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  1. T

    Sunny Streaks Hell

    Hi everyone. I'm at my wits end right now and need some help. I am a traditional ladder, bucket and squeegee windowcleaner and have been doing it about a decade now with no issues. However, just recently, since the sun came out here in the UK, I'm getting really bad streaks. Thing is...
  2. T

    TDS Advice. DI Filter not producing pure

    Hello my water is entering my tank in my van at a tds of 28. I then use a di filter on board to produce pure on demand however the tds is ready 3-4? And advice on this? Thanks.
  3. B

    I have made my first pure....on to the next step.. Advice needed....

    Hi guys, Thanks to the advice on here, today I set up the two DI's from Daqua and boom have got 50 litres of pure water reading 001 and 0.   Now I need advice on trolley/backpack/poles etc.    I intend to only clean upstairs wfp, at first 30 - 60 customers will make the switch with more...
  4. I

    How Much to charge and how to clean

    Hi Everybody, I just bought a petrol pressure washer with flat surface cleaner and have a couple of questions: 1) how much do you charge for the job? I was thinking £1 per pace, or 1m square. 2) Any tips on not going too hard and destroying decking or concrete will be appreciated:) Thanks
  5. D

    To clean? Or not to clean?

    Hi to everyone here. I have been reading the threads on this forum for about a week now and I have gotten a lot out of it so thank you. I still have some doubts/questions that are keeping me from pulling the trigger and starting to window clean. I will list my questions and if anybody can help...
  6. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Upgrading my domestic kit

    Hi guys - I'm new here I've been a traditional window cleaner since 2004. 3 months ago by employee of 7 years dropped me in the **** by leaving without notice. I panicked, but before hastily employing someone else I bought a basic WFP kit to tide me over. Safe to say after 3 months of...
  7. Slippy1

    General enquiries

    hello guys, Just wondering if anyone could spare some time on answering the questions for me, would be much appreciated. What do you need to start up in terms of equipment? How much will the start up fees be? Do you need a Waterfed pole? Are there any alternatives to this? What method...
  8. BobbyMason

    Customer needs VAT registration, advice wanted

    HI there, I have had a potential commercial customer approach me to carry out monthly work on his business premises but he said my business would have to be VAT registered. I am however under the threshold and don't wish to voluntarily register any time soon. Has anyone else been asked this...
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