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Found 3 results

  1. I've had my 4040 RO for 12 months now. Got it from Doug at Daqua who I can't rate highly enough. I've always been good at changing my filters as per the recommendations, flushing regularly etc etc. The unit is kept away from frost and I like to think well looked after. The issue I always had was it was running at 40psi and would only ever give a 91-92% rejection rate. After much deliberation I decided to invest in a booster pump. Bought from X-Line and double checked it would be sent wired and ready to go. It arrived all ready and I can't rate it highly enough. I'm now getting between 70-90psi and a 96% rejection rate so the pump will pay for itself. Link and pictures below incase it's useful to anyone else in the future. Thanks @spruce and @Tuffers for your help with this. https://www.xline-systems.co.uk/en/xline-shop-2/wfp-controllers-pumps/240v-booster-pump-with-electronic-shutoff-detail
  2. I just bought myself a new Axeon HF5 membrane and installed it and happy with the results I'm now getting. This made me wonder though when I pulled out my old membrane if that membrane could be useful for anything or maybe it's worth something to someone. Then I got to thinking what if I used 2 membranes. My old membrane was producing pure water at 115PPM down from 335PPM at the tap. I could buy an IBC tank and fill it up using my old membrane so that water would be 115PPM. I bought a booster pump that I'm currently using to boost my pressure to 80PSI on my new membrane, I can just suck the water out of the IBC tank straight into my pre filters and new membrane. My thinking is that if my membrane is currently taking 335PPM water down to 10PPM (97% efficient) why can't it take 115PPM water down to like 3.5PPM. Therefore saving me tons in resin costs. The only downside I'm seeing is double the amount of wasted water from 2 membranes. The cost to run the pump doesn't count as I'm using it anyway to fill my van. The only costs are for me to buy an IBC tank a couple of pipes for the old membrane input/output and a new membrane housing. Am I missing something? Why can't I find any other posts about using 2 membranes... just my bad searching skills? Could even advertise it as double filtered R/O water!!!! Lol just kidding
  3. Hi, I've been cleaning WFP for over a year now but only been producing my own water for last 3 months. I got given one of the old Merlins (3 filters in line) by a mate when he left cleaning. From reading around the forum I get the idea they're not the best to begin with, but this one of late seems to shoot up on TDS more frequently. I use DI to finish off but even with refilling the vessel the last week in September I checked and today its up at 008 again! So I'm looking for advice on whether any feel it's time to replace the membranes - my mate said they were put in last year - or switch to a 4040? And if I go 4040 what sort of pre-DI TDS can i expect?A few stats are: I use about 900-1200 liters a week, tap TDS is around 300-315ppm, pre-DI is about 34-45ppm. Not sure what water from outside tap is but it is about 60l per minute. Any suggestions on how to proceed are more than welcome. Apologies if a bit wordy, I'm new to all this! Thanks.
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