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  1. C

    Canvassing in a different way

    I was driving through a local town and noticed someone standing there with a little sign handing out leaflets for new kitchens. Then it dawned on me, if you live in a small village or have small towns in your locality, would it not be a better way of canvasing.  Pro's  The majority of people...
  2. D

    First canvassing experience

    So due to living situations and other life troubles I had to put off starting window cleaning until now. So yesterday I went out and the first area I hit. Most had the same window cleaner for the past 20 years and others just didnt want there windows cleaned. If they did they were aware they...
  3. Ralf

    Canvassing in the dark

    Hi all, what's everyone's thoughts on canvassing in the dark? Are people less likely to answer and still worth the time and effort especially old people. Was going to keep it before 8pm what do you reckon?
  4. Philip

    Rounds wanted

    Hi just wondered does anyone know of any window cleaning rounds for sale in northern ireland cheers
  5. Brandon

    How long should you leave it before you canvas an area again?

    Basically if you canvas a street, and for example 6 of them say no...how long do you leave it before you canvas it again?
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