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  1. the DSG is an auto. Most websites get confused as its one of the modern style, dual clutch, computer controlled auto boxes. But I assure you, its still the old P R N D setup with tiptronic override if you wish, but there's no clutch pedal that's for sure . Seen those boxes called autos, semi-autos and manuals by websites like autotrader.
  2. something like this perhaps?? https://www.gumtree.com/p/vans/vw-caddy-c20-1.9-tdi-dsg-electric-pack-1-previous-owner-fsh/1305194625 looks a good spec, Mileage isn't an issue with these if everything has been serviced on time (ours has 252k on it, my work car of the same engine has 206k, no issues with either) Can probably knock him down a bit further. Think the payload is around 700kg so for a tank in the size you're looking for would be fine. Wherabouts in the south east are you? Might be someone who may know of one locally.
  3. Robt100

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    It was yes, but happy to travel!
  4. Robt100

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    Right, sorry to bump this back up but another question..... Does anyone know where I could get the frame for my tank fitted? Preferably in East Anglia! I have the pure freedom cage, but want a few bits modified/added and need it bolted in. My mechanic I use wasn't too keen so need to find somewhere else that's trusted (most places round here seem to be run by cowboys) so hoping someone can help?
  5. So how much do you reckon you use a day? And are you out 5 days a week at the moment?
  6. I'm sure someone with experience will come and give you a proper answer soon. But the main thing for us to know is how often and how much water are you using? I assume you're also storing the water rather than producing on demand?
  7. Yup, definitely an RO needed. My tap water is the same ppm so have to use one or as you have found its pretty much a case of using as much resin as water! As a side note, I thought id check the ppm of our drinking water before and after our brita filter, dropped it down to 180ppm. So even the pre-filters on an RO would make a difference I reckon.
  8. It's true what they say then....arousal sells!
  9. ooer, the brush is that good is it??
  10. Thanks guys, will let you know how it all goes! Might also need to message you again Doug, as the kit is 2nd hand and the previous guy seems to have changed a few of the end fittings to hozelocks, just wanted to know what thread the outlets are to fit other fittings to?
  11. Hi all, Hoping for some experienced advice here! Currently setting up the RO system in the Van and trying to work out if I will need a booster pump or not. Using a Daqua 4021 system. Today I plumbed up the pre-filters to the mains (RO membrane disconnected), turned the tap on full, then put my thumb over the pipe after the pressure gauge to get a very crude reading on the tap psi. Yes, I know this probably isn't best practice but its all I had to hand at the time (bad pun, sorry!), got a reading of around 60-65psi after the pre-filters. Using a handy bucket I can also measure that the flow rate is around 12lpm. Will this be ok without a booster pump, or for the most efficient use of the system would a booster be recommended?? As a side note, the water board are coming out tomorrow to change a leaking stop tap by the water meter, so I'm hoping that will help the pressure rather than hinder! You're advice please!
  12. Robt100

    Window Cleaning Warehouse - Failed again

    Thanks for the suggestion @Bumblebee72 I might go for those! Rang WCW again today to ask why nothing was delivered yesterday as they promised, apparently there is still a stock issue (nobody bothered to tell me again) and it "might be a few weeks or something like that" (yes, his exact words!) so have cancelled the order and got a refund.Thankfully its only at start-up phase, otherwise could have lost a lot of money so far. Have had to cancel someone helping me setup twice so now nobody is available till august
  13. Robt100

    Window Cleaning Warehouse - Failed again

    Sorry to drag this one up from a few months ago. But im also having big trouble with them. Ordered a pair of hose reels and hose to go in the back of the new work van. As advertised for next day delivery. Popped the order in late on Wednesday 20th June, expected Friday delivery. The next wednesday came and went, still no reels! Rang them up "oh theres a supply problem and are system has an error" Then why did nobody email/ring/text me? "but I promise they will be there by monday" Still no reels and its now tuesday. How next day means more than 14 days ill never know! Can someone recommend a decent set of reels with hose? Dont need/want electric for now, just standard manual stuff than I can bolt into the van. These were what I was recommended to get, so if nayone knows of similar that would be great... https://www.windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/proloc-heavy-duty-reel.html
  14. Robt100

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    Turns out (as I did suggest to her, but we wont remind her of that 🤕 ) that once it is attached to hose it is much easier! Works fine. On another note, does anyone else get problems with delivery times? Ordered from 4 sites (Window cleaning warehouse, gardiner, soap national and pure freedom) for our parts, all offered next day delivery free apart from soap national who just say free delivery. Yet out of the 4 companies, only soap national was next day, Gardiner was 2 days (fair enough), pure freedom has been 5 days and the order isn't right, and WCW I'm told will be here on Monday....that's 12 days! Are they all usually this bad?? Must be a nightmare if they are!
  15. Robt100

    Hi Everyone! New starter here.

    Quick question, received some kit today including an ex-ceed univalve. The Mrs tried to "click" it just by hand to see how it works but it wont budge one bit, normal until its in situ, or broken?? Thought id best check with those who may have used them before ringing to complain and looking a complete berk!

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