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Website creation and hosting.

Providing a cost effective website creation service.

  1. Gav
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Recent Reviews

  1. Joe70
    On a search for someone to create a website for my startup,i came across this forum, I got in touch with Gav, he explained things very clearly which really helped cos I had no clue what so ever, in the end it all came together with gav's patience, I really would highly recommend Gav for your website creation. Thank u Gav
    1. Gav
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. Glad you are please with your site and my service.
  2. Paul Dodsworth
    Paul Dodsworth
    This is the first time I have ever had anything to do with websites. I know nothing when it comes to technology but Gavin made this all so easy and simple every step of the way for someone like me. Anything I didn't understand he put into normal easy terms. Gavin also went the extra mile and created my website in super fast time as I had taken on a lot more work and needed my payment page in place ASAP. Thank you Gavin you done a fantastic job for me and helped me loads.
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd
    Green Pro Clean Ltd
    Whilst trying to advise me on how to improve my site and move up the rankings, Cleaners Host must have noted the glazed over look and aura of total despair. Gav took over, totally overhauled my site made it friendlier etc for users and also better worded for search engines. Overall I am well happy as it is something I do not understand. Everything neatly dealt with and hassle free for me.
  4. CHWS
    Absolutely over the moon with the website gavin has provided for me. The layout and look is totally professional and I look forward to the potential custom it is going to help me gain. Great job thanks
  5. Alien Human
    Alien Human
    Highly highly highly recommended! Cleaners Host have completely revamped my website and the difference is amazing. Gav was incredibly helpful throughout and certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to websites and hosting them. Window cleaning is gradually catching up with other trades when it comes to making full use of the technology available to us to build and continue to grow a successful business. Cleaner Host have created a website which entirely meets the modern high standards set.