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  1. Daniel Mc

    Booster/RO issue

    Hi all, Sorry - me again. I’ve previously written in this topic - tried the fixes that were suggested - no joy. Been so busy I’ve just put up with the problem with my system - but it’s annoying me that I can’t get to the bottom of it. So here goes. I have a boosted 4040 system, 1 20in...
  2. P4dstar

    4040 RO Booster Pump

    I've had my 4040 RO for 12 months now. Got it from Doug at Daqua who I can't rate highly enough. I've always been good at changing my filters as per the recommendations, flushing regularly etc etc. The unit is kept away from frost and I like to think well looked after. The issue I always had was...
  3. HazelwoodWindowCleaning

    Idea: Is running 2 4040 membranes worth it?

    I just bought myself a new Axeon HF5 membrane and installed it and happy with the results I'm now getting. This made me wonder though when I pulled out my old membrane if that membrane could be useful for anything or maybe it's worth something to someone. Then I got to thinking what if I used 2...
  4. D

    Time To Replace Membranes or New System?

    Hi, I've been cleaning WFP for over a year now but only been producing my own water for last 3 months. I got given one of the old Merlins (3 filters in line) by a mate when he left cleaning. From reading around the forum I get the idea they're not the best to begin with, but this one of late...
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