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Found 1 result

  1. Dale Transparent

    Backpack turned pumpbox

    Hi all, I had a spare, old Gardiner backpack sitting around doing nothing, so decided to butcher it and turn it into a pumpbox so that I could link it to a 100m hose and effectively have a 2 man system in the van. I also fitted a hose to a lid of a container so that when the 25l of water runs out, you just swap the lid to another container, rather than having to constantly refill the backpack. It works fine, however, I have some small issues which I was wondering if someone could give some advice on please, so here goes; A) When the water runs out from a tub and I place the lid on to another full container water isn't drawn by the pump automatically, instead I have to disconnect the hose from the reel and insert a hoselock connection, this then allows the water to flow and I can reattach the pump hose to the reel. Anyway around this? B) Would I be better off buying a 150l tank and just using this? C) Could I link the pumpbox directly to my leisure battery to save charging it? Thanks in advance, I will add some pics later to give some indication as to what the hell I'm talking about. Che Dale
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