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Found 44 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been working out the back of my surprisingly reliable L200 Warrior for about 3 years now and have recently put a 280L baffled tank in the pickup bed. Notably, this has taken up significant space, but I am comfortably able to store my pump box, separate battery, wfp, hose & reel, and loose essentials within the remaining space. Given the available remaining space, I reluctantly use a hozelock reel (metal + plastic) that is anchored to the tailgate at all times. I've been getting a fair amount of leaking lately and can't seem to figure out where my problem lies (it tends to come from within the reel, and yes - i have tried a couple different reels, standard fittings, ptfe etc) but this never happened until I installed the tank. Can anyone suggest EITHER a solution to my problem within the reel, or a smaller, more compact reel than most WFP reels that will allow for no leaking and also installation within the same space as my current reel? If any of this doesn't make sense then just let me know? Thank you in advance!
  2. Tony123


    Hi all I'm new to this forum. Have been out of windows for around 20 years now, but bored of the 9-5 life and want to get back into it. How do you guys price up now? Used to be more every time put up a ladder etc etc I am based in Suffolk , looking to buy a round and also start canvassing. Don't want to under price my work and regret it All advice appreciated Also. I have only ever done traditional cleans. Any recommendations on pole systems / training etc
  3. Hi Everyone, Hope you can help! I'm quite new to window cleaning and have been cleaning the same shop window every two weeks for the last six weeks. This morning I cleaned in the same way as usual but it has left spotting! The glass is old and single glazed and the window frames are wood. Can anybody suggest what I have done wrong? I use a wfp system and the resin was replaced about 1000 litres ago. Any advice would be appreciated Ian
  4. Oliver Wright

    25ltr DI vessel

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and window cleaning, but already enjoying the work and the benefits of working for yourself, and find this forum a great source of info and help. I'm using WFP method and making my own water. Does anybody know a way to calculate how many litres of 0ppm water a 25ltr di vessel with new resin would make before the ppm started to creep up, the input water is around 240ppm.. Any help will be great.
  5. PRICE:5000 DESCRIPTION: I'm selling my set up as I've been accepted in to the fire service ( dream job) I am selling the setup only, but would sell the van for the right price too! -500ltr tank system, twin DI 11 ltr vessel -5KW diesel hot water heating system -Frost stat mode for heater (kicks in at pre set temp to keep pipes and system from freezing up) -Hot air blower ( uses the residual heat to keep the hoses etc from freezing, when frost stat kicks in) all extras well worth it!! Not had any freezing issues. NO MORE FROZEN PIPES OR PUTTING HEATERS IN VAN EVERY NIGHT IT WHEN IT MIGHT FREEZE! -Free standing hose reel with metal swivel connections -100 M 8mm hose -2 x brushes one swan neck,with pencil jets. - plus traditional window cleaning gear A VERY COMPACT AND EFFICIENT SETUP. CHARGES UP WHEN VANS RUNNING, NEVER HAD TO CHARGE BATTERY. Also I have a website, email address, leaflets, receipt books and uniform (tshirts- hoodies- jackets) included in the sale. This is for equipment only, but I am willing to sell the van for the right price. I only upgraded to this system Dec 2015, and had to reduce my round to suit my new job in march 2016. And now haven't got the time to carry on. So it's not had that much use. LOCATION:Carnforth near Lancaster PICTURES:
  6. Just looking for a day or two worth of work anywhere on the wirral or in liverpool. Preferably wfp work or work that can be converted to wfp. Any offers of work considered. Thanks
  7. PRICE:£3300 DESCRIPTION: 2005 Nissan Interstar 2.5, 103000 on clock MOT September. Good condition. SALE INCLUDES Diesel hot water heater (Facelift) fitted Sept 2014 - great for getting green mold off frames or conservatory roofs as well as letting you work in colder temperatures and where normal systems freeze up! 400ltr water tank 10" R.O. unit (not fitted in van) Used R.O. in garage into a water tank then pumped into van at night. 3 point hose output point fitted on van so you can lock van and work with hoses attached through exterior, rather than them trailing out of back door. Rhino roof bars with roller bar at rear for easy access to all your ladders etc. Waterfed pole & Hose Everything you need to start a round, switch to Water Fed pole cleaning, expand your round or upgrade to a Hot Water System!!! Selling due to poor health. More details and photos avaialable on request. Any questions please ask.... 07971 373264 LOCATION: Just south of Bath, Somerset PICTURES: http://[/img] http://[/img]
  8. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Facelift Big Boy Battery Life//Issue

    Got my BB backpack in April and it lasted me all day. The last few days at work it's been beeping at me around 2pm (about 5 hours of intermittent use) to the point I had to finish early on Friday incase the next job couldn't be completed. I know it's a backpack and I don't use it for every single job or all windows, but on the odd day where I have used 3-4 barrels - around 100L) it used to still be going come home time, but Friday it managed maybe 65/70L of water before it was flashing red. Does anyone else have one and what are your battery expectations? Thinking of selling it and buying the new Liteboy whilst WCW still have it on offer and stick a second battery in the van.
  9. Hello all. I've been a member of the forums for quite some time now and have recently taken the plunge and set myself up with a van and wfp set-up. Starting from scratch in the first 4 weeks of work I am up to 35 regular customers and so am happy with the slow but gradual growth. I have been cleaning mainly standard upvc framed modern windows up until now but today got a job to clean a large house with some upvc but also some older style windows. My question may be a stupid one but is it ok to wfp wooden framed windows, sash windows and alike? Do you get many runs or streaks etc? Is there a particular technique or is it just a case of good clean then lots of rinsing? I have attached some pictures of the ones I will be cleaning next week. Thanks in anticipation for your advice!
  10. StorminNorman


    Today I cleaned a house just a mile away from where I live. FB call as I am not canvassing at the moment. First clean and it was kinda dirty so good scrub for 20min and landed another monthly customer. In fact she was so happy that at the end she asked me for 50 flyers as she was willing to walk down her street and recommend me to her neighbours. Gave her 50 flyers. Got 2 calls (2 monthly cleans) from her street just an hour after I left. Thanks Olivia!
  11. Hey guys, I just started cleaning a month ago. I use Harris 5m pole to do Top and normal trad. For bottom. I'm new and it takes me from 30-60 min to do the front and same for the back. Pole really slows me down... Yet I'm getting better equipment and my speed and skills improve. Yeah! I love cleaning and it's so fun to squeegee the water off and see how happy the customer is... Since I walk around my arena and mostly get business knocking doors, a ladder would slow me down. To improve my services and increase skills I'm looking to pour my earnings into backpack wfp and filter. Which one would you recommend ? I don't have a car and will be pushing around trolley and carrying the water. To make most of it. I go in with 20-15 £ for doing the front and and never go lower than £10 front or £20 for front and back. 30£ for both sides is that ok? How Fast it take you Guys to clean? How much do you charge? Where do you get flyer ideas? Do you do like 40£ one deals on flyers? Do you charge more in affluent areas ? I'm making money every day and getting repeat businesses. I just need a mentoring please.
  12. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Upgrading my crappy pole..

    Want a composite/hybrid pole to replace my Unger Nlite Aluminium thing... Seems to be a toss up between the two of these: New Water Genie Barracuda 22ft Hybrid Pole PhoeniX MkII 'PRO' Hybrid Anybody got these, or have conveniently tried out both? Price wise they're quite similar for 22ft, but the Baraccuda comes with a brush and goose neck (although I do have these and will alternate with the Unger one as I find it excellent) and the Phoenix needs an additional £30 odd to make it equal.
  13. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Upgrading my domestic kit

    Hi guys - I'm new here I've been a traditional window cleaner since 2004. 3 months ago by employee of 7 years dropped me in the **** by leaving without notice. I panicked, but before hastily employing someone else I bought a basic WFP kit to tide me over. Safe to say after 3 months of practice (thought it was faulty the first time I used it - awful!) I'm starting to think about moving up to some more 'professional' gear. At the moment I have an Unger nlite aluminium 22ft pole (Christ it's heavy at full length) and am using a Facelift backpack (22L) mounted to a trolley. I purify my water at home using the Unger Hydropower DI resin and decant it into barrels to take to work. I mix this and traditional ladder work to get me through any awkward houses that would otherwise require footing/imagination. However, I'm using a bag of resin a week (£91 for 4 bags) and sometimes running out of water during the day. What I'm looking at doing for the next 18-24 months is to upgrade my pole etc WITHOUT moving over to a full van spec setup as I want to do this when I buy a new vehicle. Have you guys got any favourite poles (probably not carbon as too pricey at the minute so hybrid probably more like it) and any other trolley/DI solutions that are less resin hungry? Any advice would be great as this WFP system is a mine field for beginners. Many Thanks Chris
  14. Derbyshirecleaning

    Cleaning sill with wfp brush

    Hi was just wondering how everyone else cleans their sills. I find I clean them with the brush, and the brush picks up dirt and bits, which spread to the next window as I clean it. And then it takes ages to rinse them off properly. I use different type of Gardiner brushes, mainly the extra light ones. Ta in advance.
  15. Kasper Sjostrand

    My way of getting (almost) free water

    Hello, there. Here's some inspirational pics/descriptions to the wfp-people, feel free to comment, what's good n what's bad, suggestions etc. This particular page is in English WF, Water fed pole systems, rainwater tank, water harvesting, cleaning windows
  16. Kasper Sjostrand


    Hello everybody. What is your experiences regarding batteries? I have a gel-battery that is less than 4 months old and now i cant recharce it fully. Some say it "dies" if exposed to subzero temperatures, but it has barely been that (close though) is a car battery total out of the question?
  17. Kasper Sjostrand

    New here..

    Hello everybody, i'm new here, on request by the website i write this. I have been cleaning Windows in 15 years now but have got WFP system some two months ago. I'm from Denmark. Thats it.
  18. My second DIY trolley copied from Mark Munro. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V6geAu43Ss[/media]
  19. Im thinking of getting a trolley can you use purification tablets to clear the water thanks

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