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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all 👋🏼 After doing some number crunching. I can’t really afford to get a van / van set up straight away. Which is a shame. Unless I put myself in some debt - but again one step at a time. (Considering this as it’s a new start) Can anyone recommend a first WFP back pack/ trolley/pole to purchase to get my first clean going. I have some traditional gear already. Would it be a good idea to ring some windows and ask if they could show me the ropes on the brush, or is that a no no.. and just you tube? Cheers all
  2. Alright chaps, I'm wishing to start a small window cleaning business (at first), I plan to use a water fed system either backpack or trolley setup. The majority of the work I look to secure is going to be 2 story residential properties in the Blackpool and Wyre areas (give me the heads up if this is any of your patch and I can work around your areas). I'm trying to get a concise kit list and business needs before starting, so my thoughts are: - LTD company and bank account - Public liability insurance - Risk assessment - Logo uniform - Equipment - Carbon telescopic pole (25ft Gardiner SLX), Ultimate sill brush, 20 m of hose (which quick release connectors do you recommend), 150 GPD RODI unit at home into an IBC container, sump pump & 25l container for pure water top up for the backpack/trolley. Can you think of any other equipment essentials? Didn't want to jump straight into a van system without proving I could get the custom first. The bit I'm stuck on is marketing, what have the public found most interest in which converted to customers? Are there an tips on closing a sale? Any tips at all are appreciated! Cheers Greg
  3. Has anyone seen one of these mini hozelock type connectors? Only mine's broke and I'm trying to source a replacement before I go down the rip it out of my sprayer and fit hose straight onto the pump route. As you can see it differs from hozelock in that the 'water stop' feature is built into the male part of the connector. Unfortunately I went to use it today and the hosetail has brocken off the female part of the connector. Any ideas where I can get one? So far all of my attempts have turned up nout.
  4. Hi guys, Thanks to the advice on here, today I set up the two DI's from Daqua and boom have got 50 litres of pure water reading 001 and 0. Now I need advice on trolley/backpack/poles etc. I intend to only clean upstairs wfp, at first 30 - 60 customers will make the switch with more switching later on down the line once i've mastered everything. I work out of an estate so space is a bit tight. Would def want a decent pole that extends to 3 floors if needs be and is good quality. What are my best options? And trolley or back pack? Any thoughts/ advice would be great.
  5. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Facelift Big Boy Battery Life//Issue

    Got my BB backpack in April and it lasted me all day. The last few days at work it's been beeping at me around 2pm (about 5 hours of intermittent use) to the point I had to finish early on Friday incase the next job couldn't be completed. I know it's a backpack and I don't use it for every single job or all windows, but on the odd day where I have used 3-4 barrels - around 100L) it used to still be going come home time, but Friday it managed maybe 65/70L of water before it was flashing red. Does anyone else have one and what are your battery expectations? Thinking of selling it and buying the new Liteboy whilst WCW still have it on offer and stick a second battery in the van.

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