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Website creation and hosting.

Providing a cost effective website creation service.

  1. Gav
    Note: you will need to be a member of this site and logged in so that we can keep in touch with you via our support system.

    I am not taking on any more work at the moment
    Due to the fact i am stacked and very busy i will not be taking on any more website creation work for the time being.

    Managed hosting and website creation for your cleaning business. All sites run on fast UK VPS servers

    3 simple steps to getting your business online with us.

    1. Get in touch to check our availability
    2. Setup a new support thread here if we are available
    3. Fill in this form as fully as possible
    That's all there is to it! We will keep in touch via the ticket you set up


    Cost effective without leaving you in the lurch or with a bad site often found with cheaper hosts and their website builders. We don't code and develop sites from the ground up which can take months and cost thousands. We create websites using the tools already out there. The difference is we manage it for you, while you concentrate on your business.

    So what do I get?
    • We install Wordpress the core of your website and your chosen theme along with any small edits.
    No need to worry about setting up servers, FTP accounts, managing databases, email accounts, nameservers or any other technical stuff.
    • We constantly monitor your site for security and backup regularly
    Peace of mind knowing you don't have to manage server updates, website software updates, backups or deal with security issues.
    Want a professional looking email address to match your domain address? No problem we can sort that out for you.
    • We setup the SEO foundations of your website.
    There are many aspects to SEO from on site to off site and everything in between, read our article here. What we do is ensure the foundations are there. Without this, all other work on SEO would be pointless.
    • We create all the pages you need
    On your pages, we use a default text template we have written for SEO and readability. This is then adjusted to your business and areas. As you know your business best we ask you to suggest edits to this once we are in the approval process. You can if you wish to keep the template text as is.

    What's included in the SEO optimisation?
    • SEO optimised page structure and content
    • Implementation of citation HTML schema markup
    • Google My business setup
    • Google Search Console setup
    • Google analytics setup
    • Responsive mobile friendly themes


    Ongoing support, site maintenance, security scans, daily backups and *future site edits at no extra cost!
    Get in touch now!

    There is only one thing you need to pay for outside of the costs below and that is to get a domain name if you don't already have one. We recommend as they are affordable and their service is quick when we need to update nameservers to get your domain pointing to our server.

    That's it everything else is taken care of.

    We bill for our services via a monthly or yearly subscription using PayPal.

    9.99.png 100.png

    *Future site edits comprise of small updates to text images or a slight theme adjustment.
    Full site edits like a having a full site rebrand (new theme, all new text on all pages and additional pages are charged a one-off fee separate to the subscription
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Recent Reviews

  1. Paul Dodsworth
    Paul Dodsworth
    This is the first time I have ever had anything to do with websites. I know nothing when it comes to technology but Gavin made this all so easy and simple every step of the way for someone like me. Anything I didn't understand he put into normal easy terms. Gavin also went the extra mile and created my website in super fast time as I had taken on a lot more work and needed my payment page in place ASAP. Thank you Gavin you done a fantastic job for me and helped me loads.
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd
    Green Pro Clean Ltd
    Whilst trying to advise me on how to improve my site and move up the rankings, Cleaners Host must have noted the glazed over look and aura of total despair. Gav took over, totally overhauled my site made it friendlier etc for users and also better worded for search engines. Overall I am well happy as it is something I do not understand. Everything neatly dealt with and hassle free for me.
  3. CHWS
    Absolutely over the moon with the website gavin has provided for me. The layout and look is totally professional and I look forward to the potential custom it is going to help me gain. Great job thanks
  4. Alien Human
    Alien Human
    Highly highly highly recommended! Cleaners Host have completely revamped my website and the difference is amazing. Gav was incredibly helpful throughout and certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to websites and hosting them. Window cleaning is gradually catching up with other trades when it comes to making full use of the technology available to us to build and continue to grow a successful business. Cleaner Host have created a website which entirely meets the modern high standards set.