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  1. A

    Industrial unit box gutters in roof valleys

    Hi chaps, ive been asked to quote to clear the roof valley gutters on some industrial warehouse units.  They need doing as a one-off and then customer wants them maintaining every 2-3 months...They have a H&S officer on site, and am a safety conscious person so want to make sure everything is...
  2. J

    Need some advice please!

    I haven't been in the window cleaning trade for too long but I've been asked to quote for two large offices, one of which has around 65 large windows plus many more internal windows. Now I know most people quote based on how long its going to take them e.g £30-50 an hour, this obviously takes...
  3. Neilmnwc

    GoCardless for Commercial Customers

    Hi All, Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a decent break off work?  The first year in about 20 that I took the lot off & it was great (got fidgety after Boxing Day mind you...lol) Onto the topic, Has anyone had any success moving commercial customers onto GoCardless?  Knowing what they're...
  4. Leeds

    Getting businesses on GoCardless

    Now then lads, Been struggling to get big businesses on GoCardless, any tips?  Smaller businesses are happy to do it, but bigger offices, restaurant chains etc, not so much. Any experience on this?
  5. Dale H

    Advice pricing up my first commercial job

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide a quote for my first commercial clean and would appreciate any advice anyone could offer. I really don't know how much to charge for the windows on these units (could be external only or internal and external as well as some signage cleaning too). There are...
  6. BobbyMason

    Customer needs VAT registration, advice wanted

    HI there, I have had a potential commercial customer approach me to carry out monthly work on his business premises but he said my business would have to be VAT registered. I am however under the threshold and don't wish to voluntarily register any time soon. Has anyone else been asked this...
  7. T

    Dealing with automatic doors

    Hello All, Lurking for about a month, finally now joined - not sure why it took so long? Anyway... Based just outside of Central London and just starting out early Jan, anyone else near Kingston Upon Thames or surround areas? Back to my question, I'm getting some practice and trying to get...
  8. DannyB

    Commercial pricing for beginners

    Hi everyone Already next week I may start canvassing local retailers in my town for commercial W/C jobs. As I am a beginner, I have only a foggy idea about how long would any high street shop, office, diner, pub or restaurant take me. Moreover, my speed will gradually build up, so I can't take...
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