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  1. Skxawng

    DIY Lithium battery

    My 110ah leisure battery has died and looking at replacements.  I was thinking, lithium technology is far better suited to our application than lead acid:  -You can use 80% of the charge  without affecting the lifespan as opposed to 50% with lead acid. -Lithium has much longer lifespan...
  2. J

    Problem with leisure battery

    I am new to the van Mount system. Probably 6 weeks of usage.  Today for the first time my controller the blue streamline one, started the battery light flashing. Which has never happened before. Do I need to remove the leisure battery and charge it, with it been winter. It is on a split...
  3. Neilmnwc

    Pump or battery problem?

    Hi, I'm currently using a 110ah lead acid wet cell leisure battery, but I'm finding I can get about a day at a push before the water pressure drops and eventually stops. I've had the battery checked (it was bought in Jan 16) a couple of months ago which was fine, I've changed to Manual pump...
  4. C Rose Cleaning Services

    Facelift Big Boy Battery Life//Issue

    Got my BB backpack in April and it lasted me all day. The last few days at work it's been beeping at me around 2pm (about 5 hours of intermittent use) to the point I had to finish early on Friday incase the next job couldn't be completed. I know it's a backpack and I don't use it for every...
  5. Kasper Sjostrand


    Hello everybody. What is your experiences regarding batteries? I have a gel-battery that is less than 4 months old and now i cant recharce it fully. Some say it "dies" if exposed to subzero temperatures, but it has barely been that (close though) is a car battery total out of the question?
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