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  1. J

    Need help with Mops...

    I am struggling to find good mops I need wedge & cut end mops, probably made up of cotton material.  I can also go for rayon, etc. But, I need to get new ones as soon as possible... I require 20+ units    I went to a store & checked out some but they weren't the ones I am looking for I would...
  2. S

    Great tip for changing resin...

    Just found this on YouTube, quite helpful to be honest. Changing resin with tights. No typo here, it's true.
  3. T

    Stain removal glass and frames

    Has anyone ever come across this before, the customer said the builder caused it either from acid or it's from a metal strip that runs above the patio doors that has caused dripping stains. It looks like to me staining from hard water but they assure me it's not. It's on the glass and frame...
  4. F

    second hand tank cleanig what to use

    Hi can any body tell me the best way to clean a second hand  ibc water tank,  they tell me it only had water in it previously but it has green stains on inside . what can I clean it with,  with out affecting  the tds of new water that's to be stored in it many thanks Frankie ,B
  5. K

    Best gutter cleaning machine

    Hi all,  I am looking to start my own business as a part time venture alongside my current full-time job (with the hope to go full time eventually).  I have done a lot of research and gutter cleaning seems like a very profitable business if done well, the only issue I'm having is choosing...
  6. GeorgeGeorgia

    Cleaning Without Professional Cleaning Agents

    Hello Let's talk for those moments when you run out of professional cleaning agents but you must clean it ASAP (only for home cleaning not for customers) I will start first. Carpet cleaning: 1. Baking Soda • Best way is to sprinkle the powder over the stain and leave it for at least 3...
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