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  1. There are small cobble things and patio stones. The patio slabs have grass right butt up to them so would need protecting if hypo was used.
  2. 25 mins Didn't reapply. . Was worried about the plants and the brushing alone seemed to get rid of the green algae stuff. So spray the whole wall next time with hypo and use the stiff bristled brush on it afterwards to get rid of those stubborn lines ?
  3. Just scrubbed with fairy then rinsed. Did good job. The top photo is before. The others after. I sprayed the remaining lines with hypo and Surfactant 4 to 1. Didn't shift. Used one of those small hand sprayers.
  4. That's what u did and they came up nice Brush and washing up liquid then rinse. I sprayed hypo 4 to 1 with Surfactant on just the remaining lines (as in bottom photo). Couldn't shift those faint lines though
  5. Try 60metres. Probably enough
  6. It's an old trolley. I just changed the pump for £8. Got a chemical pump as well incase it breaks. You say slap it on your brush. You mean mix it in a bucket then dip wfp brush in bucket and then start scrubbing. I got this fancy spray nozel thing which attaches to my SLX from Darren Ansbro to spray it on stuff. Also you would have to spray it on those finicky little things at the top of a coni roof. A brush could break them
  7. I guess u don't pump washing up liquid up through pimp just dip brush into a bucket with it mixed in water
  8. Do you just pump it up using trolley and pole? Put on glass as well as pvc on coni roofs then leave it 20 mins to break down the gunk before going over with pure?
  9. Why not out them as wrong if they are lol
  10. U should see the **** floating around on the inside. I really need a strainer
  11. This is the stuff. Was going to mix it in a watering can then use that or a 25 litre barrel marked with each litre then use a trolley. How u transport these dangerous chemicals in van, in a flexitub? Spill proof box in garage
  12. Cover the plants with cardboard when spraying the tops of those walls? Pressure washing too aggressive for those cladded walls? Is pressure washing those bricks on floor a no no? 2% meaning hypo is usually 15% so add 7 parts water to 1 hypo
  13. Any tips. I heard bad to get it on tarmac or plants or in your eyes. I have a job coming up and will try scrubbing with soap first but got some hypo and Surfactant as back up will pump through trolley. Just generally, how u protect plants which border a patio you're cleaning? Plastic wall or cupboard to stop spray getting onto plants. I need to clean wall below.
  14. This is empty with bulkhead then 11 barrels with rachet round them. Don't take me as a good example necessarily. Not sure what else to use. A net? U should have at least two things you attach the rachet to near the bulkhead Check out the new line x on floor on this photo
  15. That's why I don't have a tank yet. Barrels don't have to be declared. Not sure the maths is right. You calculated the impact power on the bulk head in a crash combining all the barrels. But they aren't a combined weight, they're individual weights so the impact needs to be calculated on each 25kg barrel Only. Maybe I don't know what I am talking about not sure. My barrels are racheted together to bulk head.

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