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Cleaning Method

when did you start window cleaning?

Found 2 results

  1. Lead Generation System. 1: How does it work? Quite simply we generate leads for you in the areas you are interested in working . With our method the client comes to us to enquire so they are already potentially in the market for a window cleaner. You will receive first and last name. Address and contact number as well and they will be expecting your call. Knock the door put in your quote and close the deal. Happy days. A quick note here: If you google map the address, phone up and give phone quotes you will only close 30-50% of the leads. Turn up in person and these leads conversion rate goes up to between 80 & 100% Yep that’s it. Down to you to close the deal. 2: What will it cost? The price is £10 per lead (or less, I will explain) Lead generation costs money, not just for you to buy but for us to generate. Now what we don’t know is if you are going to a 2 bed terraced home or a commercial contract worth thousands. So as we don’t know weather it’s a £9 per month or a £900 per month clean we charge the same flat rate across the board of £10 per lead. Option 1: Because of the cost and time involved in generating your leads we can only accept orders for batches of 20 or more a time. We aim to have all leads generated within 14 days max. IF for example we don’t manage to generate the full order within 14 days you will be refunded for any ‘non generated’ leads. Example: order 20 leads, only 16 generated in 14 days you will receive the 16 leads and a refund of £40. Typically it takes 5 – 7 days to fill an order for 20 leads. As long as we are generating leads for you as a client we will not accept orders in the same area that you are building however as soon as you campaign is filled if we receive an order for the same are we will fulfil the order exclusivity exists only for the duration of the contract. Option 2: For those thinking larger we offer a monthly subscription service as well where we will run continuous generation. The price is £400 pcm. The benefit with this option is you lock down the area you want and over the course of the month you have continuous leads coming in. Typically between 60 – 80 leads per month. However we offer no guarantee on the quantity with this option but we have never failed to generate higher lead value than investment yet. Leads are delivered in batches of 5 so as to keep them hot (in short we dont wait till we have all 20 tonsend them over) Is it worth it? Up to you. Only you can decide. However it’s the same system we use to generate over 200 clients in 10 weeks. ‘Oh I just want to try 5 or 10 to see if it works’ We cant do it. The minimum is 20 due to the cost for us to make it work well. HOWEVER not only does it work for us but it’s already working for other members on the forum. I will tag them and let them tell you for themselves in their own words. All you need to do is send me your email address and the areas you work and I will send you an order form to complete. Pay for your order. Then just sit back and wait for your leads. Simples. Email me at greenprocleanuk@gmail.com or bell me on 07581128101 with any questions. Cheers. Darren.
  2. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I'm looking for a recommended canvasser to build up my existing rounds, can anybody recommend a decent company? Cheers