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  1. Hi Spruce, All congestion and emission charges will be paid for and there will also be a petrol allowance as well.
  2. Hi everyone, We are a Property Services company in London and we are looking to hire a Self Employed Window Cleaner in London. We are looking someone with experience of the Reach And Wash system (Water Fed Pole) and traditional window cleaning methods as well. Someone who takes great pride in his appearance and their work, someone who is bubbly and friendly as you will be dealing with customers every day and someone who is very hard working and ambitious. A petrol allowance will be given and of course all congestion + emission charges will be paid for as well. * The successful applicant should have their OWN VAN and WATER FED POLE SYSTEM (Hot water preferably) minimum 500 Litre * Experience of both the Reach and Wash systems and traditional window cleaning methods (at least 1-2 years) * Someone who has a clean driving licence as they job will involve driving to residential properties * They will be expected to work Monday - Friday and possibly weekends depending on the bookings (It will mostly be a 5 day week with the possibility of overtime) * They should have a smart appearance and be friendly and polite at all times. * They should be professional, hard working and take a great pride in their work * The right candidate must also speak good English too. * Salary between £23,000 - £27,000 dependent on experience and based on how many jobs you do each day. If anyone would like to apply then please private message me on these forums if you think you have what it takes. Or if you know someone who is suitable then please send me their contact details (name, email address, telephone number) in a private message. Cheers.
  3. AGlassAct have you got a link to the LPG boiler you bought so I can take a look at it? Cheers.
  4. Hi there I have just seen this Gas Powered Hot Water Heater for sale by a company called Brodex and they have assured me that it can be added to any Water Fed Pole system to give hot water. Do you know anything about these devices? Are they any good? And what about the company Brodex? https://brodexbms.co.uk/product/l10-gas-powered-water-heater/ Any feedback from you or anyone else on these forums would be great.
  5. Thanks again RWCleaning your advice has been invaluable. If I do buy a system the DIY option definitely looks like the best way to go. I could always upgrade the system once the business starts to grow. I am really tempted to get a Hot Water system but I will have to look at the costs involved. Hi Part Timer yes we do but I would still want to find a mobile mechanic who perhaps has some experience of Water Fed Pole systems.
  6. Thanks for the tip Green Pro Clean Ltd. That was one of the companies I looked at!
  7. Hi Pepsi, I have sent you a PM as requested. Cheers.
  8. We have been recommended to use a RO system as we were told that once its set up its relatively cheap to run compared to the DI system. So thats the sort of DIY system we would like to build. One more thing we do not have the space to store the Van and equipment so the window cleaner will be taking the van home with them and we are not sure if he will have room for a tank or even a garden to house the external tank. I have read that it can take up to 8-10 hours to fill up the 500 Litre tank each night. Is this true? And is there anyway around this? Also since I am a completely newbie with regards to Water Fed Pole systems once we have bought all the individual items is it possible to hire someone to put the whole thing together and wire it up and attach it properly to the van?
  9. Thanks for all the advice Part Timer.
  10. Hi Skxawng, Thanks for your reply. I have read a lot about the benefits of a Hot Water system. Some window cleaners swear by it while others say that its not important. Some say its better to have a Hot Water system during the winter time as it gives you a better clean. Is this true? How have you found cleaning windows during the winter time using a cold water system? And I have also read that some window cleaners say that using a Hot Water system also helps you remove dried on bird poo on the windows as well. Many thanks. Thanks very much for all your help with this RWCleaning. I look forward to receiving your message later with all the info. Cheers.
  11. Hi RWCleaning, The DIY route definitely looks the best way to go. Purchasing a van and a top of the range system would be very expensive. Could you give me some more details about the 500 L system you built? If possible I would like to buy your equipment. What 500 L system was it? And could you send me a list of everything you purchased to build your DIY kit for £1,000? You are obviously very happy with all the equipment right? How have you found it working with it and cleaning the windows? Do you still get good results? Many thanks. Thanks for the advice Green Pro Clean Ltd! Its always great to hear other peoples experience especially as a newbie. I will look at the companies you recommended. Many thanks.
  12. Hi P4dstar, Thanks for your informative reply. If I did purchase a decent Water Fed Pole system how many houses per day would be a reasonable target? I was just being conservative with the 10 houses per day. I have read another post where a window cleaner said that they do 30 houses a day? So what do you think would be a reasonable target for us? How many properties? I would like to have some idea of what we should aim for. With regards to the DIY system this is definitely something I would be interested in as I hear it cuts down the cost considerably. What do you mean if there isnt too much red tape stopping me? And with regards to training. Some of the companies who sell the Water Fed Pole system actually offer training as well. So we were planning to hire someone to get them trained up.
  13. Hi Part Timer, Thanks for your reply. Yes these would be average 3/4 bedroom houses. Does this not sound like a lot to do per day? With the Water Fed Pole system what would be a reasonable amount of properties to do in an 8 hour day? And I am in north London but I am not sure if we are in a hard water or soft water area. Is this important? And why? And I would prefer to hire a window cleaner myself and get all the equipment so that I can grow this side of the business. We were sub-contracting it out before. Many thanks,
  14. Hi Cookie, Thanks for your reply. I am in London and I am not sure where these companies are based but I will definitely look at all the companies you mentioned. With regards to the DIY set up who that be suitable for me? And how easy is it all to put together for a novice? Or is it possible to hire someone to put a DIY system together if you purchase the parts? Also I mentioned in my original post we hope to do 10 residential properties 3/4 bedroom houses in your experience using the Water Fed Pole system how many properties of this size could you hope to do in one day say working 8 hours? Many thanks
  15. Hi everyone, I run a Property Services company and we are thinking about employing someone to do the window cleaning services which we had originally subbed out to another company. What I would like to know is can anyone recommend the best Water Fed Pole brand to buy or lease? Recommendations for Water Fed Pole Systems on their own? Or with a van would be welcome. Also what should I expect to pay for one of these systems on their own? And with a van already installed? We hope to do 10 residential properties per day using the Water Fed Pole system and so are looking for a Hot Water System with a tank of between 400 to 500 Litres. And a filter system of course too. Any recommendations and examples of your personal experiences would be great. Many thanks.

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