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  1. Simply Business

    We're giving away £10,000!

    Hi everyone, I hope it's okay for us to post this here (and apologies if we've got the wrong section).I wanted to let the members of Window Cleaning Forums know about a campaign we're currently running, where we're encouraging people to #TakeTheLeap and start/grow their business in 2020. And to...
  2. OnlyMe

    A new adventure, a New beginning, A New start

    Hi Everyone ?? I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I’ve got a huge interest in window cleaning but haven’t had the b#### to go ahead YET! ?? great forum!! Im sick and tired of my job (long hours, **** pay etc) I really would like to work for myself and start up a successful...
  3. C


    We are selling our family run business over 12 years old simply due to ill health, it is a going concern that has 101 customers and is capable of earning £19,000 per year. The business will be sorely missed. If anyone is interested then please ring us on 01362850601, thanks.
  4. U

    Round for sale Bedfordshire

    PRICE: £15000 DESCRIPTION:   I will be relocating soon and so I am selling my full round (trad cleans) to the highest bidder. This is a 9 year old round, mostly well established customers. The areas covered are mainly from Bedford to Biggleswade and Sandy, including villages between and...
  5. Slippy1

    General enquiries

    hello guys, Just wondering if anyone could spare some time on answering the questions for me, would be much appreciated. What do you need to start up in terms of equipment? How much will the start up fees be? Do you need a Waterfed pole? Are there any alternatives to this? What method...
  6. BobbyMason

    Customer needs VAT registration, advice wanted

    HI there, I have had a potential commercial customer approach me to carry out monthly work on his business premises but he said my business would have to be VAT registered. I am however under the threshold and don't wish to voluntarily register any time soon. Has anyone else been asked this...
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