an issue with the metal bands themselves that they were very difficult to service or repair by an end client. We felt that the X3 version were altogether a better ownership and use proposition. I'm glad that your Series-2 pole has lasted so well for you though.

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