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  1. simon-g

    Introduction to seo4cleaners

    Hi Mate Could you give me a call on 0737 7813602 to discuss your seo services further.
  2. simon-g

    Paying Staff Wages

    Thanks for the replies guys. Just too confirm, i already have the van / equip/work/ ready to go. The chap that i'm thinking of taking on as already worked with me before in the past on a part time basis , so i know hat he's up to the job ( very reliable , good on the pole, and very good with my customers ) Gmeister if you don't mind me asking what percentage are you paying to lease your business ??? It sounds a lot less hassle doing it your way. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys I'm a newbie here but just wanted to say hello and pick your brains on the age old problem of paying staff. I've been thinking of setting up another van now for awhile but the only problem i have is working out how to pay staff. I was thinking of working it out on a percentage of the work cleaned, so if he's using my van/equip, i'm paying for all the running costs ie fuel,insurance,maintenance & he's cleaning approx £750.00 worth of work per week ( with costs of approx £150 per week ) what do you think would be a fare % to pay him ? Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  4. Welcome to the forums big si :)

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