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Found 6 results

  1. I've had my 4040 RO for 12 months now. Got it from Doug at Daqua who I can't rate highly enough. I've always been good at changing my filters as per the recommendations, flushing regularly etc etc. The unit is kept away from frost and I like to think well looked after. The issue I always had was it was running at 40psi and would only ever give a 91-92% rejection rate. After much deliberation I decided to invest in a booster pump. Bought from X-Line and double checked it would be sent wired and ready to go. It arrived all ready and I can't rate it highly enough. I'm now getting between 70-90psi and a 96% rejection rate so the pump will pay for itself. Link and pictures below incase it's useful to anyone else in the future. Thanks @spruce and @Tuffers for your help with this. https://www.xline-systems.co.uk/en/xline-shop-2/wfp-controllers-pumps/240v-booster-pump-with-electronic-shutoff-detail
  2. I bought a 4040 RO with a HF5 membrane a few months back. My tap pressure reads approx 50psi. The RO is in the garage at the front of my house and the tap is at the back. I’ve run 15 meters of hose to the RO. Originally I had a hose reel and couldn’t get past 35PSI, once the reel was removed the actual hose gives me just over 40 PSI. This is measuring just after the prefilters and before the membrane. Once I set it to 55/45 I’m running anywhere between 30 & 35 PSI. when I bought it I had a TDS of 175-210 and got an output of 9-12. This rose over the summer & fluctuated between 210 & 420. This wasn’t too bad as I would just wait for the TDS to drop back to 210 and get 12 out but recently it’s been consistently between 350 and 410 and I’m struggling to get below 30 output. I’ve checked and tested every part of the RO and been on the phone to Doug at Daqua and I’m confident it’s all set up well. I am assuming I’m getting such a shocking output because I’m running at 30-35PSI. im considering buying a booster pump, I reckon this will pay for itself in the resin saved. Does anyone have any other suggestions and can anyone recommend a good pump. I currently use a solenoid shut off, will this work with a booster pump?
  3. Just bought a booster pump and it says on the pump "inlet pressure: 30psi" Does that mean it requires an inlet pressure of 30psi or that 30psi is the maximum. Anyone know?
  4. Hey guys this is my first post, been lurking around for a year and found some good information that's helped me so thanks to the community, I wouldn't be where I am without you. I've took some readings of water pressure from my wfp system and wanted to know what membrane and booster pump I should purchase that fits my needs. I'm not sure my current setup is efficient as I bought the system from my brother without doing any research. The system was professionally installed by window cleaning warehouse (phoenix system). I want to make sure it's right as I realize having the wrong membrane or low water pressure is sub optimal in the long run and also these membranes aren't cheap! My brother with the same system is replacing his every 6 months so obviously isn't right. My questions are: What membrane would you recommend I buy? What booster pump should I buy? Outside tap pressure: 45 PSI (3.1 BAR) Outside tap water flow rate: 25L per minute (1500LPH) So from what I've read most people have a HF4 or HF5 4040 membrane which is what I have now, which requires 80-100PSI to run efficiently so I know now I should use a booster pump to raise my water pressure. I don't know though which one is suitable for my water pressure and flow rate of my outside tap to pump enough water to feed the membrane. I have 2 pre filters before the membrane (sediment and carbon filter) Water pressure after pre filters before membrane input: 30PSI (2BAR) I would like to continue to fill my 500L tank up in 4-5 hours like I do already with my setup. Thanks for reading, can't wait to get some help been sat here for hours researching!
  5. Does anyone use one of these booster pumps? Are they noisey? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VYAIR-203-300A-Self-Regulating-200-300-GPD-Booster-Pump-for-Reverse-Osmosis/352095350224?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  6. I'm just going to vent off for a bit as my mains booster pump has packed up, I've been using a Clarke SPE800ss with the Clarke pump controller for only 4 weeks & now all i get is a loud agonising buzzing noise and the pump gets so hot you can't hold your hand on it & its stopped pumping. Ive got a 4040 HF5 system with 11.5kg DI vessel which is working fine but needs a boost as my mains is at 38psi. has anyone else had any issues with Mains pumps or can happily recommend one thats fit for 'our' purpose. I rang one place up & they all but put the phone down and started telling me that I could only boost up to 1.5 bar from mains when I asked about a pump. All inlet/outlet pipes have been checked independently for blockages & they're fine. I've only had my static set up for the same period & up till now all was well, feels like money down the drain as I've probably got to send it back and go through to and fro with Machine Mart...Aargh!! Had enough messing about for one night.
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