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  1. I wouldn't go on there with snow or ice of course, but one time in November it was very wet and like an ice rink so I gave it a miss. I guess only go up there if dry. I usually run hand over surface and make a judgement call. Not sure how u decide?
  2. I'll have a look u reckon stick to tieing it to gutters
  3. 1.5mm hey, well all I can do is be careful, I guess the wheels should be ok Regarding ladder, was previously tieing the ladder to guttering to secure it but figured this is better (with standoff) for getting on and off the roof. This roof gets extremely slippy when wet in the winter. I usually crawl from getting off the ladder(or don't bother at all) to the centre of roof and just clean all the windows from the centre. This means I am at least 1.5 metres from edge. figured if I slip then it might be onto glass kitchen roof with pvc (at worst) or just roof. Better than falling off.
  4. Damage to roof? Those wheels are plastic or rubber.
  5. £28. Used her ladder though
  6. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Kevin, think I just assumed it was more simple than it really is. I had the idea that anyone could just grab a pressure washer and off they go. In fact the guy in the block of flats where the original photos are from asked me to just pressure wash the lot even walls. He's more clueless than me. Never occurred to me to fill those block paving with sand and sealant. The sealant question lol I asked was more a delving question. I say something which I assume is probably wrong to force you to explain how it's really done. My way of getting people to explain things clearly. Regarding the block paving in this photo at the block of flats. It was pressure washed 6 months ago. The gaps have mud in. What best to do with them now? Pressure wash fill with sand then seal? The driveway is in constant use so sealing would mean it needs to be left undriven so maybe not possible Benz site seems to have videos on walls and roofs not patios and there's no head office number for advice. Watched YouTube for sealing
  7. Is the microlite good for this (as in pix) safety wise? How about climbing over the metal fence things on edge of them? Best to put ladder on top or bottom then climb over? I have to get from one flat roof to another as well, use rubber mats to protect floor
  8. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Any idea what these are and if hypo or pressure washing is dangerous? Top 3 are in back garden. I asked customer (old dear) to find out for me
  9. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Been scrubbing walls and rinsing with water. Is there any risk of liability there?
  10. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    I meant if in doubt 'don't' spray not do spray. Is that what u thought I was winding u up about? I am not trying to wind anyone up. I am clueless about all this liability stuff. This is the block paving with mud in it. I pressure washed it 6 months ago but didn't put sand in afterwards. All the residents of flat seemed happy. But am worried about all this. I am working for a property management company not some old clueless old dear. I have sent invoices off with pressure washing driveway listed as one of jobs I think. Even when I didn't do that just copied list of jobs from previous month and pasted in but that could go against me. Some of stones are a touch higher than others as well looking at stones in photo for driveway
  11. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Ok get the advice and will watch the videos. Just to confirm. My regular maintenance work includes cleaning the below surfaces (photos) - rendered white walls, block paving and bigger ones are paving slabs. I take it pressure washing and hypo (with care to surrounding plants ) is fine on all these surfaces? Except rendered walls. I took paint not render off with pressure washer but I guess just repaint. These are my regular work so need to know. Any other surface will research. The block paving was pressure washed ages ago and is filled with mud so no sand would get in anyhow mostly
  12. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Great post and thanks. When you talk about sealing the sand in my block paving photos ( I assume you're referring to the photos in my first post on this thread not the ones you posted) after brushing sand in do you put silicon like the stuff used in bathrooms on the top of gap with a gun and smoothed over with finger? You mentioned pressure wash the hypo after spraying it on. Hypo is dangerous to us wouldn't that spray a dangerous chemical onto our skin and eyes? When I used hypo once I used a hose to gently rinse it off. Interesting point about what to spray with hypo and what not to. I guess if in doubt do spray. I guess any concrete paving slabs or block paving is fine to receive hypo same as white painted walls (probably cladded) . These are the surfaces I might spray. Why did you say the block paving in the photo shouldn't be hypo'd? Might do a course, heard a place in Bristol offers one
  13. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    You pressure wash the hypo after not rinse with a hose? You reapply as well, I guess if the stains are bad
  14. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Spoke to a gardener. The block paving (that's what I assume it is in top photo) shouldn't be pressure washed. I will sweep kiln dried sand into gaps next time I go round the flats for my maintenance work. Someone said about paying lots of money if softwashing goes wrong. Well was asked to pressure wash the block paving so if the block of flats or property management company tried to sue me- where's their evidence? It was months ago, where's the photo evidence of me holding pressure washer I have told the guy I liase him with orally that I did it but I tell him things all the time, he'll never remember. And oral means nothing if not recorded. I would deny and say I used chemicals. It's a driveway for a block of flats and would cost a fortune. I don't like lying but this is what everyone does. There's a reason public liability insurance is cheap- people rarely use it because it's so difficult for customers to prove. Regarding hypo damage- yes the previous gardener killed all the grass, but I think he was an idiot and chucked a bucket of the stuff on the patio which seeped into the grass. And how much would it cost to lay a bit of grass? Not much I would have thought. I don't like taking this attitude, and I try to be careful but I think cusotmers have to accept stuff happens. I called my public liability insurance company and they said off the shelf chemicals are ok. Not sure if hypo is classed as off the shelf. if it isn't just say it was patio magic. I said is my pressure washing covered and they wanted another £80 . I said I thought a cheap pressure washer was covered under gardening and they haven't got back. I guess I need to call and check what's going on with pressure washer cover.
  15. slippy

    Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Right, I used a pressure washer on a rendered wall on a property I do weekly maintenance on and it took the paint off in places. Not the render mind and can probably just run a roller over it, but it's a warning to be careful. The previous gardener killed all the plan ts with what I presume was hypo. I am asking lots of questions. To be honest if it's enclosed the like the place in photo u can't do any damage because there aren't any plants. Going to try patio magic on that. The patio stones touching grass I will tread or spray carefully

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