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£2.00 per 30 days

You're the defender of the forum. Ensuring were always here to help window cleaners and provide a home for us all to congregate.

*Support the forum & our work

*Feel good in giving back

£4.00 per 30 days

You're our hero, you gladly support the forum and our work. It's your second home and you probably spend more time here too! 

*Remove all Google ads

*Feel good in giving back

£6.00 per 30 days

You are a true Guardian of the forum, standing to protect it and it's members. You practically live here and probably treat the community like your very own family. 

*Remove all Google ads 

*Create your own clubs

*No storage limits on private messages 

*Post edit time extended to unlimited 

*No limits on file size upload

*Can change username as and when you want. 


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