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Found 6 results

  1. scotty_boy

    carpet cleaning?

    anyone doing a bit of carpets on the side looking at having a go myself any input?
  2. Ziggy88

    Rug Doctor X3 for start up

    Hi, Been looking at buying a rug doctor X3 to do carpet cleaning as an add on service. Does anybody own or have experience with this machine and is it worth buying? many thanks
  3. Top Tip: Regular maintenance of your carpet will help make deep cleaning it easier. Carpets need to be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas that are prone to dirt. This will prolong the life of your carpet and prevent a build-up of dirt. Tried and Tested Carpet Cleaning Tips How to use powder as a carpet cleaner Using powder is a great way to clean your carpet. This is the best strategy for cleaning your carpet with powder, whether it's a powdered carpet cleaner or baking soda: Sprinkle the powder liberally over the carpets. Leave the powder for at least 30 minutes – but if you can leave it overnight, all the better – this time gives the cleaner a chance to work, softening the stains and consuming the odours. Vacuum up the powder when you’re done. How to use carpet shampoo Carpet shampoo is another popular way to clean your carpets. There are many different brands of carpet shampoo, so make sure that you follow the guidance on the label. Make up the solution as directed on the packaging. In many cases, the product will need to be diluted with water. Use just enough carpet shampoo to cover the area. Do not make the carpet too wet – not only is this a waste of detergent, but it’s also going to increase drying time. Scrub on the particularly stubborn areas using a hard-bristled brush. Let the carpet dry. Vacuum the shampoo once it has dried.
  4. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    F.A.O. Adamangler

    @adamangler Just curious as to how your getting along with the carpet cleaning business since your training course? Was the training course worth while to you? Did you learn plenty? And as I recall I think you said it was Chem Pro you did the course with? Cheers mate.
  5. Guest

    Carpet Cleaning

    How much do you charge for cleaning carpets. I have a mid-large office block two floors which want carpets cleaned. All rooms are basically empty, few rooms have tables in. What sort of price would you charge per metre for example.. The rooms all have the carpet tiled flooring which you find in most offices. I am thinking of hiring something like this: http://www.hss.com/hire/p/carpet-cleaner-small for a couple of days to do it. or this one: http://www.hss.com/hire/p/professional-carpet-cleaner I clean the windows in/out monthly, but they asked to do carpet cleaning, something I wanted to try.. but I have to confess I have not done this before, so hopefully cant be to hard to pick up.. if I watch a few youtube videos o_O Any help would be great
  6. M.K Cleaners.co.uk

    Carpet Cleaning

    Anyone on here do it? Ive decided im going to buy one Ive got about 400 - 500. to spend. Can anyone recommend a machine? Also what sort of prices are you charging, theres one guy of facebook in my area thats doing 3 carpets for 45 pound.

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