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  1. Hi Mwwindowcleaning. Did you get the constructor brush in the end?? Have you used it? Sorry if you have posted about it, couldn't see that you had.
  2. Dunner

    Stop being tight!

    LOL AGlassAct. I have a resin vessel after the Ionics one in my van because i was not going to pay those prices any more for resin. So far i have 3 changes in a year and have one more left in the bag of resin. Price for a bag of resin and the vessel was about £120 and i will get four changes out of that and next time i buy a bag then i won't need to buy a Vessel. I will save loads. PS the resin filter is after the RO so no pressure. It would have worked great.
  3. We do a few OAP flats and they are all 12 weeks, you could explain that with your experience 4 weekly would be far too often and 10 or even 12 would be the fine. This would come across that you are honest, not after work and are even saving them money. If it was a days work @ £200 on the regular clean, 12 cleans per annum (other quotes) 12 cleans @ £200 = £2400 You could up your rate to £300 for 4 Cleans 4 cleans @ £300 = £1200 It's half the price and a good sales pitch, you say ya too busy to clean clean windows 12 weeks is plenty. They might even after a few cleans drop to fewer weeks too but keep the same day rate??? What ever happens after 3 or 4 cleans you will know the job and exactly the time it takes and whether you want to carry on for less money.
  4. You may get some good WFP gear from him too. Go for it Win win i say.
  5. Dunner

    Any tips on this?

    As Calvin said, leave till the end Green. We use cut up towels not microfibre though, more absorbent. Also you could wrap a towel around ya applicator (T bar) on a Unger pole, works well too.
  6. Dunner

    polnz bladz

    I have 5 Wagtails now because of P&P videos, all for pole work inside. No more taking the ladders inside, putting down dust sheets or taking in the small A frames to bring tall windows down. And i too agree with his ? marks over the quality of a few things. I hope he comes back soon. I miss them great big arms. lol
  7. Has he deleted his account on YouTube?? I looked to see if he had posted anything recently and no sign of him Anyone know???
  8. I wouldn't have bought one!!! Bobs vids showed me what could be done. I can not use a Wagtail in my hand either but could not work day to day without one. The internet has transformed window cleaning and everyone can look and see what is out there and how to use it better because of people like Bob Come back Bob if ya listening!!!!! I miss them bloody great arms lol
  9. Bloody shame Daveyboy I am old school like thee but over the years tried to pick up tips to make life easy and P & P has given me great tips poleing with a wagtail. With out him i would still be taking me ladder inside to do high window or my Small A frame inside to bring them down. The trolls and knockers are halfwits and this sums em up Davey ''The emptiest tin makes the loudest noise''
  10. Thanks Mr Green for ya reply, I will have a look for it. Shame that someone who spends so much time passing on tips can be knocked and has to remove his vids.
  11. PS Smurf went through a perspex roof with the wheels a few weeks back so don't rest them on the roof
  12. daeyboy don't sell it. They are brilliant for con roof or glass lean to roofs with no sides. I have had one for 10 year in the garage because it would not fit an A frame ladder. I cut down a big double ladder to an 8 run double for cony roofs and they and the stand off works great. Sometimes its nice to be above and up close to clean roof and not lean against the gutter with the ladder. I attached a box piece of ally with foam on (Pip insulation) to the wheels of the stand off which is wide enough to span the cony roof supports so the weight is not on the glass or perspex sheet. Ok takes 2 mins to set up but saves time and effort.
  13. Dunner


    Same as Spruce, it happens here and there but as you know daeyboy1 from trad you can tell a stubborn one just by looking. A soak is normally enough though. Once you take the crust off you can remove it easily with the brush but sometime you leave a shadow that can only be seen from inside or when the glass is almost dry and the right angle, the scraper is good for these too. I too use the edge of the brush stock at times but with brick dust on the stock it could scratch the glass.
  14. Shame that Trev81, I have used them foe 8 years. I only have a basic fully comp cover now but that does cover my poles and system in an accident but poles not covered if they are nicked out of the back. I might call them up some time and double check premium and value of system and poles they would replace it with in a smash. You got me thinking £55.25 is bloody cheep
  15. Alexander Swan Insurance Services Ltd 01793 863693 They specialise in window cleaning and will cover you for public liability too. They will cover gear to in the van, poles, system ect even supply a van and system if yours is stolen or damaged in an accident. Give them a call, very helpful
  16. Dunner

    Window cleaning etiquette

    We knock because we have caught people in underwear down stairs but also a habit from when we used ladders. As above though, try and get paid or hand a ticket over so you are doing something. And a good time to get the cuppa T tea sorted.
  17. Dunner


    Salt is for the water softener. Flush through after producing about 1000 ltrs of pure, takes about 10 mins for the salt to disappear. Backwash is for the RO, 20 mins about once a week.
  18. Just tell them you can't fit them in any more, you are too busy on those days they want. But say here is the number of another window and pass on the number of a Window cleaner you don't like. WIN WIN
  19. Dunner

    Ionics V4 system

    What's psi entering the system. Check your PPM after the RO. Take a sample by disconnecting the inlet to the resin filter. As a rough idea it will be about 10% of your tap water PPM
  20. Dunner

    4ft & 10ft clx poles

    Get a 10'' Jake. I even extend mine a bit for ground floor, i think the 4'' would be too small. Get the big wide brush on it and it eats through the work. I use it for conny roofs and a few jobs a week that i don't clean first floor windows (pubs, some offices ect) It will last years Great little pole.
  21. Ask the ground floor flat first explaining you have been asked to clean first-floor flat windows and would they like theirs cleaned. If yes bonus. If not explain you will be doing theirs too and if they complain or are going to be awkward don't do either. If not a paying customer but are OK with you doing theirs then put 50% on the price of the flat you have been asked to clean and that will cover a bit of time for ground floor flat. If they are not happy then do neither.
  22. Dunner

    squeegie is jumpin on glass

    Could be the sun is out and drys the window quicker, by the time you get to blading there is not enough solution on the glass. Needs to be wetter at the start. Or hard rubber, i never liked it Or more Unger in you water Or a bit of all three. I still use a bucket for shop runs and a few internal nursing homes ect but i use a bottle with mixed solution in on my belt. I wpf all houses and got fed up filling a bucket for few insides a day. Now i only use what i need and the solution is always clean and by using a bottle you can measure the correct detergent to water ratio you want. No more wet hands in winter removing water from you T bar when getting a dip. Just add a squirt to your T bar when needed. No more taking a bucket inside ect.
  23. Dunner

    The CLX 10, Hidden gem?

    I got one a few weeks a go and i am chuffed with it as well Jimmyboots I brought mine to do about 15 hours a fortnight i do ground floor pubs and things and its so light, rigid and easy to use. I have the Gardiners big long brush on it and i have started to swap poles and use these on some nursing homes and schools which have large ground floor windows. You fly through work like this. And a great trad pole on shops. Unger poles in the garage now

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