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  1. Gardiner 100 degree fan jets

    I used the fan jets the day and was well impressed with them might change the others to them
  2. Systems for pricing up jobs

    Im usually 80p a window regardless of size on houses .Would like to think i could get £1 but dont want to push it, A house with 8 windys is usually £6 but i can do 5/6 an hour if no yapping .
  3. Hi i am known as G WINDOWS but have started advertising and there is another windy with similar logo which is close to mine ,Dont want anyone to think we are both the same company , So i am changing to GR Window cleaning. ?? Do i need to inform the powers that be of the name change or will it be okay .cheers
  4. Hi was wondering how you go about getting bank transfers from custsy and how do they work ??? What details do you give them for to pay you .Are they safe Thanks in advance for any replies
  5. Isopropanol in barrels of water

    So i would want roughly 50ml per barrel ! Could i just pour it in or would it be better if it was put in whilst filling the barrels ?
  6. Hi the hose was freezing the day as i was working had to stop, Ive heard the isopropanol was the stuff to use in the water !! Just how much would you put in a 25 litre barrel . Cheers in advance
  7. What's that 'residue' on these windows?

    I had one house got roughcast patched above the door and window .It has a few runs down the door window and it keeps coming back when it rains .Another shop window had work done above it and its all like that , I think the cement has burnt into the glass ,with it being left on .!
  8. Remove End Stop

    Piece of wood and a hammer Just go round it gently and it will loosen it enough to pull off
  9. First pole for newbie?

    I would go for the slx ,My first pole was a hybrid x line and when i got the slx i couldn't believe the difference in the weight . I would save and get the slx.The later is easier on the arms and makes a full day a lot easier .
  10. Brown alge

    Whats the best way to get rid of the brown alge stuff ? inside my 25litre drums tried ubik but theres still a bit there . cheers in advance
  11. shop front quote help

    £7 without the top windows double if inside done too
  12. Just folded it up the sides Ive left the ply in as it keeps it flat .I just use the barrels and they don't move in the back .I could of cut it better around the wheel arches at the back of them .If i get water on it just pull it out to dry it .
  13. i have this in the back of my van with 2 inch lip around the back and side any water runs out the back http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131490982788?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=430864558812&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. Any one any comments on these seen one 10plate 72000miles £3000 not to put a tank in just barrels and machine .Maybe in the future a small tank 200litres .As windows are my second job approx 40 houses a week the now Or a peugeot bipper 1.4 at £2700 92000 miles or any other recommendations not over £3000 Thanks in advance

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