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  1. seye

    birds in loft

    Yep my mates neighbour has bats in their loft and they are making a hell of a mess of the loft and house and there is nothing they can do absoloutely crazy!!
  2. seye

    Preferred brush?!

    I use the Gardiner light, big difference to the Vikkan rectangle brush I used to use it was like a brick on the end of the pole however bristles on the Gardiner are softer than I would like and there for not as quick at removing tough stains.
  3. What I have found is if you are civil and polite with those looking for a fight they back down because you don't take the bait. A few years ago I was cleaning the flat above a well known thug from a notorious family so started to climb ladder as normal, guy comes to window "what the f do you think your doing ya fn peeping Tom I'm trying to f ma bird in here. Now this sounds funny but that look in his eyes don't know if he was on something but I thought it's not going to end well. I apologised and said I was cleaning the above flat and that I would leave if he needed me to. At that his whole attitude changed and it calmed the whole situation down he said no it's fine carry ill close the curtains. Don't know if that makes me a wimp but a nasty situation was avoided even typing this it sounds funny but really wasn't at the time.
  4. Just wanted to stop by an say hi and hope all folks are doing well I havnt been around for a good while due to trying to sort out my sons education but in between that I'm still working away. I miss the folks on the forum and the chit chat so will try and make a conscious effort to check in more regularly is everyone doing ok? Si
  5. seye

    Moving back to scotland

    I am probably one of the few that agrees with the theory of the licence system if it was managed properly. I have 2 licences because I operate in 2 council areas. But it should be managed allot better than it is. Good luck Dan hope you get back up and running up here mate.
  6. seye

    bloody weather

    Cough please mr cheerfull!!
  7. What I've noticed is when I feel as if I'm taking it easy I actually take the same time or mostly quicker than if I go in gung ho, for me gung ho is a waist of energy because it doesn't achieve anything.
  8. [quote="Gav, post: 251300, member: 1" As mentioned employing someone can be helpful although dont know if i would want the headache of managing that. Thats why I've resisted taking someone on I can see it to be swapping one stress for another. I've started taking weekends off so not getting burnt out like I used to and my productivity during the week seems to be better as a result.
  9. seye

    Vinyl lp cleaner!!

    It's Friday night that can only mean one thing, needle to the vinyl.
  10. seye

    6 days to 6 hrs

    What I find hard is that often my wife and I are looking for affirmation off our son that he is happy because allot of the time he has just one look on his face, and most of the time you just don't get that and we find it very heartbreaking but as someone pointed out when he is not happy we will soon know about it and that is so true so that kind of helps
  11. seye

    6 days to 6 hrs

    I don't know if it is the same down in England and wales as it is in Scotland but up here they have stopped giving diagnosis of high low or aspbergers. Children are now given a diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum. I think the reason for this is that every child has different needs and different traits so support should be tailored to the individual rather tailoring support for say aspbergers side of the spectrum because you could take 3 kids with aspbergers but they all need different support rather than saying this child has aspbergers this is how you treat a child with aspbergers.
  12. seye

    6 days to 6 hrs

    The school did nothing for our son and were happy for him to go without an education for 8 months, we went to the head of education for our area who was supposed to be informed of his situation, needless to say she didn't know a thing. As soon as she found out she set up a meeting and things are starting to move forward. But you have to fight for everything. Our councils even have documentation that state that families in our situation will get support from the word go, didn't happen its shocking.
  13. seye

    6 days to 6 hrs

    Just a quick note about disability living allowance I have learnt this week that pip only applies to over 16s and disability living allowance still the same for under 16s. The biggest lesson I have learnt so far is to see when a melt down ie what seems a major major temper tantrum but is actually a reaction to not being able to process thoughts and feelings a quick as we do there for brain gets over loaded and a melt down is the only way to vent and get rid of that frustration- my wife and I have learnt to see the onset and back off with what ever subject or task that is being undertaken so my son can just take a breather to process things and not feel overloaded what ever is taking place. Where as before we would not see this and we would keep going and the before you know it an explosion- and be prepared for some family members who don't understand to say they just need a skelpped backside, but they only see the outcome of the struggle that you and your child cope with every day.

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